Football: McCain, Wilkerson, Calvin are healthy, cleared to play in Holiday Bowl

Coach Jeff Tedford said after practice Saturday that outside linebackers Chris McCain and David Wilkerson and wideout Michael Calvin are practicing and will face Texas on Dec. 28 at the Holiday Bowl.

McCain suffered a concussion and Wilkerson injured his right knee during the Bears’ Nov. 5 win over Washington State. Neither has played since. Calvin injured his knee on the final drive of the Big Game and did not play the week after against Arizona.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ConcordBear

    Did Stef McClure have knee surgery?
    How is he doing?
    Any chance to get a look at the RS freshman during bowl prep or any word on how they are doing?

  • jabes

    What about Kapp?

  • Raf

    no recruiting updates??? what gives?

  • Gobears49

    I’m surprised that Jeff and everyone else has failed to comment on Zach Kline’s great performance for San Ramon Valley in a losing cause against powerhouse De La Salle. After, the combination of Kline enrolling at Cal, the game being on TV, and Kline recently being name California high school football player of the year should have attracted a lot of interest in Cal fans watching the game and commenting on it.

    I thought Kline was all that was advertised — really strong and accurate arm, quick release, moves well in the pocket, and can throw well going to his left (note — has anyone ever seen Maynard pass the ball when he rolls right, if he ever does that?). Not the fastest runner but gets the job done and is not afraid to run, a la Longshore. Threw too great deep passes that were right on the money. It was too bad that San Ramon Valley did not score then, as they were on the Spartan two yard line and then fumbled. I think the score would have been a lot closer had the got the ball into the end zone then.

    I think Kline passed for about 250 yards, and completed about two-thirds of his 30 or so passes. He was under a lot of pressure on most of them.

    The best news from watching the game is the Kline is graduating early (a new trend, according to the announcers, one of whom was Palawsky), so he will be able to participate in Cal’s next spring practices.

    Would be interested in anyone else’s comments who watched the game or has watched Kline play. I watched Kyle Boehm play last year for Mitty, who I thought was good. I think Kline is better.

  • Steve W

    Bridgford looked pretty good at Mission Viejo HS, as did Hinder, Sweeney and Mansion at their high schools. Rodgers wasn’t even recruited out of high school and had to go the Juco route. Cal this year ended up starting a transfer quarterback in a two-fer deal that brought Keenan Allen to Berkeley. I think it goes to show you can pretty much throw high school stats out the window with quarterbacks and the Tedford system.

    You could make the argument that Nate Longshore was the only home-grown Tedford quarterback recruit who made good in his system, and that certainly got tainted after Longshore hurt his ankle in the middle of his junior year. I recall, also, that Akili Smith was a Juco transfer who ended up starting for Tedford for two years when he was the OC at Oregon.

  • ScottyBear

    Kline looked quite good in the two games I watched this year and in both games he was constantly being chased out of the pocket. I have watched him progress since last year and he has all the tools to be an early starter at Cal. Best passer I have ever seen as far as making all the throws and yes, quite good at rolling opposite to his left. Straight back drop with time and he is Aaron Rodgers.

    None of the aforementioned Cal QB’s have anywhere near the national ratings or awards as Kline and he should be the best of the bunch. My only concern is the ususal, which is will Tedford make him even better or get inside his head and make him regress like Riley, Longshore, etc.

    Another note, Cal should be all over Olito Thompson, a junior HB at Concord High who just broke Jahvid’s NorCal season record for rushing yards as a junior. Haven’t seen him play but he’s bigger than Jahvid and the comparisons are stellar. Go Bears!

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    @GoBears49, I watched the 1st half of the SRV-DLS game, and DLS was crushing SRV, and doing a fine job of putting pressure on Kline, making him scramble, etc. He must have improved in the 2nd half.

    I agree with Steve W that you can not compare HS numbers when a kid moves into the Tedford system. Bridgford was the #2 QB behind Matt Barkley their Sr years, and we have yet to see what AB16 can do besides garbage time.

    With all of the great talent recruited the past 2-3yrs Tedford & Arroyo must develop these QBs to be ready to play. We all saw what happened last year when Brock came in after Riley’s knee injury.

    BTW, Jabes- Kapp tore his ACL I had read and is done for the year. Sad.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    OFF TOPIC– but about the Holiday Bowl:

    I’m glad I bought my tickets last Sunday night directly from Holiday Bowl-Ticketmaster. When I got Cal’s email the best seats they had was Lodge Section 57 (corner). BTW, the Lodge is only about 15-20 rows. I bought 4 seats last week in Plaza Section 7, 30-35yd line.

    Who else is going to the Bowl game?

  • Steve W

    Nor Cal Scott,

    I live in Southern California. It’s an easy trip down to San Diego, and I’m thinking about heading down the night before for the pre-game festivities in the Gaslamp Quarter. Should be a lot of fun with the pub crawl and the Texas people who will be there in droves.

    The next day, I’m totally playing it by ear. I think there will be plenty of ticket sellers at the Q an hour before gametime, and plenty of good seats to be had at face value. That’s the way it was at the Poinsettia two years ago. I could be under estimating the ticket demand with a more prestigous bowl. I know that tickets were ridiculously easy to buy for any Cal home game this year. And I will admit I paid well under face value for every one of them.

  • H8sRed

    Wow, NorCal and Steve, way to support Cal Football. You must be proud alumni to stiff the program out of a few bucks. By the way Norcal, I bought my tix this morning through Cal and got Plaza Section 10.

  • Steve W


    Go stuff it. I supported the program with ticket purchases through the dark years – when 20,000 people were rattling around Memorial during the Kapp, Gilby and Holmoe years. And when there were more seagulls in the stands than people during fourth quarter blowouts.

    And by the way, I am not an alumni. There are people other than alumni who keep Cal football alive. It just so happens there were a lot of people looking to unload their overpriced tickets this year. Why do you think that is?

  • Gobears49

    Norcal Scott,

    I don’t think Kline improved in the second half, though at the end of the game he was playing against the De La Salle second string. The point is, as you pointed out, he was under pressure in the first half, which continued throughout the second half, and still did really well, with most passes right on or close to being on the mark.

    I liked the statement that Pawlowsk, who was announcing, that Kline carries himself like Elway, and I agree with that assessment.

    I agree with someone’s comment he could start early, though I still like Boehm (and Bridgford throws a nice ball, but can he run?). Boehm is a better pure runner than Kline, though Kline may have a more escapability talent in the pocket. I still believe it is possible that, in a few years, they could stage a duel between great QB’s that is reminiscent of the duel for QB between Steve Bartkowski and Vince Ferragamo, won by Ferragamo in the year before he transferred to Nebraska.

  • bear4life

    Why would he talk about a high school kid right now when he has to prepare for the long horns. Kline will not see the field for a couple of years . the subject here is that we finally get our starting outside backers back and thats such great news. Wilkerson and McCain our the future with McCain on the outside and Wilkerson back inside next year. Comments about someone who not even on the team yet while we are preparing for the bowl game come on wake up. Look at the topic and comment.

  • Gobears49


    Following Mitt Romney’s lead, lets bet $10,00 over whether, within two future football seasons, Kline will take a least take one snap for the Bears (i.e. he will take the field). Hell, by that time, Maynard will be gone, and it will be a total free-for-all between Brigford, Hinder, Boehm, and Kline as to who will be Cal’s starting QB — I think there’s at least a 50% chance it will be Kline.

    The stated topic here is boring. The next topic should be how bad we want to beat Texas and why we want to beat them because of what Mack Brown did to us in 2004. Jeff should start us off with his research on the subject, but others can probably join in with additional recollections.

  • Kyle

    2012 QB’s 1)Maynard..2)Brigeford..3)Boehm/Hinder….RS Kline

    2013 QB’s 1)Kline..2)Bridgeford…3)Boehm/Hinder

    whoever doesnt win the 3rd qb job will transfer…book it!

  • Gobears49

    Kyle — I like your style. Glad you essentially agree with my call on Kline.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Wow, I guess I need to follow up more on these blogs.

    Dear H8sRed, I have learned the hard way about bowl games & tickets. 2008 Diamond Nuts Bowl @ ATT by the time Cal got to me (way down the list) all that was available was Upper Deck Nose Bleed seats. I called and got Club Level for a few bucks more, way better seats/view, and premier food & beverage inside a nice warm area.

    “Stiffing” Cal a few bucks? Ha! They get plenty of my money. If I’m going to a bowl game I want the best seats I can get. To spend another $10-20 extra per seat is nothing when I’m spending over $1K for 3 full days in SD.

    BTW, our seats were actually in Plaza 5, 30-35yd line. Great seats. Another friend had those crappy Upper Deck seats in the corner, they said they should have joined me & bought via ticketmaster.