Jeff Faraudo

  • Will

    And just for some laughs, head over to BruinsNation. Their MODS are as obsessive and ridiculous as some posters on these boards.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    And congratulations are in order here. Your program just signed a kid who was the 99th best WR in the country.

  • ScottyBear


    Have you ever even played the game? Ever had pads on or tackled somebody?? Did you even go to USC? What gives? Predictable and boring. Please fade away, just like Taylor Mays, Lendale White and Matt Leinart.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I notice how well you guys are being represented at the Heisman show. On every Andrew Luck highlight reel.
    7 Heismans and counting. Matt Barkley will be the 8th.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    ESPN 4 star WR Darius Powe is ranked as #14 WR nationally and #86 in ESPN overall top 150. Chose Cal over offers from Michigan, Nebraska, Boise st, UCLA, ASU, wash, Oregon st, Utah, Miami.

  • Rocko

    No, Moron did not go to USC! Word in the gutter is he went to UCD. He tried to get into Berkeley but was rejected. Ever since, he trashes CAL’s football program every chance he can get and at more than just this site. His posts are like the joke of the day, they give me a chuckle knowing the source. He’s really harmless.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Powe = a kid no one wanted at USC

    Rocko – you are wrong

    RGIII – shows that a school not previously having a Heisman winner can see it happen unless it is you guys.

  • Will

    It’s nice to see a fine, upstanding scholar athlete with ethics win the Heisman. Especially one whose parents have worked hard for everything they’ve gotten, instead of having the keys to a mansion be handed to them.

  • ScottyBear

    Moren: So you didn’t even go to USC?? Confirm for all of us who are stuck with your constant boring drivel that you actually went to USC. C’mon, affirm it. If not, please confirm that you once in your life played tackle football. Didn’t do that either? Get a life.

  • Pc

    USC: Under Sanctions Currently. Definitely not the right yard stick by which one should measure offers.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    1 commit after your biggest recruiting weekend of the year.

  • GOGO Bears

    Gee, no one is posting on SFGate anymore — since they got CATTOUSED IN THE DESSERT!

    And at the UT forum? The moderator deleted the lonely boy and sent him a PM to shut up, which he did after posting 42 posts in just TWO days. Wow, how jealous do you have to be of Cal to post 42 times about them?

  • GOGO Bears

    Speaking of kids no one wants — how many people did you spend New Year’s Eve with little troll — while you were posting on SF gate?

    How pathetic do you have to be to be ALL ALONE on New Years Eve AND Valentines Night. That tells us all we need to know about you: no friends. no gf. Jeez, not even anyone from your failed attempt at law school would invite you to a party? And every time you mention going to a game, it’s with Daddy — not with friends?

    And 42 posts in two days?

    Oh little troll — we pity you so much because obviously THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE


  • GOGO Bears

    9:49 pm.
    Saturday night
    ANd the lonely boy — where was he? With family doing xmas shopping? Out with friends?

    NOPE. POSTING HATE MESSAGES about Cal? That’s what our lonely troll does on a saturday night, just like he does on New Year’s Eve.

    My god, troll. Have you no self-respect? Can’t you even try to hide the fact that you are a social outkast with NO FRIENDS AT ALL? Even the SC boards punked you. I notice the Furd board making fun of you even after you try to suk up to them.


    I pray to Pastor Rick for God to take pity on you. Your lonely lonely life must be so sad. 42 posts in two days? Saturday night posting? NYE posting? Yep — a fool with absolutely NO FRIENDS.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    An off-campus incident between a student and a UC Berkeley undergraduate advisor that led to explosive allegations of racist and sexist epithets against the student has a local activist organization calling for the firing of the employee and the UC officials conducting a review of the university’s initial response.

    In addition, UC officials are looking into a related allegation that a student’s records were improperly accessed by a UC employee. The incident has raised questions about the limits of the university’s authority over an employee’s outside activities.

    The situation began with a Berkeley bus stop confrontation in late September between UC sophomore Erika Williams, an African-American, and Sherman Boyson, a white undergraduate assistant in the UC Social Welfare Department. The two had a second confrontation in mid-October in the doorway to the apartment building where both Williams and Boyson live, and then a third, a week later while both were riding on a city bus.

    It does not appear that either Williams or Boyson knew at the time of the confrontations that the other was connected to the university.

    Williams alleges that during the course of the three confrontations, Boyson called her a “nigger” and threatened “to kick the shit out of” her, as well as calling her and her Asian-American roommate, Helen Kim, a “bitch.” Williams also alleges that during the confrontation in the doorway to their apartment building, Boyson physically assaulted Kim by bumping into her.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    In September and October 2005, Sherman Boyson (aka GOGOBears, Adivsing Bear, etc), the undergraduate advisor of UC-Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare, employed racist and sexist harassment and intimidation against sophomore Erika William, calling her a “b—” and a “n—“ repeatedly.

    Such gross racism and sexism poisons the campus community and prevents minority and women students from participating equally in campus life. No one who practices such blatant discrimination should be in a position to exercise power over students’ educational careers, particularly those of minority and women students.

    So long as a person who practices gross racism and discrimination is on the university’s payroll and protected by this administration, UC-Berkeley is defending racism and sending a “Not Welcome” message to underrepresented minority students at Cal and across this state.

  • GOGO Bears

    Wow, 2005. Still digging into the past, lonely troll?

    Did you know that Williams dropped her attack when she had to testify under oath? Did you know that after she returned to school, after apologizing, that she graduated and got a master’s degree? She went thru all sorts of issues, but she got a master’s degree! And you little troll? What happened to your law degree? Want to talk about the day you broke down in tears and went crazy? Want to still call it a “medical leave” — when everyone knows that long term medical leaves is a eupphamism for MENTAL BREAKDOWN.

    Want to explain last night — Saturday night — and you were posting? Like on Halloween and every other holiday? Want to write a long paragraph on why you HAVE NO FRIENDS AT ALL, INCLUDING SC FANS WHO PUNK YOU AND BANNED YOU FROM WeAreSC?

    So go ahead and keep pumping your false accusations from 2005. Those of us in 2011 know that you are all alone, friendless, without any hope of a gf, and that once your daddy dies, you will be all alone for the rest of your life — except for your hate of Cal. Keep publishing that ol’s 2005 story. If people are inteterested,they should search out the9drawfs on sfgate — and see just how obsessed you are with Boyson.

    And the most pathetic thing — BOYSON is the most important person in your life. He’s the one you constantly post about and think about. A man you hate is the most important person in your life, little lonely troll, cuz you HAVE NO ONE ELSE.

    Boyson’s okay. He was vindicated and continues to work at Cal. And you? Well, we all know the reality of your life and we all pity you cuz THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    None of what you say is true Sherm except for what those articles (which I quoted verbatim) reported about you. Your guilt has pushed you to stalk and harass me since 2003. You have threatened me many times. What you have said about me has all been made up but that isn’t unusual for someone who is hiding deep secrets and running from guilt.

  • GOGO Bears

    Everyone knows little Troll.
    Everyone knows.

    42 posts in 2 days tells them I’m correct. 42 in two days? My god, how pathetically obsessed are you to post 42 hate Cal messages on the U Tex forum in two days?

    That is all the proof I need.

    Was 9:49 pm wrong? You spent Saturday night posting on line. Just like you do on NYE. The proof is just a scroll up, little troll.

    I do feel sorry for you. I pity you.
    All alone.


  • GOGO Bears

    You like links, don’t you lonely boy?

    Here’s a link to your sfgate the9drawfs account. If anyone wants to see who is obsessed and who is doing the stalking, all they have to do is read your messages. Boyson, Boyson, Boyson. The same old same old. Like I said, it’s clear Boyson is the most important person in your life, cuz there is no one else.

  • Bobby

    Sooooo, football…

  • Rocko

    Moron thanks again for your chuckle posts, I need a tissue to wipe away the tears from laughing so hard. BTW I’m not wrong! You remind me of the preacher in the late 60’s who used to stand on a soapbox preaching to no one at Sather Gate but just stood there talking while people ignored him.

  • BlueNGold

    Hey moron-
    If the incident that you relate involving Boyson and Williams happened in 2005, as you state, how is it that the person you claim was the perpetrator has been stalking and harassing you since 2003, as you also claim?
    Would you care to explain the factual basis for this alleged stalking and harassment, since they would have had to occur long before the alleged events you posted TWICE about? There must be much more of a history between you than what you posted in ## 15 and 16 above. Are you going to share?

    If, in fact, the ongoing hostility between you and “Sherm” did, in fact, occur starting in 2003, that suggests that you have been regularly trolling Cal sports blogs for AT LEAST the last eight years!! WOW!! That must be some sort of record! Have you gotten in touch with the Guinness people?

    How is it that you are so sure that GOGO Bears is, in fact, Sherman Boyson? You have made the same accusation against several other people over all your years of being a troll, myself included. How are you so sure this time? And,if you are that sure, why is it that you continue to accuse others of being “Sherm”? Could it be that you really have no clue? Or could it be that you just have serious difficulty being honest and truthful?