Basketball: Jackson St. game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal 73, Jackson State 46. Bears improve to 8-2. Jax State drops to 1-8, winless against D-I. Crabbe scores 17 points. Bak has a season-high 10. Gutierrez never did return and finished with seven points, seven rebounds and 10 assists. Bears play Friday at home against Weber State, featuring Oakland’s Damian Lillard, the nation’s leading scorer.

7:25 2nd H: Cal leads 60-37. Only remaining drama: Will Gutierrez get to stay on the floor long enough to complete a triple-double? He has a career-high 10 assists to go with seven points and seven rebounds. Seems unlikely. He just came out and hard to imagine any reason to return. Crabbe has 17 points to lead Bears. Bak is next with eight, his season high.

11:50 2nd H: Cal in charge, leading 48-30. Crabbe scored again on a breakaway and has 17 points. Bears are shooting 57 percent. Jax St. is at 32 percent and has more turnovers (13) than baskets (10). Gutierrez has seven assists, Cobbs has five.

14:10 2nd H: Bears on a 9-0 run and lead 44-28 — their biggest margin of the afternoon. Crabbe has 15. Bears are running the fastbreak effectively after turnovers and misses.

THIS SCORE JUST IN: Washington State (5-3) routed Santa Clara 93-55 in Pullman, Wash.

16:15 2nd H: Jackson State pulled within seven points three times early in the half, but Cal just pushed the lead back to 40-28 on a 3-pointer by Crabbe and a fastbreak layup by Crabbe off a feed from Gutierrez. Gutierrez also scored on a drive to open the half, his first points of the game. Crabbe has 13.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 31, Jackson State 19. Cal is more or less in control, although the Tigers must be feeling pretty good right now. They trailed by 26 at halftime against Florida, by 23 against Baylor, by 29 against Ohio State. Cal shooting 50 percent with five turnovers. Jackson State is at 36.8 percent with 10 TOs. Crabbe leads the Bears with eight points. Solomon has four points, two rebounds and a blocked shot in seven minutes off the bench. Gutierrez scoreless at the half.

3:15 1st H: Cal has outscored the Tigers 13-4 over the past 5 1/2 minutes and stretched its lead out to 27-17. Crabbe and Emerson Murray have hit 3-pointers during the surge. Jackson State has eight points over its past 18 possessions. Tigers down to 37.5 percent shooting with nine turnovers.

6:36 1st H: Solomon enters the game for the first time.

7:23 1st H: Cal leads 17-13 after an impressive tipin by Crabbe. Bak has a pair of baskets for the Bears. The Tigers have scored on just two of their past 12 possessions, yet they’re kind of hanging around. A game not yet suitable for framing.

11:40 1st H: Cal leads 9-7 and Crabbe is shooting one FT after converting a fastbreak layup off Jackson State’s sixth turnover. Assist to Cobbs. The Tigers haven’t even gotten a shot off their past four possessions, spanning nearly 4 minutes. Once the Bears decide to begin scoring, this could be over in a hurry.

13:57 1st H: Crabbe coming into the game. Apparently, he and Richard Solomon were late for morning shootaround.  

15:32 1st H: Cal leads 6-5 after back-to-back baskets by Kamp, off to a better start than in recent games.

LINEUPS: Cal has made a lineup change — and we’re not sure why — but Justin Cobbs, Brandon Smith, Jorge Gutierrez, Harper Kamp and David Kravish will start. Allen Crabbe, the team’s leading scorer, is not starting. Jackson State will go with Jenirro Bush, Kelsey Howard, Jonathan Lewis, Sydney Coleman and Davon Jones. 

WELCOME: Here at Haas Pavilion, where those few Cal fans willing to miss the 49ers and Raiders on TV will watch Cal play perhaps its most overmatched opponent. Jackson State is 1-7 without a win over a Division I team. The Bears are 7-2 and unbeaten at home. Will be back with lineups.



Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    NO comments on this day after the game makes my point. We had nothing to gain from this – no one outside of Alum or the player’s relatives will ever notice.

    How many fans showed up?

  • GoldenTrailsDave

    the place was actually fairly full considering the opponent. 8000 was announced attendance, I believe.

    Also last year, we had a stupid hard OOC schedule and it only hurt us and prevented the team from going dancing. It’s fine the way it is.

  • “I am totally pissed that we played Jackson State last night instead of Duke! And why did we schedule San Jose St. either!? And why did we schedule Presbyterian in football!? And why can’t Monty recruit a couple of 7-foot twins, NOW!? And why did bball schedule the trip to Europe this summer, nobody even cared about that? And I am really getting sick of the wrong colored blue in the end zones at Memorial, I hope the renovation addresses that awfulness. And why are there any clouds in the sky right now? Crap, what a terrible day. ugghhh…”, said SteveNTexass to his dog this AM.


    Steve, whoever you are, I appreciate your “passion” for Cal sports. But I think you could use a dose of optimism every once in a while. The Bears are rolling…8-2 overall and an absolutely dominating 6-0 at home with a whole conference of cupcakes to beat up on for the rest of the season. I declare, barring significant injuries to JG, HK, or AC, that this team will win 25+ games and advance to at least the 2nd round of the NCAAs AND win the pac12 reg season title! Go Bears!

  • Disappointed Bear

    Let me state first that it’s not the team in general I’m disappointed in. Richard Solomon’s behavior (late for the pre-game shoot around the very day of his return from suspension) is puzzling and very disappointing. I was really looking forward to his improved play this year, and one would think he might feel the same way…

    I am quite disappointed in the attendance, though. I think the team this year is quite fun to watch in person. I didn’t see the mizzou game – probably just as well. IMHO the team’s focus and play would be even better were the stands more than half way full (I really think there were more like 6000 fans attending yesterday. This is, after all, our home court, a great place to watch a basketball game with a team that’s already fun to watch here. Let’s get behind them and make Haas a tough place for anyone else to play.


  • discdude

    Is school still in session right now? You can always expect winter games to see a drop in attendance. Just wait until the SC game, the day after the Holiday Bowl. They’ll be lucky to get 5,000 there due to lack of students, alums in San Diego, and being between Xmas and New Years. I hope I’m wrong, though. The UCLA game, one would think, might bring out a better crowd. Ironically, UCLA fans get to choose the lesser of two evils on 12/31 (two teams with losing records), the basketball game at Haas or the Fight Hunger Bowl in SF…

  • rollonubears

    Wow! Solomon was late to the shootaround? Was that just from your observation, or was that reported? That’s really sad. I have been down on Solomon all year, and got lots of flack for it, but perhaps it was justified. I was honestly hoping he’d bounce back, too, though, and really thought he’d be better for what happened, in the long run. I’m still hoping.

    I know it’s hard for monty or anyone, to get 7 footers, but I have to admit, I’m disappointed to see them here and there at other schools, when Monty not only is known for them, but Cal is a great school. It’s the same thing when you see a good qb go somewhere else, considering we have the guru, and cal eduction to dangle. That seems to be improving though.

    And I’m probably the only one to complain about the end zone, but yeah, that was me. Sorry, but to me, leaving the wrong colors in the end zone for 10 years is kind of like telling the fans you don’t give a f%##. It’s like misspelling California on the scoreboard and not changing it. It’s something that could have been fixed for a few thousand dollars, likely, but they just didn’t care. Whatever, it’s supposed to be right in the new stadium. Do you really like UCLA’s colors? I don’t know, it irks me just to see a ucla hat with OUR blue. Anyhoo, go bears.

  • joey

    The UCSB game should be well attended. That will be a great game.

  • H8sRed

    Steve — the Raiders (playing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers) and 49ers were both on TV at the same time as this game. As a result, I was rather impressed by the fact that 6,000 or so showed up. (I recorded the Raider game so I could go to the basketball game and still watch AR’s magic.)

    The fact is, Steve, Indiana has a decades long tradition of basketball, borne in large part out of the fact that there’s almost nothing to do in Indiana in the winter time. (I know, because I lived there for many years.) There are so many more recreational and entertainment choices in the Bay Area, which makes it tough for the Bears to draw a big crowd. Indiana high school games draw better than Cal’s non-conference schedule for the same reasons. Cal isn’t doing anything wrong; it’s just a different culture.

  • Rollonubears

    That’s a good point. Stanfurd hardly ever sold out, even in Monty’s glory years, and they still cant sell football tix, even with a bcs contender. We
    Are a much bigger institution, but you need public support to sell places out in California, not just students and alumni.

  • GoldenTrailsDave

    @Rollonubears I am starting to come around on your Solomon comments. I watched him closely during the San Jose State game. There was one instance early in the first half where someone didn’t dive for the ball. Monty then gave his usual stare to the player on the court (can’t exactly remember who it was) and then went to the bench and used this as a teaching moment(he used the same hand body motion the player at used instead of diving, thereby demonstrating how not to do it). Monty then went back to his seat and Solomon proceeded to essentially mock Monty to the other players around him and roll his eyes. It was very disappointing. Solomon became my least favorite Cal player at that moment (bar none).

  • rollonubears

    Sounds like they should have booted him off the team for whatever he did a couple weeks ago. He obviously hasn’t learned his lesson. Bad apple.