Basketball: Jackson State scouting report

Sophomore forward Richard Solomon — suspended the past two games — returns to action Sunday afternoon against Jackson State, still seeking its first win over a Division opponent since last March.

The Bears also expect forward Harper Kamp to return to form.

Kamp, the smart and steady fifth-year senior, is in the midst of  a mini-funk. After starting the season by averaging 11.3 points and shooting 72 percent through four games, he has scored at just a 7.0 clip while shooting 35.3 percent the past five.

Kamp had six points in the one-point loss at San Diego State, then just four on Wednesday in a 45-point win over San Jose State. In both games, he was saddled with foul problems. Against the Spartans, he gave a rare glimpse of frustration.

Coach Mike Montgomery said after the San Diego State game that the Bears need more from Kamp. If last year is any indication, Kamp could break out soon.

He went through a three-game stretch early in 2010-11 when he averaged just 6.7 points and shot 8 for 23. Over the next three games, he averaged 13.3 and shot 18 for 29. Before the season was over, Kamp had scored 33 points against Arizona.

ABOUT THE TIGERS: Jackson State, which tied for second place in the Southwestern Athletic Conference last year, is off to a rough start against a brutal schedule. The Tigers are 1-7 and their only victory was a 73-63 home decision over Concordia College, an NAIA school from Alabama. The Tigers have been outscored by an average of 28 points in six road defeats. They have lost to the likes of Florida, Baylor, Ohio State and Memphis, giving them a No. 2 strength-of-schedule rating, according to the Sagarin computer. But Jackson State is No. 304 in the Sagarin team ratings . . . The team’s best player is senior guard Jenirro Bush, who had seven games of 20 points or more last season, including a 31-point effort . . . Sophomore Kelsey Howard scored 17 points in the loss to Ohio State.

THE SERIES: Cal leads 1-0. The Bears beat Jackson State 117-74 on Dec. 5, 2007. Patrick Christopher scored 26 points and Ryan Anderson had 23 for Cal, which scored the third-most points in school history.

MISCELLANY:  Cal is 10-0 all-time vs. teams from the Southwestern Athletic Conference, winning by an average of 21.9 points. Included among the 10 games was an unlikely five-game series from 1992-93 through 1996-97 in which the Bears won all five by at least 12 points, including the final two by 39 and 37 points . . . Just for fun, we looked it up: Cal hasn’t beaten back-to-back opponents by at least 40 points since the 1951-52 season, when it topped the Hilo All-Stars 95-41 and 102-48 in Hawaii, identical 54-point margins.

TIPOFF: 2 p.m. Sunday at Haas Pavilion, Berkeley. Radio: 910-AM.

Cal (7-2, 0-0 Pac-12)

Starters Ht Yr Pts Rebs
SF Allen Crabbe 6-6 So. 15.7 5.9
PF Harper Kamp 6-8 Sr. 8.9 5.9
PF David Kravish 6-9 Fr. 5.6 5.8
SG Jorge Gutierrez 6-3 Sr. 13.6 4.8
PG Justin Cobbs 6-2 So. 11.6 4.3*
Key reserves
G Brandon Smith 5-11 Jr. 5.7 2.9*
F Richard Solomon 6-10 So. 6.0 7.3
G Emerson Murray 6-3 So. 1.7 0.6


Jackson State (1-7, 0-0 SWAC)

Starters Ht Yr Pts Rebs
SF Sydney Coleman 6-7 Fr. 3.1 4.3
PF Willie Readus 6-6 So. 8.0 4.0
SG Jenirro Bush 6-7 Sr. 13.4 4.1
SG Kelsey Howard 6-3 Fr. 13.8 4.9
PG Christian Williams 6-1 Jr. 8.4 2.6*
Key reserves
F-C Davon Jones 6-8 Jr. 3.4 3.4
G Keeslee Stewart 5-9 Fr. 3.3 1.8
G Derrell Taylor 6-5 Fr. 3.0 3.4


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Jackson State ?? LOL wanting their first win over a Div 1 School? Its mid-December and time to be finished with the cupcakes, besides it looks like most of the Pac 12 are cupcakes.

    I finish watching IU beat #1 Kentucky and check this board and .. Jackson State??

    This short video is especially exciting coving the last 6 seconds of the IU -KTy game.


  • Yoda

    No one cares about Indiana until the presidential election, and then only for a couple of months.

  • Batmansf

    In the next 11 days, IU plays Howard and Maryland-Baltimore County. Apparently there are plenty of leftover cupcakes for everyone.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Indiana’s situation is different – it soon will play in a tough conference. Cal is likely to have cupcakes all season long. The Big Ten will have 7-8 teams in the NCAA Tourney.

    Its not going to help us to play these schools there is absolutely no benefit.
    1 No national exposure – no recruits of note will have a chance to see us.
    2.IT wont help our rankings if we win, even by 40 points. If we lose we become a laughing stock
    3. This won’t prepare us for when we play good teams in the post season.

    Both IU and Cal have weak SOS as of now. IU wasn’t supposed to be good. By the end of the season Cal’s SOS will still be at 150 or so- that won’t help.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Our conference is ranked #9 but less than a point ahead of Conf USA and the WestCoast Conf (whatever that is). We are behind Missouri Valley.

    I think the Pac12 could get less than the 3 NCAA spots that were predicted.

    We may just have to win our conference! That would be fun -even in a down year.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Steve- you are worse than the moren sometimes. 

    Let’s start with the obvious hypocrisy of your post on the other thread – your solution to improve recruiting is for message posters to be more positive because recruits read it. Right. That’ll change the world. And if you believe that crap then do two things: 1) stop blaming Monty if it’s all the fault of the blogosphere. 2) try taking your own advice – you are rarely positive and make uninformed criticisms. recruits read it remember? So stop trashing Monty, recruiting, and scheduling. 

    Would you like an example of your uninformed criticism? Indiana, who really I don’t give a crap about but it’s clear you do, has possibly played an EASIER schedule than Cal in non conference. 
    Missouri, Georgia, SDSU, and UNLV is very close to Kentucky, notre dame, NC st, butler. Most teams play about this many tough games. Cal could still win two. 

    Also, scheduling doesn’t just mean you call Duke and they say “OK when?” It’s tough to get major conference teams to travel west. Cal’s schedule is hard enough and it’s not Cal’s fault the conference is yet again without elite teams.

    Summary: Stop whining.

  • Babbalouie

    Shirts correct. Think of it this way: what if we didn’t have any cupcakes? What if our OOC schedule was: Kentucky, Ohio State, Syracuse, North Carolina, Louisville, Baylor, Duke, Xavier, Connecticut, Missouri, Marquette, Florida, and Kansas? You then start conference play with an RPI of 1, but a record of what? 0-13? 1-12? Maybe in a good year 3-10? There are 21-22 conference games, including the championship. Now you’re in a position where you have to win almost all of them to get into the NCAA tournament. Your RPI is going to drop playing (this year’s) weak Pac-12 teams…and you’ll need 20 wins to get in. Too chancy. The schedule we have now is just fine. Denver is a good win (right now). UNLV would be a good win. Starting conference play 11-2 is good. Ending up with 23 or 24 wins gets us into the NCAA tourney, even if we don’t win the Pac-12 Championship. Winning and getting to NCAA tourney brings in better recruits.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Shirt you can’t even spell MORON despite probably having heard it often.

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit either. I had already mentioned IU’s schedule had been weak so far but guess what conference they are in?

    Its a good mix to have a few cupcakes and a bunch of tough competition as well. IU is rebuilding but will get both.

    Shirt tell me you really didn’t attend Cal- MORON!

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    His name is Moren – morenationalchampionships – anyways that’s what the troll is called when someone acknowledges it’s existence. I’ll try no to again.

    Am I smart or stupid- not sure -, but I’m smart enough to know you don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of college hoops.

    Any response to my other point? That if positivity will change recruiting why don’t you lead the way? Doubtful you’ve got anything to say on that.

    Move along folks, just angry old Steve ranting about whatever is convenient.