Football: Kendricks named third-team All-America

Senior linebacker Mychal Kendricks was named to the Yahoo! Sports All-America third team.

Here is Cal’s news release. And the complete Yahoo! Sports All-America team.

Also . . .

   — Word out of Provo, Utah, is that erstwhile BYU quarterback Jake Heaps is leaning toward Cal. I reached Heaps on the phone this afternoon and he said he is studying for final exams and he won’t be making an announcement until next week.

Heaps said last week he is leaving BYU after two seasons, and he was believed to have narrowed his list of potential schools to four: USC, Washington, Washington State and Cal. Wherever he lands, he would sit out one season as a transfer, then have two to play.


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Wow we might have two really good QB’s for the future. Rodgers is so much fun to watch and Boller deserves another chance at Oakland. Palmer throws more picks than TD’s.

    Meanwhile I’m watching Lynch vs LA. During the middle of last season Rodgers asked Green Bay’s management to get Lynch. They should have listened as GB wins without a running game.

  • Juancho

    So zach kline will be a soph when heaps is a junior ? Meaning by tedford logic kline plays his senior year ?

  • Keyser Soze

    Juancho, How is giving the #1 QB recruit of ’10 a shot poor logic by Tedford If Kline is all that then he’ll win the job. Competition is good.

  • Jim

    Taking Heaps doesn’t make much sense. We’re loaded with QBs with good to great credentials and don’t need to add another one to further divide the reps. The talent we already have and are getting needs to be developed without taking on another guy with issues.

  • Juancho

    I agree with you if that plays out Keyser. My feeling is that Tedford will side with the older guy regardless.

    Kline has been built up to essentially be our Andrew Luck. That’s what the hype around him has done. If that’s the case why bring in another guy who has been a bust at BYU that may do nothing but steal a year of playing time AND DEVELOPMENT from Kline.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Tedford has not done a great job of preparing the backup QBs. It’s the starters who get the development and the backups get it once the starter goes down or is replaced.

    It could work out great. But it could create a frustration for Kline.

    Hell if I were Kline and I were doing all this extra stuff to help us land more top recruits – my initial reaction isn’t “this is great more competition to make me better”. My initial reaction is, wait a minute this guy will be a junior when I’m a sophomore – so they’re not sold on me?

  • Rocko

    Why would he want to come to CAL? We will have 3 Elite 11 QBs under scholarship already, by the time he is eligible. I think WSU would be a better fit for him under Leach. If he comes to Berkeley I would surprised.

  • Juancho

    I just came across a BYU blog that says the word there is he’s chosen Cal.

    Too many QBs for us eh ?

    Kline – 2013 sophomore
    Boehm – 2013 junior
    Hinder – 2013 senior
    Bridgeford – 2013 senior
    Heaps – 2013 junior

    Am I missing one that will be here in 2013 ?

  • Juancho

    Like a buffoon I need to correct my own comment. Hinder will be a junior in 2013.

    If you were anyone not named Kline or Heaps wouldn’t you consider transferring out of Cal ?

  • wehofx

    I agree w Rocko. I hope I’m wrong – don’t want to dog a 19 yo – but it seems like Heaps shies away from competition. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t end up at wsu. I watched elite 11 on espn and ZK embraces it. He’ll welcome the competition from heaps or anyone else.

  • ScottyBear


    Kline will be redshirt frosh in 2013 and Boehm will be a 2013 redshirt sophomore

  • Ocean Blue

    Thanks, Heaps. But, no thanks.

  • Easy Ed

    Picking QBs is like picking melons, you never know just by looking at them. If Heaps wants to transfer to Cal and take a shot with the rest of the class? …Welcome aboard!