Jeff Faraudo

  • Jim

    They hire this guy for the “long term” but he can’t stay with a program longer than a few seasons, or even one season with Pitt.

  • 707 Bear

    Who cares about ASU.

    Today is a sad day for all Blue Zoners.


    Still, the prices for 2012 are much lower than I predicted.

    $225 for a 7-game schedule in the expanded Gold Zone.

    Go Bears!

  • Kent

    ASU blew with their coaching search! What a joke…their AD should be fired! By the time ASU finally figured the type of coach that they could hire…all the good ones had already been snapped up. For the life of me, I don’t know why the did not hire Mike Leach. Leach has great recruiting ties in Texas…which is a relatively easy recruiting sales pitch to attend ASU for a Texas HS player. Leach’s offensive schemes will likely be successful in the traditionally “defensively challenged” Pac-10/12.

    I think Leach will have a much more difficult time attracting talent at WSU (at least for a few years)…but if he were at ASU…I think Leach could get some pretty solid talent immediately. Leach could recruit toe to toe with Rich Rod….but ASU
    s delays forced them to hire a coach like Graham.

    Graham may turn out to be a good coach…but he certainly does not “move the needle” in terms of bringing any excitement to the ASU program…which is certainly good new for Cal fans. As a Cal fan, I do worry that Rich Rod or Leach might be successful…perhaps even Jim Mora, Jr. Certainly, these 3 new coaches are upgrades to their predecessors…which makes Cal’s road that much more difficult.