Football: Cal’s 2004 Rose Bowl snub revisited

In case you missed it in the Thursday morning papers, here is my story looking back at Cal’s 2004 Rose Bowl snub and whether changes to the BCS system will prevent a repeat of that scenario.

Meanwhile . . .

   — USC junior offensive tackle Matt Kalil will turn pro.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Texas Tech – 45
    Cal state – 31

    You guys weren’t deserving of a BCS game.

  • Beastmode

    Good article Jeff. It seems as though the BCS changes did help the Pac. Still a broken system…

  • ScottyBear


    Did you ever play tackle football?? I’m still waiting for you reply. I know you have seen this question several times, so what gives. Waiting…………..!!!

  • BlueNGold

    If moron did play tackle football, it obviously was without a helmet.

  • Will

    LOL zing!

  • GoGo Bears

    If he started playing, he probably quit after having a mental breakdown — just like law school.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    Likes having the Moren here – 0
    Wishes the Moren would leave – ∞

    You trolls aren’t deserving of any attention.

  • Dan

    Don’t feed the troll. Trolls go away if no one pays any attention to “them”. Especially trolls on probation for lying, cheating and stealing.

  • rotfogel

    How about this. Aaron Rodgers, our alum. Yours, Matt Lienart. We win.
    As for the game: my disgust for Mack Brown hasn’t subsided one bit. That phony Texas used car salesman lobbying Texas style (aka cheating) to get his team to a bowl in which Texas didn’t belong. His lobbying was among the most despicable acts a coach could possibly do, not to the level of Sandusky, but just a notch below. I want to puke when I see his Texas smirked face. Not a decent human by any stretch.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    GoGo Bears Says:
    December 15th, 2011 at 4:17 pm
    If he started playing, he probably quit after having a mental breakdown — just like law school.
    An off-campus incident between a student and a UC Berkeley undergraduate advisor that led to explosive allegations of racist and sexist epithets against the student has a local activist organization calling for the firing of the employee and the UC officials conducting a review of the university’s initial response.

    In addition, UC officials are looking into a related allegation that a student’s records were improperly accessed by a UC employee. The incident has raised questions about the limits of the university’s authority over an employee’s outside activities.

    The situation began with a Berkeley bus stop confrontation in late September between UC sophomore Erika Williams, an African-American, and Sherman Boyson, a white undergraduate assistant in the UC Social Welfare Department. The two had a second confrontation in mid-October in the doorway to the apartment building where both Williams and Boyson live, and then a third, a week later while both were riding on a city bus.

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    “I never should have used it, even indirectly,” the paper quoted Boyson as saying. “I know on my part I made a mistake and I apologized.”

    Neither Williams nor Boyson could be reached in connection with this article.

    During last month’s meeting of the UC Regents on the Berkeley campus, members of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) marched through the campus to the steps of Haviland Hall to protest Boyson’s actions. BAMN has also been circulated petitions calling for the university to fire Boyson. A BAMN spokesperson said that the petitions will be turned in to Chancellor Robert Birgenau on Monday afternoon.

    Williams has also called for Boyson to be fired.

    In a statement released last month, Birgenau condemned Boyson’s language.

    “I cannot state strongly enough how much this university must deplore strongly and without question the use of racist language of any kind,” Birgenau said. “Use of racist language is so deeply hurtful to individuals and it is also hurtful to our community, violating the values that we share as a university. I share the outrage our students and others feel when such language is used.”

  • covinared

    nice try moron. the recruits that have already decommitted from usc and are considering cal are smart enough to know that every large institution has a few people that may use that word. its part of life.

  • Uh Huh!

    Hi Jeff:

    Can you answer a question for me?
    2 actually.

    1) If Cal was 5th in the final (reg season) BCS poll, who were 3 and 4? Texas and (who)?

    2) I have been running under the assumption that the Rose Bowl selection committee had the right to CHOOSE who they wanted in the Rose Bowl, despite the fact that Cal was 5th and Texas (3rd or 4th). Can you confirm this for me? I have been peeved at the Rose Bowl selection committee since 04 because I feel they should NOT have gone with whoever was ranked higher (Tx) but should have shown some allegiance to the Pac 10 in their selection. It was honestly a toss up who to choose, and I think they should have gone with the traditional Big10-Pac10 rivalry for that game. I don’t think they were bound by any clause in the BCS polling that MADE them take TX over Cal, right?


  • jabes

    There were only two at large spots in the BCS in 2004–today there are four.

    One went to #6 Boise State because of the rule that a non-BCS conference team in the Top 6 was guaranteed a BCS at large bid.

    With one at large spot left, the next rule was that any team in the top 4 got an at large bid, so Texas at #4 got that bid and no BCS bowl could select Cal at #5.

  • jabes

    Wasn’t undefeated Auburn #3? Regardless, #s 1-3 plus three other teams had automatic bids. With the two at-large bids taken, even though the Rose Bowl had the right to replace a Pac-10 team in the BCS #1/#2 game, they were restricted to Texas and Boise State (or was it Utah? — regardless it was the non-BCS conference team at #6)

  • jabes

    By the way, and I have said this before (and won’t say it again), ESPN is just as much to blame as Mack if not more so. They reiterated the story about Cal needing to win big at So Miss (generating ratings for that game), they hyped the Tx fans at that game over-and-over and kept repeating the storyline about Cal needing to prove something (lazy journalism), and no matter what the Pac10 and Rose Bowl folks wanted Disney/ESPN/ABC had to figure that Texas/Michigan would drag in more national viewers than Michigan/Cal. The fact that now the Rose Bowl isn’t appointment television to the Pac8 fanbase anymore may or may not balance out the additional interest they drummed up for the 2005 Rose Bowl.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    The unwanted troll MoreNCsarecoming Says:

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    The situation began with a psychotic break between the troll and herself, alone in her dark little room in the basement where she spends most of her time.

    It does not appear that the troll will go away no matter how much anyone on the blog wishes she would.

    Cal fans allege that during the course of the thousands of confrontations, the troll has been discredited and completely rejected.

    “I should have taken my meds,” the paper quoted the Moren troll as saying. “I know on my part I made a mistake but I will NEVER apologize! I’m glad everyone hates me!”

    Neither the troll nor and of her multiple personalities could be reached and brought back to reality.

  • Easy Ed

    While Cal got screwed because of the Mack Brown lobbying, the team that had no business getting a BCS Bowl Bid in 2004 was the Big East Champion, Pitt. For the life of me I can’t see how the Big East deserves an automatic BCS bid, they are little more than the Mountain West.

  • Gobears49

    Good article by Jeff. But he needs to provide a little more depth into the subject, including who Cal lost to that year, which was USC, what was USC’s record that year, and who Texas lost to and that team’s record (which I don’t know). He should also discuss, just for background purposes, the pressure that was put on Cal to beat its last opponent, Southern Mississippi, by an “acceptable” margin and what was Cal’s ranking versus Texas in the final weeks of the season. Finally, the best argument that Texas people have that their team should have been selected was Cal’s subsequent loss in the Holiday Bowl. Tedford should be asked for a comment on what the team attitude was in playing that game after the decision that Cal would not play in the Rose Bowl. No doubt the team’s disappointments translated in them not being as up for that game as they normally would have. It should also be pointed out about Cal’s injuries coming into the Holiday Bowl game.

    In spite of my comments, it is nice to read that some good came out of Cal getting gypped in not being selected to play in the Rose Bowl. Additionally, it is nice to read that another coach, Mike Gundy, has learned from the mistakes of Mack Brown in not politicking for his team to play in a certain bowl game.

  • Kent

    Anyone notice that Nick Saban pulled a pretty slimy act by lowering the ranking of Oklahoma St. from 3 to 4 AFTER OSU pummeled Oklahoma…why is he able to keep in voting rights?

    Reminded me a bit of Mack Brown. Gundy meanwhile, played to role of Jeff Tedford…by modestly stating that Alabama should be ranked ahead of OSU, prior to OSU blasting OU…of course after OSU crushed OU, Gundy made his case in an appropriate manner. While Gundy’s team got gypped…he earned my respect.

    A fitting end, would be for Alabama to defeat LSU in a close game…but the AP poll still keeps LSU as #1 despite losing the BCS Championship game.

  • GoGo Bears

    2005. Old news. Boyson was cleared. Still working.

    2011 42 messages in two days on the UTex forum — all about hating Cal and Cal fans.

    Saturday night 9:42 pm posting — guess someone has no friends to spend weekends with.

    Law school degree? Never gonna happen. Say hi to the Travel Agency.

    The little lonely troll can only repeat the false accustations from 2005 over and over again. But just in the past few days — 42 posts! 9:42pm posting! — we’ve seen the proof that he’s all alone and just has his computer for companionship.

    PLEASE — pity that troll. THIS is all he has.

  • GoGo Bears

    The saddest thing of all of this is that Boyson is probably the most important person in the troll’s life. The troll is OBSESSED with Boyson. He posts more about Boyson than football.

    Check this link
    It’s the troll’s sfgate account as the9drawfs
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    Just like the troll obsessed and spent two whole days posting hate about Cal FORTY-TWO times (in just 2 days) he also obsesses about Boyson.

    BUT — I guess that’s normal. he has no friends (9:42 pm saturdaynight posting, new year’s eve postings), he has no gf (valentine’s day night postings) he has no law degree, and he has no fellow fans. Go look to see if you can find morencsarecoming on We Are SC forum — you won’t. The reason the troll hates boyson is that boyson was instrumental in getting the troll banned permanently from Bear Insiders, and from all other scout sites.