Football: Buckeyes face 2012 bowl ban

When Cal visits Ohio State next Sept. 15 to face coach Urban Meyer’s first team, the Bears will face a Buckeyes squad without the motivation of possibly playing in a bowl game. The NCAA handed down its sanctions on Tuesday and a one-year bowl ban was part of the deal.

Jeff Faraudo

  • David

    They’ll still do well. Hell, look at how USC did during their bowl ban.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Shows the double standards of the NCAA. OSU knew what it was doing. USC did not. OSU involved 9 players as well as multiple coaches. USC involved 1 player and 1 coach who never waivered in his statement of innocence. OSU got off light compared to USC.

    Next time the subject of cheating comes up where there is a lack of institutional control just google – Isaac Curtis and Davenport/Ainsworth.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Cal football program hit with sanctions / Chancellor set to appeal NCAA decision

    June 27, 2002|Dwight Chapin, Chronicle Senior Writer

    Cal’s football program, already penalized by the Pac-10, was hit with a series of NCAA penalties Wednesday for academic and financial misdeeds. School officials quickly announced that they would appeal the rulings.

    The NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions imposed a one-year football postseason ban on the Bears, took away nine scholarships over the next five seasons and placed the school on five years’ probation, retroactive to last year. The Cal record books also are affected by the rulings.

    The most serious violation of NCAA ethics rules was an academic fraud case that occurred in 1999, when two players no longer at the school, wide receivers Michael Ainsworth and Ronnie Davenport, were given credit by a Cal associate professor for course work they did not do in an apparent effort to keep them eligible to play.

  • joey

    You’re right USC doesn’t know what they are doing. They were only busted for one player and not yet caught for all the other cheating.

  • Sean

    Troll doesnt know what she’s doing either…maybe she DID go to school there.

  • Juancho

    So where is Joe Stiglich ? Don’t tell me he’s still covering winter meetings.

  • Will

    The A’s fire sale is just getting started…I don’t think we’ll see Stig back for a while.

  • rob bear

    Ohio State & their boy Tressel got what they deserved! Their very own coach was in on this whole sham and they got caught red-handed. So much for the Tressel Up On A Pedestal books that he is famous for selling in the midwest. Hypocrite!


  • milo

    tOSU sent Penn State a small thank you note…for Sandusksy. Everything looks minor next to Penn State, even sleazy sweater vest. They’re still cheaters just like U$C.

  • CalBearister

    “OSU knew what it was doing. USC did not.”

    $UC didn’t know because $UC put its head in the sand. Moreover, thanks for bringing up Ainsworth/Davenport. Fact is, the FAR brought their academic fraud issue to the faculty member in question, who denied any improprieties (turns out the professor’s entire class was an academic fraud). The NCAA agreed, and that’s not what got Cal hit with lack of institutional control – it was a moronic failure of the Holmoe regieme to get reimbursements from small minibar/in-room movie charges at the team hotel.

    Compare that to Pete Carroll claiming he had no idea that Matt Leinart’s dad couldn’t pay Dwayne Jarrett’s rent, even though that’s a clear violation.

  • covinared

    USc’s was also systemic in the basketball program, not just one sport. Isaac Curtis from 40 years ago?

  • Rocko

    The difference was USC tried to sandbag the NCAA investigation and then appealed the decision. Ohio State on the other hand admitted they did the dirty deeds and then self imposed a rather light set of restrictions for themselves.They both broke the rules it’s just how each handled it once caught.

  • Rocko

    Reggie Bush drives around in an Escalade and comes in the locker room wearing 1ct each diamond ear studs and you don’t suspect anything? That’s what the NCAA thought also. Please dont try and defend USC, it makes your posts even more laughable than they already are.

  • BlueNGold

    How do you know the u of sleazy cheaters did not know? Were you there the whole time? Did you listen in on all the meetings and discussions by the coaching staff and AD? Just what is the source of your information, moron, or is this simply more byproduct of your fertile and overactive imagination? And why is it, exactly, that anyone should take anything you have to say on the subject to be the least bit credible? I doubt that anyone who posts here other than you thinks that you have any credibility whatsoever. Why should anyone feel differently on this topic?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    YOu guys just signed another player – some OL – YAWN. We didn’t want him. He isn’t good enough for us.Enjoy the leftovers.

  • ScottyBear

    “We” didn’t want him?? Since when you are you “we” with USC??

    Did you go to USC??

    Did you play for USC?

    Have you ever played football??

    You are too cowardly to answer those questions, and until you do, beat it.