Football: Tedford on KNBR this morning

Cal coach Jeff Tedford will be a guest on KNBR-680 this morning at 10:15 — yes, in just a few minutes — to talk with hosts Larry Krueger and Kate Scott about the Bears’ game vs. Texas in the Dec. 28 Holiday Bowl.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    From the looks of things, it must have been a profound interview which went way over most of your heads.

  • ac
  • milo

    Hey Moron, the filter is working…bite me!

  • 707 Bear

    I’m no fan/hater of Tedford, but he routinely says absolutely nothing–with little enthusiasm– during interviews.

    I’ve heard him speak a few times in Sacramento–he’s no Obama or even Newt.

    How he is able to recruit 17-year-olds is a mystery.

    Do high schoolers recognize his inner…

  • milo

    @707…kids look at who has played for JT (one guy at QB is OWNING the league), see his overall record, see the new facilities (which he was a part of) and they want to go to Cal.

    Also I actually think Tedford’s low key approach wins over more parents. Anyone with a reasonable sense of baloney knows what it smells like and knows Tedford isn’t selling that.

    After seeing the school, knowing Tedford’s record, seeing the facilities and knowing a kid will get a decent education and support, Cal looks like a good choice.

  • Juancho

    No question

  • jabes

    Cal recruiting has been fighting an uphill battle for years. Out of date facilities, disinterested fan base, academic faculty hostile to athletics, no perceived commitment to winning, no visibility.

    The time and $$ invested in the facilities, and the $$ and ESPN time of the media arrangements, will erase much (not all) of this.

    I don’t know how much the academics at Cal really draws kids over other schools, so many of them believe they have a pro future, maybe it tilts the balance with some parents.

    Locking Tedford in a few years ago showed commitment, and a little desperation. I hope that he continues the improvement arc of the next few years, but if he doesn’t I think Cal is now attractive enough to make a Leach/Rodriguez level hire if needed.

    All that said, it brings Cal into contention with Oregon and Washington as Pac12 programs with most positive long term outlooks after SC. I’m tempted to bring SC down due to the scholarship cuts that will hurt for a few years, but they have a built in recruiting advantage that will persist over time. I don’t buy Stanford as staying up for the long term, and UCLA is just too delusional to take seriously.

  • Kent

    I got a feeling that the new facilities will be a major draw for Cal over the next couple of years…throw is USC’s loss of 10 scholarships per year and this makes a case for Cal to leapfrog USC and Oregon to get the highest ranked recruiting class in the conference. I have a sneeky suspicion that Cal is going to have a top 10 ranking (possibly top 5) this year…and have the best class in the Conference.

    The key to long term success, is for Tedford’s team to live up to expectations and win some games on the field. Cal will likely be favored to win 8 to 9 games next year…and possibly 9 to 10 in 2013…Tedford has to acutally deliver.

    Cal’s 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes were ranked 9th and 17th nationally…if Cal has another top 15 recruiting class this year…expectations rise and winning 9 and 10 games becomes the minimum standard. Last time Tedford has that kind of talent (see 2004 through 2009) his team underperormed every year except in 2004. Let’s hope Tedford and his coaching staff will beform better this time around.

  • jabes

    Agreed, Kent. And if Tedford isn’t improving, we should be able to attract a good coach with the recruits/facilities/Pac12/Bay Area as draws.

  • rollonubears

    as much as i get frustrated with jt, it’s amazing how quickly time heals the wounds. i’m excited about the holiday bowl, and our recruiting, and prospects for next season. it could be an awesome year. i think we’ll see 2 more years of tedford at least. if next year is a 7-5 year, i’ll probably be calling for his head, but really, the coaching roundtable is a disaster, and i would so much rather have our situation than the likes of what’s happened at notre dame and pitt the last few years. even if we got a new coach, if he was successful, we’d be afraid of him leaving for the nfl, or another program, just like we were with tedford at the beginning. that’s an awful feeling. i guess there’s no way to escape the misery unless you find a guy who played at call, bleeds blue and gold, and wants to start and end his career here, racking up rose bowls along the way. that’s a bit much to ask for.

  • Dan

    and by the time we find out how Tedford does with these facilities and these past 2 and next recruiting class, his current contract won’t be an issue any more.

    What do you want to bet me if he wins 8-9 games one time in the next few years, Sandy extends his contract? I say NO EXTENSION unless he gets Cal to the Rose Bowl- or better.