Football: Anger accepts invite to Shrine Game

Cal senior punter Bryan Anger has accepted an invitation to play in the 87th East-West Shrine Game at St. Petersburg, Fla., on Jan. 21.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Kent

    Anger is a very good punter…but can anyone explain the strategy of having the punter roll out to punt? It appeared everytime Anger rolled out to punt, he had a poor punt…from my view rolling out the punter did not seem to reduce the odds of a blocked punt, the additional time the “gunners” have to run down the field was offset by a short hang time of the punt. I just don’t see the strategy of it…can anyone explain the strategic theory of this type of punt.

  • rollonubears

    I think it wasn’t executed very well, that’s all. Probably worked fine in practice, every week, but continued to fail in the games. The idea is to force the whole mess to one half of the field, just by starting off to the right, everybody bites. Then you force 20 bodies into a pile and make it really difficult to return. As lousy as the punts were, and our kickoffs, I don’t recall any touchdown runbacks against us. Maybe there was one, but I don’t remember. That suggests it’s sort of working. I’m also not a fan of the squibb kick. Giving guys with decent hands immediate access to the ball makes no sense to me, but conservative coaches just love it, for some reason.

  • Juancho

    Armstead is committing to Cal on Monday. He’ll have an announcement ceremony at his school. He’ll be taking classes on our beautiful campus Tuesday.

  • Juancho

    By the way. Stefon Diggs is also visiting Auburn this weekend. He is one of the top guys left on our shopping list as well. He’s rated the # 10 player in the country and # 2 wide receiver I believe.

    Let’s hope Armstead is in Diggs’ ear about Cal. Diggs visited Cal in December, and I’m not sure if it was the weekend that Armstead was also in the house.

    Highest rated guys left on our list:

    Arik Armstead, DE – should be Cal commit Monday
    Aziz Shittu, DT – waiting on test scores, favors Stanford, us # 2
    Stefon Diggs, WR – favoring absolutely nobody and said he won’t announce until AFTER national signing day
    Yuri Wright, CB – could be a package deal with Darius Hamilton, # 1 ranked CB in the country
    Darius Hamilton, DL – could be package deal with Yuri Wright. Visited Cal in December for one of those big recruiting weekends

  • rollonubears

    Hope you’re right. Not sure why he’s going to Auburn, then, especially if he’s already enrolled at Cal, but whatever.

    This highlight reel has me just as excited as the football ones…


    And they’re over a year old.

  • Juancho

    Free trip, and gets to hang out with his brother.

    For anyone who doesn’t listen to the bear republic podcast on cal.rivals.com, it’s free and pretty good. Long interview with Zach Kline is worth checking out.

    That kid sounds like he has all of what we need. Smart as a whistle, personable, hard working.

  • Dan

    Kent – The punt type you refer to is called a “Rugby-style” punt. The logic for it? You pretty much got it right –

    it is designed to stall the punt by rolling out, being able to get the punt off as late as possible while doing so quickly with a short quick motion, avoiding being blocked. It “should” allow the punt coverage team to get down and prevent any return. The punt should also not be caught or fielded, and if done properly will get significant additional yardage rolling. So you can end up with a 50+ yard punt, with no return. In theory.

    I HATE it, and I HATED that Cal wasted Anger and his tremendous leg/gift doing it this season. It was a joke, and another wuss move by Tedford and his special teams coach. It screwed Anger up all season. When he was able to punt away at times, he was inconsistent, he shanked more punts than he ever did in previous years.

    A punter is like a QB- it helps if they can get in a tempo. Anger is a GREAT talent, Tedford wasted it this season. Anger is a GREAT punter, but was not a great “rugby-style” punter, and having him punt that way SO much screwed up his greatness both overall and as a normal style punter. And Tedford was way too clueless to see that or get that.

    Anger could have led the nation in punting this season, could/would have made every All-American team- but that chance was taken away by the Cal coaches that decided to use this lame strategy.

    Oh, and in an interview I saw with Anger, he HATED doing it- the coaches made him. He is a GREAT kid/young man, a team guy, so he did what he was told. But he most definitely did not like doing it.

    Having Anger punt rugby-style is like having Andrew Luck in the biggest game of the season and playing conservatively, taking the ball out of his hands to let a freshman kicker decide the game. Just stupid.