Football: Maynard, one more time

One final installment on the non-story that would not die.

I received a couple emails since Tuesday suggesting that the answer I got from Cal regarding quarterback Zach Maynard’s eligibility could be an example of creative semantics. Both inquiries suggested I wasn’t getting the complete and correct answer from Cal.

So, I asked the question again — many different ways — and was told that Maynard isĀ eligible (academically and otherwise) as of this moment, faces no suspensions of any kind for any duration during the 2012 season and, barring something that has not yet happened, will be under center for the Sept. 1 opener.

Obviously, every player on the team must get through the spring and summer in the classroom in order to be eligible. That does not apply to just Maynard.

As of this moment, unless something changes, Maynard is eligible to play spring ball and the 2012 football season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • David

    You’re awesome, Jeff.

  • covinared

    This just in. General Francisco Franco is still dead.

  • Juancho

    Gumby !!!

  • rollonubears

    Thanks for doing the extra work, Jeff, to put the issue to rest.

  • Juancho

    More on Armstead.

    Recruiting Blog on ESPN shows he’s visiting Auburn this weekend with his brother who is transferring from USC.

    He says he’ll commit Sunday or Monday at the latest. He also mentions that he plans on enrolling early and some schools start class Monday, and one Tuesday.

    We’re the Tuesday. And he better come to Cal b/c that’s where all signs point. Otherwise he’d be announcing Monday and not starting class at his college on a Monday.

    He can announce Monday and drive down to classes on Tuesday. Maybe he can carpool with Zach Kline who is also an early enrollee.

    And last I checked he should have his classes picked by now. So whatever his decision is, it’s already been made and he’s already worked on finalizing his registration. I.e., the deadline for Cal registration for Spring is the 15th, Sunday.

    Let’s hope the rumour that he’s been a silent commit to Cal are proven true.

  • Juancho

    Kind friends. Looks like first day of class for the spring semester at Auburn was Monday the 9th.

    Has to be Cal.

  • covinared

    The emergence of Robert Thurman could throw things for a loop.

  • JMod


    Two things I continue to hear about Arik’s recruitment is…

    1) He really wants to play basketball, which benefits Cal.

    2) He really wants to play with his brother, which I think would NOT benefit Cal since I would think USC would do all it could to try and prevent Armond from going to a conference rival.

  • SportsBrah

    I was really hoping that Maynard would be declared ineligible. Despite all of the great news around recruiting and the good young talent already on the team, the success of the Bears in 2012 is limited because of having such a below average player at the most critical position.

  • Juancho

    Covinared – youre right. Also freddie tagaloa a football commit is playing on the bball team. And hes another big body. Well see how long these ideas last. I remember when jahvid best committed and he was adamant he would run track too. And all the answers were definiteley well let you run track. Then he quickly found out heck no we werent letting him run track.

    Jmod youre right. Cal didnt offer his brother though. No pac 12 team did. In fact its not certain he will get another year of eligibility. He can also still declare for the draft. And he may do that over graduate school and one year of college ball.

  • JMod


    My understanding of Armond’s situation is that of the possibilities Armond is most likely to transfer, followed by declaring for the draft, and returning to USC a distant 3rd.

    Also, Shane Vereen did run track at Cal and you can always use another big man on a basketball team, I don’t think Robert Thurman will keep Arik from playing for Monty.

  • Kevin

    Good news on Maynard – hoping for a big senior year finish for Zach!

  • Steve W.

    I’m with SportsBrah. I don’t think next year’s team will progress beyond a 7-5 record with Maynard at the helm. The Tedford offense, like it or not, requires an assured qb presence between the tackle box. That is not Zach Maynard. He is better on the move, but only rolling to his left. That takes away half of the field. The good defenses figure all this stuff out quickly. They stuff the run a la Texas and USC, and then it gets ugly.

  • Will

    “I received a couple emails since Tuesday…”

    How many do you think came from Moren’s various e-mail accounts?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    A couple less than you think Will.

    The rumors started on your own scout board by some lunatic named Happy Cheer Bear. (Typical name for a Cal “stater” who enjoys mediocre seasons).

    The rumor moved to BearInsiders.The only college football board in the country where there is more interest in all things USC than in your own program.

    From there attention starved, BCS starved, Pac 12 championship starved and Rose Bowl starved posters went metta world crazy.

    I just laughed from that lunacy all the way to the USC boards where I find mostly reasonable fans.

  • JimBob


    “I just laughed from that lunacy all the way to the USC boards where I find mostly reasonable fans.”

    You being the exception, huh? Pathetic loser.

  • eric

    @Steve W and Sportbrah.

    I agree that, with the talent on this team, Cal is easily capable of improving, and I think getting to 9 wins next year is doable with the talent. It all depends on whether Maynard is permitted to do what he is very good at naturally – which we saw in the Utah and ASU games – or whether he will be forced to be a pocket passer with no run/pass options and typically throwing deep outs or deep curls, which is what we saw against Oregon, UW, U$C, and Texas. And that depends on how bad the coaching staff wants to win. In the bowl game this year, the team that showed guts and creativity won, easily.

    I think we’ll know at Ohio State. That is a very difficult place to play. Urban Meyer will be at the helm, and he has a lot to prove. There is talent on that team, and the QB has the makings of being a great spread option QB. But Ohio State is definitely beatable, and even a closely fought, well-played game (like Furd this year) would show a lot of positive thinking.

  • Ocean Blue

    If I were one of those far-right looneys I’d immediately suspect that there is a coverup of epic proportions.

    After all, why else would the Cal SID go to such great lengths to try and assure everyone that Maynard was still eligible? The answer is clear: because he is not, but the Cal folks just don’t want to let that out of the bag.

    Get Limbaugh or Beck, or one of the nitwits on Faux News on this story, stat, because there is way more to this than anyone wants to admit!

  • Rocko

    SportsBrah that’s like saying you wish your cat would get hit by a car because you don’t like it anymore.

    Moron thanks for my daily laugh, keep them coming because your posts are way too funny!

  • PC

    Did moron/amy use the words “reasonable fans” and “USC” in the same sentence????????

  • 66Bear

    I’m with SportsBrah and Steve W. Maynard is a walking turnover despite more starts than likely 3/4 of all the quarterbacks he’s been facing. He is not going to start making decisions quicker or stop turning the ball over no matter how much confidence Tedford expresses in him. To bad for the rest of the team. šŸ™