Football: Can Huskies pry away Tosh Lupoi?

Greg Biggins of ESPN.com tweeted Thursday that Washington coach Steve Sarkisian offered Cal defensive line coach and recruiting ace Tosh Lupoi a position on his staff, but Lupoi declined.

“They tried, but he’s happy at Cal,” Biggins wrote.  He also said, “They’re still trying, haven’t thrown the kitchen sink in yet, I guess.”

Translation: UW may try to come at Lupoi with a richer offer.

Here’s a blog item on the subject from Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

And here’s a terrific story on Lupoi originally presented last spring on ESPN.com that you’ll want to read if haven’t seen it.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Cal (even if just out of Teford’s own pocket) would have to match any offer. I actually wonder if Tosh even wants to be a DC. His calling is clearly in recruiting, which becomes infinitely harder when the time demands of a DC is put upon him rather than being a position coach, IMO. I don’t think you can build relationships with recruits the way he does and not be into it. Still, DC money should be going his way.

    Cut him a check Tedford. He’s the only reason you are still coach.

  • Rollonubears

    I second that.

  • CalBearister

    Agree 100% that we do what we need to do to compensate Coach Lupoi for the value he’s created. And if we don’t have the money, Coach Tedford should take a pay cut to keep him (good long term investment – without Tosh’s recruiting skills, he may not have a job long term). In the end, a good offer should keep him – not sure a stand-up guy like Tosh who believes in accountability and being honest with people would fit in with a Carroll-trained coach.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    CalBearister Says:
    January 13th, 2012 at 6:10 am
    In the end, a good offer should keep him – not sure a stand-up guy like Tosh who believes in accountability and being honest with people would fit in with a Carroll-trained coach.

    Did Carroll or a PC trained coach teach him to beat Oregon by taking dives at the LOS. I know, I know…Oregon cheats too, at least, that will be the comeback of the Cal “state” fans. But the point is that PC never instituted that strategy. We beat Oregon mano y mano.

    And is that kind of strategy employed by Loopy make him a stand-up guy?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    No school cheats more than USC- but the Pac12 won’t kick them out.

    I agree Lupoi is vital to recruiting. Tedford gets the credit but without good recruiting our team would be a nightmare. Its the opposite in basketball. Monty is a good coach but his recruiting is suspect.

  • ScottyBear

    “We” beat Oregon mano y mano? We?????

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    SteveNTEXAS Says:
    January 13th, 2012 at 8:29 am
    No school cheats more than USC- but the Pac12 won’t kick them out.
    Wilsey = Ike Curtis

    Holmoe = Davenport/Ainsworth

    Bozeman = Jerry Gardener (paid his dad $30K)

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    ScottyBear: Yeah, I thought that “We” was pretty funny too, coming from an idiot troll who wasn’t smart enough to attend the school she likes OR the one she is obsessed with hating.

  • Will

    Aww, so looks like Moren hasn’t been committed 🙁

    Unless they allow net access in the loony bin.

  • eric

    Last week I commented I heard rumors on this, and several responded saying Tosh was a Cal guy and wouldn’t leave. Looks like we both were right, but it is critical that he is paid the high end of the market.

    This class, and the last two, have all been top 20 (and getting better), and it is no coincidence that it coincides with Tosh’s presence.

  • Raf

    Cal is #8 in ESPN latest rankings… by signing day we’ll likely move up a couple spots. GO BEARS!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    It would be a crime to invest so much in the facilities and not the facilitator.

  • LB

    Tosh is already getting paid big $$$ as a position coach at Cal. We know he’s worth his weight in gold and we’re taking care of him. Makes sense for UW to make a run at him (hell, everyone else should be giving him a shot, too…Texas already has). But as long as Cal is taking care of Tosh, Tosh won’t leave, even if others do come with more $$$. Tosh bleeds blue and gold and is fiercely loyal. Part of his effectiveness as a recruiter stems from the fact that he’s recruiting for the school that he loves. He’s genuine, and it comes through. Kids are smart, and they can see when the guy selling the school really believes what he’s selling. Tosh believes in Cal, and that’s a big part of what makes him so effective.

    I respect UW and other schools for giving it a shot — I’d do the same if I were in their position. But Tosh ain’t going nowhere. He’s a Bear.

  • ConcordBear

    Tosh is a great man and is very passionate. He’s also a team player. Cal will treat him and all in the program fairly and in many cases more than fairly.
    He’s a critical piece of the programs future. With him and others leading and pushing for greatness Cal is in good hands.
    Tosh is a winner and Cal loves him.
    Can’t wait to see what this great recruiting class looks like in a couple weeks!!!
    The future is bright.

  • randumbear

    Notice how Sark is hiring coaches from the pac 12? way to get the inside scoop on other programs. sneaky little B.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I am so sad that I got rejected by Cal.

  • DelthaForce

    Tosh reminds me of Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern. People have tried to pry him away, but he’s resisted because he was a player at NU and is committed to the program. I think Tosh is committed to Cal as well, and it is his enthusiasm for the program that is part of his recruiting success. That said, I second the comments that he should be compensated at the high end of the market to keep him happy. I kind of see him as a head coach in waiting – someone who can succeed Tedford down the line.

  • Suttree

    One word: NO

  • abe

    O geez i figured this day will come sooner or later where the cash cows will come after our beloved ace recruiter, i just didnt think UW will be one of them. i mean i dont mine getting out bid by the alabamas and texas’ of the world but washington? Cal better not lose out to UW or i will be depressed.

  • Bears

    We better not lose out to anyone or our AD and head coach will have failed Cal.
    Never ok to lose out to anyone, I know Tosh has to attitude and all Bear fans need to wake up and join him or what’s the point?

  • Rollonubears

    Sarkesian is such a slime ball. This is like a Disney movie. You can’t buy someone’s heart. It’s the passion and love of cal that helps sell the recruits on cal. He won’t bring that to uw because it will all appear phony. He’s not selling cars. He’s selling pride. The smart recruits will see right thru the bs. And the mere effort to steal him will likely take a toll on the uw program this year.

  • Juancho

    Told ya arik armstead was a cal student…


  • go8ears

    I guess he did register to be a student at Cal. But that doesn’t mean he can’t cancel the registration and go to a different school, right? I hope he doesn’t change his mind.

  • Juancho

    Possible go8ears. But deadline to cancel is end of sunday. And were not a nonsense school. Were Cal. Academics rule the day. If a kid is registered a day before deadline hes here to stay. Lets celebrate !!!!

  • Jim

    Recruiting coordinator – Asst. Head Coach
    Don’t no if such a position exists but in the case of Tosh, such a position would be highly appropriate and could be compensated at a high level as with other coordinator positions.
    As such, Tosh could spend time ensuring that the OL gets the attention it desperately needs, as well as the other positions. He can certainly promise, or get others to promise, that any OL at Cal would PRACTICE daily against the best DL/LB that they’ll see on any other team, and that their skills and techniques would be perfected because Tosh’s DL are so skilled.
    UW is in an area of pathological xenophobia and the weather matches their cranial condition – dreary and dismal. They embarrassed themselves mightily off the field when they were so certain that JT would be their new head coach, and they got Willingham instead. LMAO
    The inability of the PutridPuppies to recruit in their own state with so many high quality recruits available is pathetic and a statement about the UW program.

  • Jim

    *”don’t know” not “don’t no” – sorry, having a severe keyboard/chair interface problem today 😉

  • covinared

    Juancho: Quit stalking the dude. You might scare him away.

  • Rollonubears

    I anything I think he’s busy enough reacting to grovelers thru twitter. Hope he picks us. Go bears.