Football: Armstead may announce Monday

Exchanged text messages this afternoon with Arik Armstead, who returned from his trip to Auburn but said he wasn’t ready to make an announcement.

“Prolly 2morro,” he texted.

The Pleasant Grove HS grad — he finished classes last month — told Brandon Huffman of Scout.com that his trip to Auburn went well. Well, of course. How many times ever have heard a kid say, “My trip to Big-Time State U was a total bust, man. Can’t believe I wasted my time.” Never.

Armstead, who wants to enroll for the spring term (begins Tuesday at Cal) and play both football and basketball, told Scout that Cal might be coming in for a home visit before he makes his decision.

Given the timing, makes you wonder if that visit was tonight. Or Monday morning.

Stay tuned.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Raf

    Don’t bug him too much Jeff! lol

  • rollonubears

    Apparently Lupoi is off to UW with a big pay raise. Game over.

  • wehofx

    F********K. #cal twitter is saying that Tosh is leaving for uw. Unfortunately it sounds true especially in light of the the earlier thread/story.

    This is sacrilege but if I was Tosh’s agent, I’d tell him to go to uw to build his cv. He will be part of a different system/staff that is building from scratch. He will increase his pro contacts.

    The good news is that like JT – bouncing between O and Fresno w vertical moves – and many other good coaches on the rise, I predict we will get Tosh back in the future more seasoned. Ready for more responsibility.

    It kills me to say this but, “Best of luck, Tosh. You will be missed.”

  • jim crow


    Any word on Armstead?