Football: Lupoi exit fallout


Still awaiting a response from Cal and coach Jeff Tedford, who we are told was on a plane this morning. Expect to talk with him later when the question of the day, of course, is to what lengths did he and Cal go to keep Tosh Lupoi from bolting to Seattle.

It seems not all the current players knew this was coming.

Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Gabe King, on Twitter this afternoon, said of Lupoi’s exit: “he bounced, no call, no text, no subtle insinuation… Nothing.”

In the meantime, quick reaction from Cal commits:

WR Bryce Treggs tweeted: “Tosh leaving has no affect on my recruitment. I’m still solid with Cal”

And he added: “No disrespect to Coach Lupoi though. He was a great coach and a even better person”

And: “Cal’s ranking as the #1 public university in the world can’t leave and go to another school.”

From another Cal recruit whose dad played for the Bears: “@HardyNickerson: Nothing will make me change my mind I committed to cal not to a person so it’s #calgang for life”

For others, the choice is now less clear.

Arik Armstead, who may have planned to commit this morning to Cal, tweeted: “ish just got real”

Reached by the Sacramento Bee, Armstead said, “Tosh was a big reason I’d go 2 Cal.”  Added, now “I’ve got more to think about.” Armstead told the Bee he may announce Tuesday now.

This, regarding safety Shaq Thompson: @TaraFOXSports Just got off the phone with 5-star S Shaq Thompson, who says he is now torn,”I am 50-50 between #Cal and #Washington.”

Obviously, Cal’s coaches are already in damage-control mode. And if you’re defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast or DBs coach Ashley Ambrose, you’re telling Thompson that he wasn’t going to be playing for Lupoi anyway, unless he was bulking up and moving to D-line. So why would Lupoi’s departure cause him to change schools.

There will be panic in the air about this for the short term, but if Cal’s coaches play this right they have time to patch things up. This is why oral commitments are non-binding. Teen-agers change their minds. Nothing is official until papers are signed on Feb. 1.


Jeff Faraudo

  • H8sRed

    Funny how the people who blindly trash Tedford are jumping all over him even before any of the facts are in. We may never know the full story.

  • Juancho

    H8sred, this is bad news for all of us. We lost our top individual contributor to a direct competitor. And now hes working on taking out trade secrets, recruits. If this is business tedford resigbs tomorrow.

  • Rollonubears

    I guess it’s just too much to ask for all 18 year olds to think rationally. One effing coach. A cheat, a liar and a thief. Now purged from the system. New faculties. Deep nfl tradition. World class education. And a recruiting class with lots of kids pumped up about blue and gold like never before. And you’d throw it all away because of one freaking coach? I should be so lucky.

    Go Bears!

    I can’t wait for the Washington game.

  • Kent

    I can’t blame Tosh Lupoi for looking out for his own career and family. I am curious, once the facts are communicated, how hard Cal/Tedford tried to keep Mr. Lupoi?

    Does anyone else feel that its a desperate move by Sarkisian to offer a Line coach $550K? I bet that makes Lupoi that highest paid non-Head Coach or Coordinator in the nation?

    With that said, I will be disapointed if Tedford/Barbour did not offer at least $300K and the Head Recruiting Coordinator title to Lupoi to keep him from leaving. LB Coach – Kevin Thompson is Cal’s current Recruiting Coordinator…but clearly he has allowed Tosh Lupoi to be the “face” of Cal Recruiting…clearly Lupoi made more impact that any other Cal recruiter…probably something that Thompson(and Tedford) should not have allowed.

    If a handfull of Cal verbal commits decide to go elsewhere, this will be a painful leason on management for Tedford. A single coach should not have that much power in determining the fate of the program’s recruiting. As an example…why is Tosh Lupoi listed as the main recruiter for WR Stefan Diggs? What the heck is the Defensive Line coach recruiting WRs? Shouldn’t the OC or WR or even QB coach be the primary reruiter for WRs?

  • go8ears


  • go8ears

    that was for Rollon not you Kent

  • go8ears

    UCLA apparently had a home visit with Ellis McCarthy tonight and he gave UCLA his commitment.

  • Rollonubears

    So, when you decommit, do you have to give the hat back?

  • Juancho

    Rollon they buy their own hats. Recruiting rules

  • manus


    Thanks for spending the time to work on this story.

  • Eric

    Had dinner tonight with a well-connected source. Cal offered him $300k. UW offered $500k + a boat. This is public.

    What I learned tonight (granted, double hearsay) is that Tedford and Lupoi had a falling out last year when lupoi wanted to have his contract extended – at the same time that Texas was wooing Wilcox and Wilcox wanted Lupoi to come to texas – and Tedford told Lupoi that he was “always replaceable.” Apparently since that time, there has been friction.

    As for the Oregon injury-faking, as I said before, if Tedford didn’t know – which I doubt – than he totally lost control of his own team. Remember that Tedford said nothing on the subject for days, and it was only pressure from the chancellor’s office to say something that led to the public statement. Maybe it was Tedford trying to protect Tosh, but, if the alleged friction was true, I doubt it.

  • Kasaja

    Money talks in big tine college sports. Less I remind everyone that Coach Tedford is the highest paid employee in the university system at 2.7m/yr and Sandy makes around 600k including permance bonuses. Hell the man that is going to be sending all the PAC 12 schools all this money makes about 1.7m with bonuses on top. The bottom line is money talks and Tosh listened. Can’t blame the kid and anybody expecting him to stayaway fom the kids he knows best is just not thinking straight . If the opposite had appended e eryone here would ta
    King dabout our new guys bringing some of his high profile kids to Cal. Why else would Washington open the Che k book of they didn’t think he old flip a few kids. And while all this is going on Coach Tedford is on a plane that apparently does not have phones. I sure hope Tosh did everything on the up and up and isn’t getting out of town before trouble begins.

  • GoldenFlash

    @Eric – thanks for the information from your source. If Tedford really did say Tosh was replaceable, than he’s an idiot. They don’t grow recruiters like Tosh on trees.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Tedford needs to stay and lead Cal “state” to a Rose Bowl. It is happening. I believe!!!!!