Football: Lupoi leaving to Washington

The rumors were true.

Defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi, the man credited as a key to the Golden Bears’ highly rated 2012 recruiting class, has been hired by Washington, the Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian announced.


* Here’s the official news release from UW

* An update from Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times 


Lupoi, who attended De La Salle High and played for Cal, was named defensive line coach and defensive run game coordinator at Washington.

“Coach Lupoi is a terrific young coach and a dynamic recruiter,” Sarkisian said in a statement. “He will have an immediate impact with our team both on the field and in recruiting.”

His departure from Cal could have an impact also on the Bears’ recruiting. The Bears’ 2012 class, due to sign letters of intent on Feb. 1, is rated as the best in the Pac-12 and as high as No. 10 nationally.

Many of the top players in that group, including safety Shaq Thompson of Grant High in Sacramento, have indicated Lupoi was a major reason they picked Cal. The Bears were awaiting possible word on Monday from Pleasant Grove High-Elk Grove defensive end Arik Armstead, the No. 2 overall prospect in the country according to Scout.com.

Thompson, tweeted, “I have A lot of thinking to do.”
And wide receiver commitment Jordan Payton said on Twitter he will seriously look at other schools.

Lupoi, named Rivals Recruiter of the Year in 2010, was the youngest full-time coach in Cal history when he joined the staff at the age of 26 in 2008.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Wow. What a sick feeling.

    That was fun while it lasted. Now were going right back to that irrelevance weve grown accustomed to in football.


  2. F********K!

    This is sacrilege but if I was Tosh’s agent, I’d tell him to go to uw to build his cv. He will be part of a different system/staff that is building from scratch. He will increase his pro contacts.

    The good news is that like JT – bouncing between O and Fresno w vertical moves – and many other good coaches on the rise, I predict we will get Tosh back in the future more seasoned. Ready for more responsibility.

    It kills me to say this but, “Best of luck, Tosh. You will be missed.”

    Finally, don’t forget JT saw the potential in Tosh and nurtured it. He will find someone to replace him.

  3. Questions
    How did Sandy and Tedford allow this to happen?
    How could Lupoi leave Cal right before LOI day?
    Is their still time to keep him? In business there is always an 11th hour.
    I’m stunned, thought Tosh loved Cal, punch to the gut from him

  4. what the f is a “defensive run coordinator”????
    Tedford is an IDIOT.
    Apparently it never penetrated his cranium that not only Cal’s present and future but also his future rested heavily upon Tosh’s ability to recruit.

    Tedford should have written a personal check for at least $500,000 to whatever fund was set up to retain Tosh and ensured that Tosh got compensation and a new title of Recruiting Coordinator to justify his salary and his worth.

    Tedford is an IDIOT and has performed a previously impossible anatomically impossible act.

  5. With all due respect this reflects poorly on tedford and barbour. Hes the ceo of the program and his biggest asset went to a direct competitor.

    Tosh wont come back. If we cant compete with his salary now we wont compete with it down the road. Thats the sad truth. Hes not welcome back. He left us in a worst case scenario. I would have gone for the money too so i understand it. But this feels raw. And i will boo the hell out of him next year.

    Armsteads commitment becomes the key now. If he chooses someone else thats the first of lots of dominoes where our commits will leave.

    If he chooses cal he will provide stability.

    I think long term were okay if we dont lose this recruiting class. If we lose this recruiting class tosh single handedly screwed us for half a decade.

    If he takes our commits to washington he will never be forgiven.

  6. The only close comparison was when Cal was #2, headed for #1, until a rookie QB never received advice from his coach on what to do with the ball in the closing seconds … and the season went to hell quickly.

    Tedford f’d up then and has exceeded his inattention to detail and coaching by this devastating news.

    Tedford should resign immediately or be fired for just cause: gross incompetence. He is in no way qualified any longer to be the head coach.

  7. If we lose our recruits tedford must resign. Game over. If he keeps this class it will be the most impressed ive been with him in a long time. If armstead and shaq and mccarthy et al go, tedford must resign. I want to see a press conference with barbour and tedford. This is chicken shit.

  8. Happy for Coach Lupoi, this sucks for Cal! I know for a fact that many of the kids that are committed to Cal have offers to UW. Holding my breath that our original commits do not retract their commitments…I would not be surprised if Pendergrass is out there looking also..man, this is rough!

  9. no official statement from the university yet. tedford can hire him back. he’ll do something. if he doesn’t then this is tedford’s ship to sink.

  10. He was going to leave some day, as Wehofx said, all coaches need experience in other programs. But the timing does leave one to wonder what’s going on…I don’t blame the guy, but it is strange timing and I’d love to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

  11. nice way to open up the new facilities. if everyone bails on this class, it’s pretty clear tedford had nothing to do with it in the first place. i still don’t get how lupoi, whose biggest draw was his passion for cal, can take that “phony”passion with him to uw and recruit. before, it was all about coming to cal based on his first hand experience. now the sales message will be “come to uw because i make 500k?” doesn’t really sell it to me.

    hopefully whatever he sold these guys on was about the university, and it sticks. i can’t understand why people would bail based on a defensive line coach. what’s more, it’s tosh who betrayed them, not cal. not the other kids on the class. now he’s gone. things should actually be better.

    this still sucks though.

  12. Agree Disc, it was bound to happen sooner than later, good people get poached, it’s the nature of the business. Hoping that someday he comes back as a DC, better yet, HC. Tell you what, it’s hard to tell this to a 17yr old who really made a connection with him, they (kids) don’t quiet understand that yet…

  13. It’s a fair point I’m asking too, Rollon. But from that ESPN article last year, it was clear that he doesn’t recruit that way, he’ll help kids go wherever they want, even if that’s the competition. His moving on is bad for today, but I actually felt it was coming soon (especially given the “fake” injury scandal last year). No HC anywhere has ever stayed at their original school forever. The timing is horrible, though, depressing actually. Something doesn’t smell right and I don’t think the 3x salary has that much to do with it (though it’s a part of it). Tedford better be working some massive miracles behind the scenes.

  14. Discdude – Didn’t Terry Donahue (Southern Branch’s most successful coach in modern times) advance up the ranks from player to volunteer to assistant to head coach on his way to taking his alma mater to consecutive Rose Bowl victories?

  15. Can’t wait for the spin, a lot of this goes back to the suspension following the WA game a season ago. Ted never compliments his coaches so where’s the motivation. No one is indispensable, but Tosh leaves a big puka. Sandy and Ted, what a pair.

  16. As I mentioned in a related blog, Tedford should offer to give up part of his ludicrous salary to keep Lupoi. Lupoi is a major reason why Cal is even a respectable team. Without talent, Tedford is lost, and even with tons of talent, he only puts out respectable teams. Tosh seems to be the main guy that attracted talent.

  17. I understand that there’s little you can do to keep a guy from leaving for a better salary and position, but this timing stinks, and it’s not good for the NCAA. Are there rules about recruits not following a coach/recruiter who leaves for another school prior to the LOI deadline? I’d hate to think that moneyed programs can just buy recruits by well-timed hires of other schools’ assistants.

  18. Just found out. Feel gut punched. I doubt he left without giving Cal a chance to match the offer. I must keep reading . . .

  19. I don’t blame him for leaving (more money, much better fan base) but his timing sure sucked. I thought Tosh was Cal through and through but either the money was too good or he was insulted by Sandy’s offer or lack of and bolted in haste. The little devil on my shoulder kind of wants the 2012 class to fall apart. This is what you get for letting Tosh go, MF’s.

  20. For once I feel sorry for you Cal “state” fans. I was hoping you would have this stable of 5* recruits so that there would be no more excuses after we beat you again and again. Now you guys will continue to find excuses for your losses.

    You see my friends it isn’t about all of the new facilities. It’s about a winning tradition. Too bad that is something your program doesn’t have.

  21. The really sad thing is that you guys might fire Tedford. Tedford is great for the Pc 12. All of the teams are rooting for him.

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