Football: McCarthy flips to UCLA

The Bears’ first recruiting casualty following Tosh Lupoi’s departure to Washington: Monrovia HS five-star defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy de-committed and flipped to UCLA today, according to Brandon Huffman of Scout.com.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Stay Golden

    Domino #1

    I feel sick.

  • Crawford

    here we go….

  • It’s a slim-bag move by Sarkisian. Hear the UW facility has been torn down, so what are you going to show the recruits who want to follow the piper? Lupoi going to promise them he’ll stay? Other UW coaches going to greet him fondly? At least he had the decency not to make the jump after the LOIs were in. UC finances in dire state. so let’s be realistic about what we could have offered to keep him. We have a new facility; we have a good program and good academics; we have integrity. Let’s move on. We don’t need him; I don’t want him at this point. But the Teddy better come up with a quality replacement name PDQ.

  • go8ears

    Arik was supposed to announce his commitment to Cal TODAY and start attending classes TOMORROW. It was a done deal. That s.o.b. had to do this today. I can’t believe anything but that it was highly planned and intentional to sabotage Cal’s recruiting.

  • wehofx

    The sky is not falling.

    What is sark going to pay his other position coaches? Not to mention dc and oc? I have to think it is a desperation move on his part to pay tl 500k. Unless he compensates the rest of his staff relative to tl’s 500k, he’s going to have pissed off coaches.

    I’m also guessing that sark (&uw AD) also pissed off the rest of the hc/ad’s in pac 12/D1 by totally f**king up the coaching salary structure. More desperation.

    jt and cp will come up with a big name D line coach. The only good thing about the timing of this is all the available nfl coaches available right now.

    Go Bears!

  • go8ears


  • randumbear

    is it just me or is tosh the most hated cal alumni who shafted the program and all the fans? I haven’t feel shafted in a while. thanks tosh for letting me know what this feels like. i wonder if you know that as a recruiter your credibility and commitment are your most valuable assets? You just lost a lot by bolting to UW. And to think that you were with tedford, recruiting armstead, on the eve of your announcement. you’re a pretty good liar, and i hope your future recruits smell your insincerity. I hope Shaq and the others see this. You left a program and a fan base that loves you for $$. And to do this with less class than Lebron James.

  • bigdruid

    I don’t feel shafted. It sucks that he bolted to a Pac-12 rival, but that’s where the money was. I think it’s not cool to try to bring recruits along with him, but, hey, it’s a big money sport and that’s how the big boys play it.

    After thinking about it, I actually am glad that he announced before signing day, because it’s really not fair for the kids to come to Cal expecting to play for him, only to have him take a job *after* they’ve signed a binding LOI.

    Unless you think he should never take another job outside Cal, it’s not clear to me that there’s really a better time for him to leave. If he goes in the middle of the season, that sucks. If he leaves in the spring it sucks for his recruits he just signed (see above). If he leaves in the summer it puts the program in a bad position because it’s hard to hire a replacement right before the start of the season.

    I’m grateful for the work he put in for us and for all the great players he brought to Cal in the past, and I’m sorry he’s gone now. Realistically, players should come to Cal for the education and the overall program, and not for any one coach, so hopefully most of our recruits want to be at Cal for the right reasons.

    Also, I’m tired of us feeling like victims. Waaah, Mack Brown stole our Rose Bowl. Waaah, Sark stole Tosh from us. We’ve got an influx of cash from the TV deal and great facilities, let’s go out and get a great new DL coach, win games, and show everyone that Cal’s not just about one guy.

  • S1lverngreen

    I am with you, it’s time to move on. It sucks, but there is nothing to be done. It’s my understanding that JT and Pendegrass have been doing lots of damage control with our recruits. We have 4 solids with Tagaloa, Barton, Kline and Treggs, I think once emotions calm, Shaq will come around and become a Bear.

  • ThisisCal

    @Bigdruid – Well said, except for the Mack Brown part.

  • JJ

    ESPN reports that McCarthy’s move to UCLA was unrelated to Tosh defecting to UW

    “Many recruiting fans will try and connect the dots and say McCarthy switching his commitment to UCLA is all about Lupoi leaving for Washington.

    That would be inaccurate. ”


  • SteveNTEXAS

    The emotional ups and downs of recruiting are hard to handle. Because of technology I know more about my teams than ever before – but you get the good with the bad.

    Still Cal has a lot of great selling points and those should be the focus of our recruiting efforts.

  • Rollonubears

    Is UW getting that boat for tosh to use as a recruiting tool? Boat parties ala Florida? That can’t be legal. Is the rumor about TL asking for a contract extension a year ago true? Seems like a lot to ask for so soon after the publicly embarrassing Oregon cheating fiasco, but i’d just like to know who I’m supposed to be upset with.

  • CalBearister

    The guy who’s willing to tell his players to fake injuries will be the guy willing to sell you out for cash. Enjoy working with Sark. Recruiting will be much easier when you don’t have to follow rules. Good luck Tosh. Hope we kick your a__ hard this year.

  • Jim

    So, we got a 5 star DL last year, but he wasn’t prepared for D1 competition and another 4 star DL who was. This year they’ll be ready so the DL is rather solid. It would be a real loss if any of the OL recruited don’t sign LOIs because that is a huge need.

    StinkySarq was/is in deep, deep doodoo because the Mutts couldn’t recruit the in-state kids in a year in which the talent pool was rich. His DB coach deserted to fucla and took recruits with him.

    I’m sure TL’s first assignment will be to get in-state kids to switch to the DoggieDoos. Tosh should do a great selling the kids on the rich traditions of UW, the premium academics, the nasal-drip weather, the availability of defense attorneys to respond immediately not to mention his own firm commitment to UW based upon his dozens of hours of employment.

    As an aside, I communicate with a friend in Ireland whose favorite word is “tosh”, meaning “bullsh*t”.

  • rollonubears

    I think it’s kind of sad that some kids think a 30 year old man is their best friend and will have time to be there for them while he’s out being “best friends” with the next 30 or so recruits.

    Pick a school for the degree (in case you get hurt), the reputation for nfl potential (in case you don’t), and the kids you’re going to spend every waking hour with (your teammates). Not a dbag coach.

    This whole thing blows my mind. I think most of the iffy guys were going to leave anyway, probably defecting on February 1, which would have been more painful.

    Look at all the 3 and 4 star recruits we still have, add 1 star for heart, and Go Bears.

    Oh, and we had so many offers outstanding anyway, what were we going to do? We had about 10 top hopefuls for the final 4 spots. Now we can take guys who really want to be here. This isn’t all that bad.

  • rotfogel

    Why on earth would anyone want to go to UCLA? Jim Mora Jr. has never been a good coach at any level. He stunk as niners defensive coordinator. He sucked and got fired in Atlanta. His Dad was an OK coach but he flat out sucks….Good luck to Ellis, hopefully he wisens up and recommits to Cal.

    As for Tosh, throw all this crap about honor, integrity and commitment out the window. He left a situation when he knew he was needed most. He could have “honored” and stayed “committed” and waited until after the recruiting process was over and then accepted the Washington job. The timing is scandalous. What piece of it.

  • rollonubears

    UCLA is close to home for him. It’s a great school. The weather is better. The chicks are hotter. The classes are easier. And their D-Line coach didn’t bail on them.

    Still, it’s no Cal. And as impulsive as his decision to verbally commit to Cal, it’s equally compulsive to verbally commit to FUCLA. I’m kind of getting tired of the whole verbal thing. It doesn’t mean squat.

  • Easy Ed

    Good luck Ellis. I hope you enjoy your time at UCLA. Perhaps during the course of your studies in Westwood you’ll learn to be your own man, make a decision and live with it as opposed to changing your mind each time a new recruiter sits in your living room. Maybe you should have kept your mouth shut until you signed your letter of intent.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Any word on Arik yet?

  • covinared

    I agree with Rollun. It sounded from the intitial reports that his Dad was not on board with Ellis going to Cal. Monrovia is a short drive to the Rose Bowl, so he can watch him play every home game. The chicks are hotter at UCLA, the weather is better and the academics are similar. This is one reason we’ve had trouble going against them for recruits over the years. One player won’t make a difference anyway. We are loaded on the D line. Also, Conte flipped to UCLA and then flipped back. Any thing is possible. Oral committments mean nothing to the school anyway. Good luck Ellis. If you are on the fence, its ok with me that you follow your parents wishes instead of fans that deep down only wish you to serve their needs to win vicariously through your efforts, and may forget about you soon after you are gone.

  • rollonubears

    I’d be willing to bet he changes again. And transfers after that. We’ll have to see, but I really would prefer some stable, committed guys on our squad. The calgang puts team first. That’s huge for me. I am seriously considering giving up commenting for lent. It will give everyone else a break from my drivel. This is getting out of control. I need a 12 step program for blog addiction.

  • Juancho

    Rollon when does lent start ? I may join you in that. I’m starting to feel like commenting and reading the blog posts has just added to my stress levels.

    Recruiting went from being my favorite part of the Cal football season to a fiasco.

  • rollonubears

    Day after Fat Tuesday! I believe it’s February 22nd. I’m gonna mark my calendar. This is easier than giving up booze, and I think boozing will be critical for one who wishes to get through March madness with the Bears.

  • covinared

    Rollun: Hi Rollun. It looks like you are at the first step already. ask Easy Ed. Juancho needs a drink because Tosh changes jobs. You are not alone. You are with your peeps here.
    Just remember all the outcry when Chris Martin left. That turned out to be a blessing. These are just kids, and too much of our personal happiness can tend to be tied up on what they do on a field with a ball that bounces unpredictably. Half the five stars turn out to busts anyway.

  • Tom S

    Terible, to let tosh go. Should have gotten rid of the ineffective Pendergast so you could promote Tosh to DC and keep him as RC.Who would you rather have?