Basketball: Washington game thread

MORE PAC-12 SCORES: Colorado goes to 5-2 with a 69-54 home win over ASU. Oregon squeezes by USC 65-62 and Arizona routs Utah 77-51. Both Ducks and Cats are 4-2. Top of standings a logjam. Stanford playing at WSU right now.

FINAL SCORE: Cal 69, UW 66. Gant misses 3-pointer with two seconds to go and Bears escape with huge victory over a team that beat them 109-77 here last season. Cal is 16-4, 6-1 in the Pac-12. Huskies are 11-7, 4-2, and lost for only the second time this season at home. Bears wound up with 17 turnovers, but outrebounded the Huskies 35-30, shot 18 for 21 at the line and held UW to 5-21 from 3-point range. Cal never trailed after 8-6, so the Husky crowd never got the chance to take over. Crabbe had 16 points and 10 rebounds. Thurman had a career-high 16 points and seven rebounds — his best game ever and more points than academically ineligible Richard Solomon has ever scored for Cal. Cobbs scored 14 and Gutierrez had nine points, eight rebounds and seven assists.  UW was led by Ross with 15, N’Diaye with 14 points and 12 rebounds, and Wroten with 14 points.

0:08 2nd H: UW fouls Cobbs, who makes one of two shots. Cal leads just 69-66. Bears call timeout. Ross has made two 3-pointers since 1:37 left.

0:10 2nd H: Ross hit a 3-pointer with 0:11 to go and UW is within 68-66. Huskies call timeout with 10 seconds left. Ross has 15 points.

0:33 2nd H: Two FTs by Kamp and Cal’s lead is 68-63. Cal timeout.

0:51 2nd H: Back-to-back turnovers by Cal and a jumper by ex-Salesian HS star Desmond Simmons. UW trails just 66-62. Cal calls timeout.

1:32 2nd H: Cobbs hit a huge 3-ptr to give Cal a 66-58 lead, but Ross answered with his own 3-pointer and it’s 66-61. UW calls timeout.

3:46 2nd H: Cal hanging on, leads 63-57.

6:16 2nd H: A personal foul and technical on the Huskies sent Crabbe and Kravish to the line for two FTs each. Made ’em all and Cal leads 59-51 with the ball.

7:44 2nd H: Huskies trail just 55-51 after two FTs by Wroten, who has 11 points. UW shooting 3 for 15 from 3-point. Gutierrez has three PFs. Thurman has 16 points.

11:57 2nd H: Huskies got within 47-42 on 3-pointer by Ross. But Gutierrez and Crabbe scored back-to-back and Cal leads 51-42.

13:59 2nd H: Now the Huskies mounting a charge. Back-to-back baskets by Abdul Gaddy and it’s 47-38. Gaddy shooting one after the timeout. Makes it. It’s 47-39.

14:32 2nd H: Cal’s lead is 47-34. Bears answering each time UW makes a move.

16:31 2nd H: Cal’s lead is 41-30 after a jumper by Cobbs. UW calls timeout. Bears are 11 for 13 from the FT line. UW is 5 for 10.

THESE SCORES JUST IN: All at the half — Colorado leads 31-15 over Arizona State, Arizona is up 33-28 at Utah, and Oregon leads USC 30-28 in Eugene. 

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 35, Washington 25. Thurman has 12 points at halftime, Allen Crabbe 10 and the Bears are shooting 50 percent from the field. Cal has a slight rebounding edge and turnovers are even — so two areas where UW expects to win are a wash. Abdul Gaddy made the Huskies’ first 3-pointer of the night with 1:06 left, but Thurman answered with a dunk off a pass from Justin Cobbs. UWis shooting 34.5 percent. Cal has an 8-1 edge in assists — tells you a lot about how both teams are running their offense.  An impressive first 20 minutes for the Bears.

2:47 1st H: Cal leads 31-21 after another basket by Thurman, who has 10 points — and probably wasn’t even on UW’s scouting report. Cal shooting 54 percent, the Huskies 33 percent. UW is 0 for 7 from deep. Rebounding and turnovers about even. Cal’s bench outscoring UW 12-2.

7:34 1st H: Cal leads 24-14. Bears doing a good job on defense and rebounding. UW shooting 35 percent from the field and 0 for 5 from 3-point with six turnovers. Tony Wroten Jr. has not scored and Terrence Ross has two points. Bears shooting 53 percent and have a 12-10 rebounding edge. Gutierrez with four assists already.

10:04 1st H: Junior center Robert Thurman just made a jump shot — he has eight points and Cal leads 17-10. Yes, eight points.

WELCOME: Because of weather issues in Seattle, I did not make it to tonight’s game. Just got off the phone with new football receivers coach Wes Chandler — will post that interview after the basketball game.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ken1w

    Thurman! Stepping up…!

  • Joey

    Great first half. Crush sell-out U!

  • daredevilfan

    If Sark is in the crowd, I say one of our guys should jump into the stands and go all Metta World Peace on him!

  • Joey

    What was the T for?

  • Esquire Joe

    I’ll have to see the game myself when they show it later, but this sounds like Kravish’s worst game as a Cal Bear.

    And Jorge is having yet another subpar game. Almost unthinkable given his awesome consistency throughout his entire Cal career.

  • Rollonubears

    17 turnovers? Yikes. Great to finally win on the road though. Go Bears!

  • DaveintheHills

    HUGE win against a direct competitor for the Pac12 title that we only play once this year. Huskies game back and went on several runs. We bent but didn’t break. Very excited!

    Making those 4 FTs (technical and Kravish foul) in one possession was the key moment of the second half.

  • jim crow

    Jorge Subpar?

    Not by a mile. It was not one of his better shooting games, no doubt (4 for 11, 0 for 3 on 3’s). However, with Jorge there are so many facets of his game for the Bears: He had 7 assists, 3 to’s and 8 rebounds in his 34 minutes; the entire Washington backcourt threesome–Gaddy, Wroten, and Ross–in 112 minutes (more than three times as many minutes as Jorge played!)had a total of 6 assists and 10 turnovers and pulled down 8 rebounds between them! If I counted correctly, he was fouled 3 times by Huskies (two charges and an illegal screen) when they were on offense; in effect by his relentless defense causing 3 turnovers that do not appear in his stats.

    I could go on, but you get the picture. Jorge was not perfect, but he was a warrior throughout the game and indispensable to this victory. I am sure Monty and Romar both would agree with me and be puzzled at your comment about his “subpar” game.

  • ken1w

    Cal wins, Stanford loses… Cal alone in first place. Everyone else now has at least two conference losses.

  • Uh Huh!

    You know, I’ve been wrong about a good number of things while posting on this board. However, tonight I’m feeling good in knowing that I’m in good company:

    “Don’t get too excited. Thurman will likely be (only) a solid practice contributor.”
    “Cal/Monty doesn’t want a player like Josh Smith since he’s only going to be in college for one year, two at the most!”


    Fortunately for Cal fans, these are good misses. Thurman outscored Smith, 16-10, outrebounded Smith 7-5, had fewer fouls and turnovers in 21 minutes vs just 19 for Smith.

    And, oh, Cal won and Ucla lost. “Wiiiiinnn-ing!!!”
    Ha ha ha ha !!!!!!! I love it. I love it.

  • DaveintheHills

    Ken beat me to it! First place, baby!

    1 of 4 really important games in a row complete. @UW, @Wazzu, Stanford, Arizona stretch will go a long way in deciding our season.

    Good start thus far!

  • Uh Huh!

    Jorge did make a 3. But they called a foul on UW on the pass, just before he buried the shot. So it didn’t count.

  • Uh Huh!

    The T was against Coach Romar of UW for complaining to the ref. Really DUMB. Quite possibly ended up costing them the game, as it turned out. That was with maybe 4 min to go.

    Can we say that we probably should have lost this game? Or at least we didn’t look so great that we should have won? I don’t know how we won, other than we simply made a ton of FT’s. Wow. So happy. Sometimes you lose games and it is decisive and you go home bummed. Other times you lose and go home feeling crushed, like somebody robbed you, an injustice was done, confused…. I bet that’s how UW feels tonight.

    The key? FT’s, and Monty, again! His teams play cleaner than others, despite the TO’s at the end (ugh).

  • Robert Thurman’s attempt to dunk over TWO huskies was absolutely AWESOME! And then he buried the two free throws. His intensity and willingness to be PHYSICAL adds another dimension to this team. Jorge and Harper already have that dimension of physical toughness that can really define a basketball team and lead to a championship. Adding another big, physical scoring presence down low might not only win the bears the pac12 but also lead to a nice NCAA run. It is very bad we lost Solomon, but Thurman’s 16 points were more than Solomon had ever scored in a game for the Bears.

    I saw the away game at uduh as a probable loss before the season began. The fact that the Bears won makes me think they can run the table, seriously. Monty is that good and Jorge/Harper are that much of leaders. Add Crabbe as an absolutely dead-eye shooter, Cobbs as a very, very good scorer/pg and Kravish as a highly effective center (it was his perfect block-out/rebound that led to the 4-point T tonight) and you’ve got a VERY GOOD group of players. And MIKE MONTGOMERY – every time he calls a timeout I get happy because I KNOW WITH CERTITUDE that a brilliant play was drawn up in the huddle. Go Bears! The pac12 is ours for the taking!

  • Uh Huh!

    Monty: Please sign Robert Thurman’s yearbook this way.

    January 19, 2012
    Cal 69, UW 66
    This will always be your game.
    Coach Montgomery”

  • Uh Huh!, I think Thurman can do this at least once a weekend and this should not be an isolated incident. Didn’t he just go off on somebody last weekend too? Jorge and Cobbs are such good drive and dish guys that he should have 2-3 dunks per game just as long as catches the ball, which he does. Add a couple of jumpers and fts and he could get double figures each game. He was a beast on the euro-trip, why not in this weakened version of the pac12?

  • Uh Huh!

    I’m also encouraged.
    At the same time, I wonder why we haven’t seen this sooner – similar to the wonder I felt about why Monty was so slow to transition to Cobbs from Smith. Whatever the reasons, these Bears are getting better as the season goes along, and its somewhat funny to see Monty be the MVP in win after win.

    Great wins. Free throws the reason! Helped by 2 freebies from Romar.

  • rob bear

    A fun game to watch and WHAT A WIN! Buried behind the Thurman Arrival and the fact that the entire team played with confidence and pushed the ball to create mismatches and easy dunks was the play of Allen Crabbe! Crabbe-Cakes was the co-leading scorer for the Bears and was a monster on the boards. The young man racked up another Double-Double and kept UW from doing what they do best, reap second opportunity points because of offensive rebounds. Nice work guys! Nice work Monty! What a game plan! And it WORKED! Beat the Cougars with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • H8sRed

    Nice to see that we were able to beat UW at something this week.