Basketball: Morgan State reinstates Bozeman

Former Cal coach Todd Bozeman has been reinstated by Morgan State.

He will be back on the sidelines Saturday when the Bears face North Carolina A&T.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Is he the guy that payed one of your players 30K?


  • Who cares? TB is totally irrelavent to Cal sports today. I’d rather have an update on the women’s swim team than read about that idiot “coach”.

    Shut up moren. Remember Tim Floyd?

  • Yoda

    Payed? Is that how they teach spelling wherever you almost went to college Amy?

  • Will

    LOL. No way she actually spelled it like that. I know 1st graders that spell better.

  • Gobears49

    Bozeman broke a lot of rules, but you have to hand it to him — he was a helluva recruiter. Without him we would not have gotten Kidd and Murray. The team that beat Duke was easily the best at Cal since we won the 1959 NCAA championship.

    If Bozeman worked for Monty, who seems to be having trouble bringing in top recruits now, but is an unbelievably good coach, we’d be a final four team.