Football: Tosh Lupoi’s 3-year deal at Washington worth an average of $416,000 per season

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times has tweeted salary figures he obtained on Tosh Lupoi and Eric Kiesau, hired by Washington this week from Cal.

Lupoi, the defensive line coach and star recruiter, got a three-year guaranteed deal worth $350,000 per year, plus a $100,000 bonus and another $100,000 if he stays all three years. That works out to an average of $416,000 per — less than what has been widely reported all week.

Kiesau, hired as offensive coordinator, also has a three-year deal, paying him $375,000 in 2012, $400,000 in 2013 and $425,000 in 2014.

Condotta said these figures come from memos of understanding — preliminary contracts — but not the final, official contracts. Those could have additional incentives or benefits.

Here’s a link to the UW website with all the figures.

Jeff Faraudo

  • CalBearister

    It’s not the money that makes Tosh a w___e, it’s how he handled his departure. Anyone in corporate America soliciting his current employer’s customers for a new employer, while on the current employer’s dime – well, that individual would be hauled before a judge and likely slapped with an injunction. Not so in college football.

    So Tosh, I hope you enjoy learning from one of Pete the Cheat’s coaching family. And for the Cal student section, I hope you get on that traitor from the minute he steps onto the field, and don’t stop until he walks off.

  • David

    Any word on the boat?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I love how Sark refers to Lupoi as a “dynamic recruiter.”

    Yeah, he’s very dynamic. He knows, er, knew how to relay his endless enthusiasm and love for all thing Cal in a dynamic fashion. How that will translate to UW remains to be seen.

  • wehofx

    Yeah, poaching our recruits is what finally turned me against tl.

    Also when jt matched the u dub offer and said no more, tosh lied. Negotiating is fine but be a man and tell jt to his face, “I think I can do better.” Don’t say done deal and then sneak back to sarq. LAME. (makes me think the whole flopping thing originated with tl.)

    I get the anger at jt not kicking in some of his salary. But if tl came back and said uw is offering 416, a boat and a house, even if we again matched it, what do you want to bet that sarq would’ve thrown in a bentley and his first born?

  • bigdruid

    At some point, I’d love to hear about this situation from Lupoi’s point of view. We’ve certainly heard the Cal point of view, but not his. If it’s true that Tedford guaranteed a raise to $300K for Lupoi, then it’s not like UW was offering astronomically more, so I’m guessing he felt underappreciated (as other reports have noted).

    In any case, I’m kind of fatigued from this whole story. I’m ready for LOI day to get here so we can understand the fallout and move on to actual football news.

  • Rollonubears

    It’s time to focus in the future. (except when these scumbags come into memorial)

  • covinared

    Go on take the money and run…

  • rob bear

    Benedict Arnolds X 2! Can’t wait to get these heartless coaches in Memorial in about 10 months. The Bears will be itching to show what these guys left behind. With EXTREME PREJUDICE JT, WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • mike

    Cal treated the Lupoi family pretty well. An alumnus got Tosh’s dad a job so he could have medical benefits.
    Tosh was breeding pit bulls for a living before Coach Tedford brought him on staff.
    Tedford pushed Coach Delgado out to make Tosh the D Line coach.
    How does Tosh reward that help and support?
    By dropping a turd in the punch bowl, by recruiting Cal commits like Shaq Thompson before he has formally accepted the UW job and before resigning from Cal.
    His final slap to Cal? Leaving Coach Tedford at the airport waiting for Tosh for a recruiting trip.
    Good riddance Tosh and I know you want to come back to Cal as D coordinator or head coach, not happening, we do not want you back

  • You whiners are all missing the big message in the article–the $$ race is on in college football, and the Cal public schools cannot compete with that. As a Cal alum and fan I don’t like that result, but I know there is not much we can do about it, given the state of finances in the State. Did you read the part about how the UW $250 million stadium was “self-funded” and that the new money from the TV contract was going instead to pay coaches and cover out-of-state tuition for recruits? Did you read the part about the big programs compensation going up 41%? Look, you can cry all you want about the ethics of the conduct here. I hate it too. But you need to understand that the California taxpayer is not going to foot the bill to pay assistant coaches $400,000 to 750,000 per year. And they shouldn’t be paid that much in a rational world. So live with it b/c it is not rational. We have to decide whether we are going to have decent educational/academic institutions or whether we are going to pay ex-jocks indecent amounts of money so we can all feel a little bit better on Saturday afternoon. I’ve got my priorities straight; do you?

  • Steve W.


    Who is going to pony up $60 for a nosebleed seat and help finance that new stadium when Cal plummets to the bottom of the standings, as it surely will without coaches who know how to recruit and coach up the best talent? Cal football is in too deep now to retreat and say the state cannot afford to pay for top flight coaching talent. Cal needs a Phil Knight or a T Boone Pickens from the private sector to make up the difference. Or real anguish looms.

  • Uh Huh!

    Gee, I was saying that Tosh really needed to take the money. I had heard 550 was the number, and while this is still a lot more than 160, it makes me next wonder what the proposed Cal raise would have risen to.
    Hmmm… If Cal could have given him a whopping 100 raise, that’s still trailing quite a bit.
    Oh, what the hell…..
    Todd Howard, he’s our man! Sounds like he’s a better position trainer anyway!