Football: D.J. Foster picks ASU over Cal

D.J. Foster of Saguaro HS in Scottsdale, Ariz., announced Friday morning he will play at Arizona State. Cal was one of his finalists.

“I love California. Mr. (Ron) Gould was one of the most respected men I’ve never met,” Foster said of the Bears’ running backs coach.

Foster had 508 rushing yards and 1o touchdowns in one Arizona state playoff game this season. The 5-foot-11, 190-pounder is rated as the No. 5 “athlete” in the nation by Rivals.com.

Meanwhile . . .

   — Check out this Bay Area recruiting assessment by BANG’s Jon Wilner.

   — Three-star safety Zach Hoffpauir, who de-committed from Cal, says the Bears remain on his list of finalists along with Stanford and Arizona State.

“I did de-commit but it was more to keep my options open,” the native of Peoria, Ariz., told Rivals.com. “I’m still looking at Cal hard so it’s not like I’m not thinking about them. I’m looking at all three of those schools. I talked to Cal and told them I am and they have just as good a shot as the other ones so don’t be surprised if I de-commit and then end up signing with them.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Didn’t want to compete. Enjoy Tempe DJ, its a real classy town.

  • eric

    Sounds like he wanted to stay close to home, and I’m guessing he starts as a freshman. Can’t criticize that.

  • CALiforniALUM

    “…one of the most respected men I’ve never met”

    Is that correct? CAL’s RB position coach didn’t even go down the AZ to meet Foster?

  • eric

    Great excerpt from the Grantland sub-website on college football recruiting – a good pespective as
    guys want go elsewhere:

    And then there are the contradictions within our own thought processes. A common one is the praising of a recruit’s character and goods sense3 based on nothing more than his choosing our school. When a recruit is up for grabs, we hope he makes the “right” choice, and if he doesn’t we’ll say: “If he wants to go there, he’s not the kind of kid we thought he was. Him and Rival U will be perfect for each other.” That’s how we do it. We want the kid until he doesn’t want us. Look, kid, you’re gonna do the hooking or you’re gonna get hooked. You’re either a Gator or you’re gator bait. A recruit who selects my school made a well-reasoned decision. If he selected Rival U then he’s been sweet-talked and I feel sorry for him, sorry that he fell for whatever lies and gifts they showered on him. I’m not sure I would want a kid so easily swayed, a kid of such flimsy character, playing for my team anyway.

    If my team has a need at corner and a great in-state cornerback decides to go elsewhere, my response is: What’s wrong with these kids? Don’t they have computers? Can’t they see the depth chart? That other program must have given him a Lincoln Navigator and a bunch of gift cards to Chipotle! Yet when a guy who might have to wait a couple years to play commits to my school, that young man is a bastion of wisdom and foresight. Instead of being seduced by the siren song of immediate playing time, he has chosen his new home according to higher concerns. He liked the family atmosphere and the commitment to doing things the right way.

    So, no, I won’t defend the practice of hanging on every juicy recruiting plot twist rather than doing the sensible thing and waiting until National Signing Day (February 1 this year) to appraise the haul. Recruiting is reality television that exploits 17-year-olds. It’s not as bad as the show where they make 5-year-old girls compete in pageants, but it’s not much better. And it’s getting worse, like all things in the world. Now, press conferences are held for the sole purpose of a recruit announcing his decision. I’m not talking about the thing with the hats at the all-star games — that we’ve had for a while and it seems organic and untroubling. I’m talking about a bunch of media people gathering at a certain time and waiting for one kid to say the name of a school. More pre-accomplishment publicity — it’s an American epidemic. Often, it’s not even the kid’s idea. The kid just wants to please the people around him. I can’t reliably remember myself as a 17-year-old, so I don’t know whether I would have had the wherewithal to recognize and refuse a terrible idea like a press conference. Mentors — they ain’t what they used to be. But here’s the thing. People like me can’t complain about recruiting being a circus because if we didn’t check in on Scout and Rivals and ESPN.com three times a day, if we didn’t sit glued to the high school all-star games and stare at the ticker on ESPNU like day traders down to their last thousand bucks watching the stock market — if we didn’t do all that, the press conferences would never have started happening.

    Here’s the bottom line: We care very much about our college football teams and we have absolutely zero control over their success. It’s a nerve-racking position. It calms us to see that efforts are being made to improve the team. It comforts us to know that help might be on the way, and to know how many tackles that help registered in his junior year of high school and to know his 40 time and max bench press. Maybe we can even watch some video of that help. Essentially, we need help.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Probably a good move for the kid since your program is in turmoil right now.

  • Bobby

    Typo, ALUM

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Looks like you just lost one of your safety recruits to Stanford. Wheels are falling off.

  • Juancho

    Zach hoffpauir decomitted. Wtf

  • GoldenBear 77

    Actually, he chose ASU over USC even though they are a train wreck at running back. He was never considered a strong CAL lean.

  • PC

    Foster’s sister passed away a couple years ago and he wants to be close to his support network which is at home. It makes a lot of sense and I wish the kid the best of luck.

  • Juancho

    He was considered a lean. There are quotes from him weeks ago saying cal was the favourite.

    Everyone im retiring from posting until after signing day. I cant take the bad news anymore.

    Best wishes. Rest assured im not leaving for seattle.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    ancho Says:
    January 27th, 2012 at 1:34 pm
    He was considered a lean. There are quotes from him weeks ago saying cal was the favourite.

    Everyone im retiring from posting until after signing day. I cant take the bad news anymore.

    Best wishes. Rest assured im not leaving for seattle.

    Quitter and a coward

  • rollonubears

    Wow. Time to get this guy off the board completely.

  • ScottyBear

    Hoffpauir maybe doesn’t want to compete with Shaq?

  • Nah, he had Stanfurd first, but just couldn’t pass admissions. I can’t fault a guy for choosing to rub elbows with the 1%, even if he had to put in extra hours of studying to pass their admissions exam. Besides, now that he is in, he never has to study again.

  • covinared

    Good luck DJ. Juancho, smart move. I was worried about you. Mickey rivers once said “ain’t no sense worrying about things you got no control over, because if you ain’t got no control over them, ain’t no sense worrying about them.” We can’t land every recruit in our sights.

  • Arik has scheduled a 3:00 announcement at his church on Sunday.

  • manus

    So, Hoffpauir de-commits from Cal, but states they are still in it? Definition of the word “disingenuous,” in my book. Sounds like a budding blueblood on his way to Stanford.