Football: Sacto Bee poll picks Cal for Armstead

Not surprisingly, readers of the Sacramento Bee overwhelming voted in an online poll they want Arik Armstead and Shaq Thompson to make Cal their college choices.

In less than an hour we’ll know what Armstead plans to do. He is announcing his school at 3 p.m. Thompson plans to wait until signing day on Wednesday.

The Bears received 77 percent of the vote — a total of 168,766 votes — while Washington secured 22 percent with 48,770 votes. Oregon got 575 votes, less than one percent.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    Anyone else really pissing off their SO the last coupla weeks by constantly checking smartphone for recruiting updates?

    Arik, Cal is the school for you. Hope when I watch us beat furd, you’re in the stands.

    Go Bears!

  • Rollonubears

    I sure am.

  • Will

    Biggins seems to think it’s going to be Oregon.

  • H8sRed

    More than 200,000 people responded to a SacBee poll? That’s impressive. Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    GoGoBears voted 100,000 times alone. He needs more football players to advise.

  • If it is Oregon, it better be for reasons more significant than, because they did not negatively recruit.

  • Juancho

    Well ?

  • . . .

  • go8ears

    refresh, refresh, refresh…

  • daredevilfan

    Significant Other is truely disgusted…..

  • Rollonubears

    Bearinsider site crashed.

  • Juancho

    Ive been disgusted with self

  • Mike D

    He picked Oregon..

  • daredevilfan

    damn, he picked Ducks

  • go8ears

    so dumb..

  • crap. I wonder if the church has new pews with swooshes on them.

  • Rollonubears

    How original a selection. Watch Kelly bail within a year. Oh well. I hope we crush them next season.

  • eric

    Go8ears – take a look at the Grantland article on recruiting on http://www.espn.com. You just demonstrated what that article criticizes.

    When the signing day is over, and we get a sense of whether the potential great class is in reality a great class (from a recruiting standpoint), it will be interest to see the causes of signings, decommitments, and lost candidates.

  • Rollonubears

    Jesus wept.

  • go8ears

    eric, i don’t know what you are so quick to criticize me for what little i said, but i was referring to my assumption that he picked oregon because it’s where he can start earlier than most schools now that he missed the opportunity to start school at cal this semester because of tosh who bolted just a few hours shy of his original announcement.

  • daredevilfan

    I’ll say it… he opted for a worse education, a coach who will bolt in short order and now he’s part of a gimicky team that might lose him some cred when heading for the pros. So yes, so dumb….

  • rollonubears

    The pitch from chipper is this “with you, we’re going to try to win some national championships.” The pitch from JT is “we really really want to get to the rose bowl.” For a guy who wasn’t raised in a cal family, that means nothing. For a guy who doesn’t care about a world class degree (as is the case for most 5stars), Cal means nothing. It was all about the facilities, and Tosh. Sad.

  • eric

    You’re first post was “so dumb.” As the Grantland article aptly noted, we’re thrilled at the wisdom when a recruit chooses us, and we immediately label the decision “dumb” when they choose against us. You proved the point – you are saying it was “so dumb” that Armstead chose Oregon over Cal – there isn’t any other way to interpret based on what you wrote, when you wrote it. You are criticizing him for choosing Oregon over Cal.

    You cite to Tosh, but that doesn’t explain Oregon at all, unless Tosh’s departure merely meant (a) Armstead was not solid to Cal, but solid to Tosh (but then didn’t go with Tosh and went to Tosh’s arch-rival school, which seems more like a slap in the fac eof Tosh) or (b) Armstead was not solid to Cal under any circumstances, and needed an excuse out.

    Now, if you meant to say it was “so dumb” that the school didn’t do more to keep Tosh, or that it was “so dumb” to make a negative pitch to Armstead and his family, or that it was “so dumb” that Cal couldn’t keep a prized recruit in its backyard from going to a direct Pac-12 North competitor who, at least as of a few weeks, was seemingly out of the running, that would make more sense.

  • go8ears

    Eric, are you retarded?

    You first write “there isn’t any other way to interpret based on what you wrote… you are criticizing him for choosing Oregon over Cal” and then contradict yourself later by saying there are other ways of interpretation of “so dumb” “that would make more sense” to you.

    I was just voicing out my frustration and disappointment about the situation and how things all came down, starting with Tosh’s ill-timed departure. Maybe you should just take a chill pill and go for a walk or something. I know we are all frustrated here, but there’s no need to take it out on your fellow bear.

  • eric

    No, I am not retarded. And I’ll assume that your frustration is why you would make an ad hominem attack, and then say “take a chill pill” and state “there’s no need to take it out on your fellow bear.”

    I am pointing at that, within seconds of the announcement, you wrote “so dumb.” You were doing what a very wise writer at Grantland predicted would happen. Natural reaction – sort of how everyone freaked out and started name-calling when Tosh made his decision (at Tedford, at Tosh, at Sarkasian, at Sandy, etc.). So no, I think is precisely what you intended, and you are now back-tracking when someone pointed it out. You meant to insult Arik for his decision to go to Oregon. Had he chosen Cal, you wouldn’t have said “so dumb” even though he would have already missed his chance to start classes early, which would be equally “so dumb” if you meant what you said.

    My other explanations were, of course, a bit sarcastic, because no one would have written “so dumb” in that fashion without at least trying to explain the reasoning behind it.

    And no, I don’t think you are retarded. I wouldn’t want to level that kind of term at someone, as an intended insult.

  • daredevilfan

    Eric, get off your high horse and back off. The message here is, next time when your Cal breathren are having a tough day, allow for a bit of venting without getting on your soap box. We don’t really care how smart you are or aren’t, we all just want our team to be good. So now we’re dealing with it. Let’s let it go. Let’s save our venum for Moren, not each other.

  • go8ears

    Dude, seriously? I say something as simple as “so dumb” and you go all nuts with all kinds of insinuations of what I didn’t intend to mean over these long posts of yours. I am “back-tracking” now from what I had originally meant because you pointed it out? Wtf? Your obsessiveness is starting to remind me of MoreN.

    I don’t even know why I have to explain myself to you, but just to make myself clear, I thought it was “so dumb” how Arik ended up with Oregon when he was just hours or maybe minutes away from announcing that he was Cal bound and just ONE DAY short of attending classes at Cal to complete his enrollment all because of some douchebag asst. coach who ended up causing the inopportune delay to his announcement.

    Are we clear now? Am I done owing you explaining and vindicating myself of what I meant by something so little said as “so dumb”?

    Lastly, I think you are not getting the point of that Grantland article which you keep bringing up. There’s nothing wrong with having your own opinion about something. Of course, you would think someone’s decision a poor one if you had thought the other choice was a wiser one. Wtf is your point?

  • Eric

    My point is the Grantland article was really telling. It is just interesting that gut reactions are players are dumb, not character guys, etc. if they don’t chose us, but they are wis, smart, good character guys if they do. You proved the point that the article was trying to make – the kids don’t change; just our perspectice of them do if they don’t do what we want them to do. I was simply pointing it out.

    But then you went all haywire, first getting defensive, and then lobbing personal insults linking commentary to disability. Lovely.

  • Eric

    Consider this. Suppose that, instead of immediately posting “so dumb” here, you’re in the room with the Armstead family, and all of his friends. You’re decked out in Cal gear, and everyone is hoping he chooses Cal since it is close by, and everyone can see Arik without having to spend big bucks heading up to Eugene. And he announces Oregon. You yell out “so dumb.”

    You think anyone in the room is saying, “well, what he meant to say is that it wa so dumb how Arik ended up with Oregon when he was just hours or maybe minutes away from announcing that he was Cal bound and just ONE DAY short of attending classes at Cal to complete his enrollment all because of some douchebag asst. coach who ended up causing the inopportune delay to his announcement.”

    Or do you think they’re saying something different about the Cal guy in the back of the room?

  • go8ears

    Alright, Eric. I am sorry for making a mockery of your apparent disability. I will try to keep that in mind the next time a case arises where you might get offended by my posting by getting confused of its original meaning. I will also make an extra effort every time in those cases to fully commit myself to providing you with a complete explanation in a non-defensive, insulting manner, explicating what I truly meant because obviously I owe you that. Sorry you had to suffer so much over my simple posting: “so dumb.” I had no idea.

  • eric

    I like to teach my four children that sarcastic apologies only make things worse. If you want to apologize, be sincere. If not, then don’t waste anyone’s time.

    I see you did not want to address the merits of the hypothetical I posed. I think it is fair to say that, had you been in Arik’s church yesterday and made your comment, in front of all of his friends and family, at a moment that he probably spent a lot of time building up to for years, no one would have been confused by your “original meaning.” No one would have thought of you as a reasoned, well-intended Cal fan, but instead would have thought of you as another two-word phrase that starts with “f” and “a.”

  • go8ears

    lol. you can try to teach your kids all you want, eric, but don’t come to this blog expecting the same from others. as for whatever you are now nagging me to “address the merits of the hypothetical [you] posed,” it’s becoming rather tiresome and so… (well, i think you already know how to finish this sentence).

    lighten up man.

  • eric

    Go8ears – yikes. I guess you would have been the “f”—— “a”—— who would have yelled “so dumb” at Arik had you been there.

    Do you yell “so dumb” at 9-year little league kids who strike out or make an error?

    You went to Cal?

  • go8ears

    And you just came out of a psycho ward, right? lol

  • Eric

    That is quite a retort. Took you 4 minutes to think of that?

  • go8ears

    using your flawed logic (as is the basis for most of your arguments here), yours only took 1 hr and 29 mins. good job. lol…

  • go8ears

    26* mins

  • go8ears


  • eric

    So where is your “so dumb” comment about Shaq Thompson? I’m, you’re the mensa member. Let’s hear the reason for it. It is no different than any other recruit who choses a different school. I look forward to your next way to forward our thinking. You’ve already gone through disability commentary. How about a racist one, or a religious one to describe anyone who disagrees with you?

    “lol” and smiley face emoticons – what are you, in high school, waiting to see if you get into Cal?

  • go8ears

    bye now, eric.. thanks for the chat..