Basketball: Bears climb to No. 30 in RPI

Cal’s win over Stanford has elevated the Bears to No. 30 in Monday’s edition of the official NCAA RPI computer rankings.

Washington is the next conference team in the RPI ratings at No. 72 — a bad sign for NCAA tournament at-large wannabes from the Pac-12. Oregon is No. 74, Arizona No. 85, Stanford No. 86. Ouch.

Oregon State is No. 122, UCLA No. 134 and Washington State No. 145.

Saint Mary’s checks in at No. 20, one spot ahead of WCC rival Gonzaga.

Elsewhere . . .

   — Cal is projected as a No. 9 seed in Joe Lunardi’s latest NCAA tournment “bracketology.” He has Cal plugged in to play No. 8 Harvard  in a first-round game at Louisville, with No. 1 Kentucky awaiting in round two. UW only other Pac-12 team — and Huskies are in a No. 12 play-in game. Saint Mary’s is seeded No. 5.

   — Cal gets two votes in the coaches poll (the only two any Pac-12 team gets), but no one from the Pac to be found in “others receiving votes” at bottom of AP Top-25. Saint Mary’s climbs to  No. 16 in coaches poll, No. 18 in AP.

   — Oregon State junior guard Jared Cunningham (San Leandro HS) is the Pac-12 player of the week after scoring 27 points in the Beavers’ win at Oregon. Cal, tied for first in the conference, is 0-for-12 in the weekly conference award department.



Jeff Faraudo

  • Dan

    In this scenario (and the selection committee STRONGLY leans on RPI), the Pac 12 gets 1 team (currently Cal) and MWC gets 3 for sure, possibly 4 (New Mexico is borderline). The WCC gets in 2-3.

    Of course, if there are different season and tournament champs, which seems to happen alot, the Pac 10 gets 2. But still, what a lousy BB conference the Pac 12 is this season.

  • rollonubears

    Stanfurd, Washington and Arizona should ALL be in the top 50. That’s ridiculous. I think we’ll get 3 into the tournament when all is said and done. Arizona, us and Washington, unless Stanfurd beats us at the end of the season and has 20+ wins as well.

    I’m not sure why we’re so far ahead of the rest of those guys. I’d put us at 40, and all of them somewhere between 41 and 50.

  • Dan


    The Pac 12’s OOC record was beyond pathetic this season. The MWC has dominated the P12 the past few years. Listen, I am a Cal fan and Pac 12 supporter, but the facts and stats don’t lie.

    You might be right that the Pac 12 gets 3 in when all is said and done, but they won’t deserve it. And if they undeservedly get 3 in, what deserving team will be left out? Should be interesting March conversation.

    And there should be no disputing how poor the conference is this season. It could just be youth, but defections have hurt also.

  • Dan

    One other thing Rollon-

    We are ahead of the others you mention because Cal gave SDSU (#21 RPI)a tough game at Viejas that helped the RPI) and at least had the balls to schedule UNLV (#8 RPI) and Mizzou (#12 RPI) – despite the Tedford like blowouts. That’s the RPI giving Cal credit for playing top opponents, especially on the road/neutral site.

    Road losses like this actually help Cal. Wins would have been huge and would have Cal way up the RPI.

  • 30 is right for past performance, but no where near a predictor for future games. Nothing can change how thin the team became when Solomon became ineligible. They were thin up front BEFORE hand.

    Enjoy the good games, but prepare for bad inopportune losses because of a lack of front court depth. Had Stanfurd’s Dawkins had a brain, they would have made a closer game of things by spending more time in the paint.

  • Esquire Joe

    Not so sure about that, WC. Much as I liked Solomon, Thurman has been a nice surprise, and Behrens showed a little spark last night. If those guys keep it going, I don’t think the team takes that big a hit.

    Of course, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be great to have those guys do well AND have RS, but Monty already had made up his mind to go shallow this year. If RS is still getting his minutes, Thurman and Behrens probably don’t see the court much (if at all, in Christian’s case). I like the idea of these two getting some significant playing time against the pathetic Pac 12 so that they’ve got some rhythm and confidence come tourney time.

  • Juancho

    Kravish has been a nice surprise.

  • Woj

    Who are the idiot writers that say Cal is not an at – large NCAA team at this point? Cal is the only! Pac12 worthy of an at large berth should the team need it come Big Dance time. Cmon writers, stop drinking the red Stanford kool aid and simply look at the standings, Cal’s head to head win AT #2 in the Pac12 Washington, Cal’s record, lofty RPI, quality of non-conference losses and the fact Cal is #1 in its’ conference.

    Cal finishing strong but losing in the Pac12 tourney may be the only way the Pac gets 2 teams in the dance at this point. I’m thinking Cal will go 7-2 second half and finish as the league champ at 14-4 since it owns the tie breaker over UW (they don’t play again).