Basketball: Arizona game thread

FINAL SCORE: Arizona 78, Cal 74. The Bears lose at home for the first time at home after a 14-0 start. They also fall out of a first-place tie with Washington, and are 17-6, 7-3. Kamp scored a season-high 22 points and has 55 against Arizona in his past two games here. Gutierrez had 18 points and Crabbe scored 15.  The Bears shot just 1 for 8 from the 3-point line, Arizona was 7 for 11. Cal won the rebounding battle 37-27, but had 13 turnovers. Cal was 15 for 16 from the FT line, compared to 15 for 29 for Arizona.  Fogg scored 23 for Arizona (15-8, 6-4).

0:58.9 2nd H: Fogg hit a 3-pointer for a 75-72 lead. Gutierrez just fouled by Hill — who has five and is out. Gutierrez shooting two.

3:40 2nd H: A reverse layup by Gutierrez and a steal and dunk by Cobbs and it’s tied 72-all.

4:46 2nd H: Gutierrez and Arizona assistnt coach Joe Pasternack — you remember him from his days at Cal — just got tangled up on the bench. Gutierrez very angry. Refs checked video — will do nothing.

5:14 2nd H: Kamp just got PF No. 4. Arizona leads 70-66 after Turner made one of two FTs.

7:08 2nd H: The Cats pushed the lead to 66-55 before a layup by Kamp — who has a season-high 20 points — and a 3-pointer by Crabbe has the Bears within 66-60.

10:43 2nd H: Arizona leads 59-53 after a dunk by Thurman. Fouls starting to become big factor for both teams. Hill and Turner each with four for Az, Kamp now has three for Cal. The Bears used a 9-0 run to close a 14-point hole to five, but have gotten no closer.

15:59 2nd H: Cobbs just scored on a drive and was fouled by Hill, who has three PFs. Cobbs will shoot one FT after the timeout, with Cal trailing 56-44. Arizona just too quick. Expected that to be an issue when Az was on defense, but the Cats’ quickness is allowing them to get good shots at will. They are 5 for 6 in the half and have made 19 of their past 22 shots. Amazing.

16:28 2nd H: Josiah Turner just picked up his fourth PF for Arizona. He sits. It’s 54-42 after two Crabbe FTs.

17:12 2nd H: Arizona leads 51-38 after jumper by Perry. Fogg now has three fouls. Bears playing hard, but a little too fast, like they’re trying to get it all back at once.

THIS SCORE JUST IN: Stanford beat ASU 68-44.

HALFTIME SCORE: Arizona 45, Cal 34. The Cats outscored Cal 36-12 over the final 10:25 and are in control. The refs just got booed off the court following a call the crowd didn’t like against Brandon Smith with 3-10ths of a second left. Brendon Lavender made both FTs. Arizona shot 63 percent in the half. Cal has eight turnovers.

1:13 1st H: Refs just called double-foul on Gutierrez and Brendon Lavender. That’s three on Gutierrez.

3:13 1st H: The Wildcats have outscored Cal 24-6 over the past 7 minutes and lead 33-28. Fogg has 13 ppoints, including 3 for 3 from 3-point. Arizona’s defensive quickness is hurting Cal, which no longer is dominating the boards. Then there is this: Arizona has made 11 of its past 13 shots.

6:09 1st H: Gutierrez drives into the lane and scores — Cal lead pushed back to 26-22. Gutierrez has 10 points, three rebounds and three assists. Arizona has made six of its past seven shots, including a 3-pointer by Kyle Fogg.

6:41 1st H: Cal had a 22-9 lead and it was 22-11 when Gutierrez went out. Now it’s 24-22 after a 13-2 Arizona run. Solomon Hill just stole a Brandon Smith pass and raced in for a dunk. Gutierrez returning.

9:12 1st H: Cobbs just picked up second PF.

9:40 1st H: Gutierrez out after second PF. Cal leads 22-11. Az 1 for 8 from the FT line.

PAC-12 SCORES: Washington held off UCLA 71-69 in Seattle. Colorado beat Oregon State 82-60 in Boulder. Oregon topped host Utah 79-68. Cal must win to stay in tie for first with Huskies.

11:18 1st H: Cal leads 18-9 after back-to-back baskets by Robert Thurman. Bears’ 12-3 run marred only by 3-point bank shot by Az’s Kyle Fogg. Rebounds: Cal 13-4.

13:21 1st H: Cal in midst of 8-0 run — leads 14-6. Kamp and Gutierrez each with six points. Cal shooting 50 percent; Arizona 25 percent. Josiah Turner out with two fouls.

15:43 1st H: High energy in the building. Cal leads 8-6. Kamp, who scored 33 points vs. Arizona here last season in the 107-105 triple-OT loss to the Cats, already has four points. Cal has an early 8-2 rebounding edge, thanks to four offensive rebounds.

IN THE CROWD: Attending tonight’s game — a couple ex-Bears: Sean Lampley, recovering from surgery to remove bone spurs from his right heel, and Richard Midgley, now coaching at his alma mater Modesto Christian HS.

LINEUPS: Arizona will start Josiah Turner, Kyle Fogg, Nick Johnson, Solomon Hill and Jesse Perry. Cal goes with Justin Cobbs, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez, David Kravish and Harper Kamp.

WELCOME: Here at Haas Pavilion for Cal’s game vs. Arizona. Allen Crabbe, who sat out practice Tuesday with a boot on his right foot, was warming up with the Bears as I arrived a few minutes ago. Assistant coach John Montgomery said he is fine. Will be back with lineups in a few minutes.

Jeff Faraudo

  • My fault. Had to wait until 8:30 to turn on the game. Jorge gets 2nd foul and AZ goes on a mad run. Blame me.

  • Joey

    Never been worse garbage than these refs!!

  • Joey

    Sorry these refs f*ckin suck.

  • daredevilfan

    Why can’t we buy a break? At our home and the refs just are killing us. Let’s just find that flow we had when we got our big lead. And please better passing!

  • Joey

    Az shooting well, Cal can’t play D because they dont what the refs will call.

  • Joey

    The bald ref is a piece of crap.

  • ThisisCal

    Arizona coach kicked Jorge. WTF???

  • Great game, but the last 1:30 was brutal.

  • Joey

    Monty just called out the refs on postgame.

  • daredevilfan

    Why? They just let the Pac12 player of the year so far get poked in the nards by one bench warmer and then kicked by an assistant coach and then gave the game away to the visiting team at the end of each half.

  • CalBearister99

    Why are we even a member of this s___ty conference? It’s been biased against us for years. I mean, who hires a coach we FIRED and who then SUED us to be coordinator of officiating way back when. Pac-12 officials blow. But don’t criticize them Monty, or you’ll be fined.

    F the Pac-12.

  • rob bear

    There was a stretch there in the first half where Brandon Smith played as if he were playing for U of A. Turnover after turnover on weak bounce passes that have no business at this level of D – 1 basketball. We LOST his game. Good teams get over crappy officiating, especially at home. We dug ourselves into a hole in more ways than one last night, and now we have to find a way to win on the road, perhaps even pull a sweep or two on the road. It’s possible. We have some of the weaker teams in the 2nd half on the road. Man up Bears! We blew this one badly last night. Beat the SUN DEVILS!

  • H8sRed

    Rob Bear — I understand your point about getting over bad officiating, but this wasn’t just one or two calls. Call after call at the end of the first half, including one with 0.3 seconds left went against the Bears. It was so bad that when the half ended Montgomery had to restrain Jay John (or was it the other way around?) from physically confronting the officiating crew. I’ve never seen that before.

    The disparity in the number of free throw attempts was ridiculous, and AZ missed the front end of some 1-and-1s that would have ballooned that number. It’s time for the Pac-12 to invest some of the new TV revenue in proper officiating training (for both football and basketball). Too many times the officials are deciding the outcome of games and not the players.

  • Az won cuz they didnt miss a shot for like 10 minutes in the first half. Sh-t happens. The refs always suck, expect it, thats what I tell my players. Still only half game back, uduh will lose a few more, they have some serious bad karma coming their way. The championship is still there for the taking, now just gotta win a few on the road. I feel like the game at ljsu to end the regular season may decide the title for the Bears. Gonna get my tickets today. Go Bears!

  • joey

    Sure if you hit 100% of your shots you are probably going to win but what does that have to do with not having a level playing field. I have never seen a 24 point turnaround in 10 minutes with two teams playing fairly even. The score was tied with 2 minutes left in the game. You think all the bad calls didn’t make a difference? If the officiating was even Cal would have probably won this game by 10-12 points.

    I have never seen so many calls made by a ref from the opposite side of the court when another ref was right in front of the players. The foul on Smith with .3 to go in the first half was a horrible call but what about the traveling the player made before he runs into Smith? The double foul on Jorge made by a ref at the other end of the court when another ref was right next to them- wtf was that about? If anyone doesn’t think that call didn’t change the game then they have no clue about basketball.

  • CalBearister99

    Hm. What was the point spread/money line again?

  • rollonubears

    Check the bank accounts and reverse the outcome. I called this back in 1997 when the kings got screwed out of game 6 of the conference finals against the lakers and everyone laughed at me. I believe that official is in jail now. It’s obvious games are being fixed. SEC football for sure. PAC12 football sometimes. PAC12 basketball, hard to argue it’s not.

  • Gobears49

    Cal needs to have at least one more player to get decent minutes. Look at the time played by the starters. I believe all of them, except for Kravish, played in the high 30 minutes. You can’t expect your starters to play almost the entire game. They’re only human — they need some rest.

    Was encouraged that Behrens played in front of Bak Bak, which did not happen against Stanford. I said, after that game, that Behrens was better than Bak Bak. Monty needs to develop Behrens fast, as I see him as our only hope to have eight players get decent minutes, not seven like we have had since Soloman was declared ineligible. The starters are simply playing too many minutes to be effective at the end of the game. Also, I think at least three finished with four fouls. That can come about from playing too many minutes.

    It is just a shame we don’t have Soloman any more. Not a scorer, but a very good shot blocker (the only one we had) and a good rebounder. The only monster in the middle we had. Kamp is too short to be that guy and Kravish is too skinny.