Basketball: The Gutierrez-Pasternack incident

Jorge Gutierrez was not made available in the postgame interview session to discuss what happened with 4:46 left when he tumbled into the Arizona bench and came up looking like he was ready to fight.

It was an unusual moment.

While trying to save a pass, Gutierrez fell into the bench and got tangled with Cats assistant coach Joe Pasternack — the one-time Cal aide. Gutierrez came away furious and had to be restrained by teammates. Referees reviewed the video, but made no call.

“I didn’t see what happened,” teammate Harper Kamp said. “He (Gutierrez) felt Coach P said something and extended his leg and tried to kick him, something like that. I know they’re both passionate guys.”

Arizona coach Sean Miller said he wasn’t sure what happened.

Cal coach Mike Montgomery tried to downplay the incident, but said of Gutierrez, “In his opinion, one of the coaches on the other team did something he shouldn’t.”


Jeff Faraudo


  1. Definitely a kick. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Ridiculous.

  2. Really strange, whether he kicked Jorge or not it looked bad. Coaches need to be above that kind of stuff.

  3. The Pac 12 needs to take action. There is way too much BS in this league.

  4. Yeah, you can’t see his leg, but you can see the coach’s body sort of jolt as he extends his right leg toward Jorge… unbelievable! I don’t know if they have enough evidence to do anything though

  5. This was just one example of horrid, horrid, horrid officiating yesterday. Apparently the commish was sitting court side. It’s time for him to take action.

    anyone know the best way to contact the pac 12 about this (Their website didn’t provide contact info)? I want to voice my frustration about the continued officiating mess. It’s absolutely bush league.

  6. Jorge will get his revenge on Pasternack…someplace, sometime. I guarantee it. Jorge does not forget or forgive a punk. I’d love to be there when it happens. Viva Jorge!

    And Go Bears! The Pac12 title is still there for the taking, only 1/2 game back (we have the tiebreaker over uduh). Crush the devils.

  7. Gee, didn’t see this happen. Sounds similar to what I read about Lavender hitting Jorge in the nuts and drawing a foul on Gut for nothing.
    Maybe the Zona bench was strategically targeting his fury the get him out of the game.

  8. If Jorge said he got kicked, then he got kicked. Why is this being downplayed? There needs to be repercussions.

  9. Jorge will get his revenge. I hope we see arisucka in the pac 10 tournament.

  10. Which one of these douch bags was the bald guy?
    Ruben Ramos, Gregory Nixon, Michael Greenstein

    I hope they never ref in the Pac 12 again. The bald guy shouldn’t be able to ref anything anywhere.

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