Football: Signing day leftovers

Wednesday was hectic — and I would up having some computer difficulties late — so here are a few notes and quotes I wanted to pass along.

Glad everyone enjoyed our blog coverage of national signing day. Many thanks for checking us out, for your many comments and for the kind words about my coverage efforts.

Some leftovers:

   — Jeff Tedford on five-star wideout Bryce Treggs: “Treggs is an explosive player. When you watch him play and you watch the speed and athleticism he kind of reminds you of a guy like DeSean Jackson, who can run like that. The great thing about this as far as receivers are concerned, they’re all going to have the ability to come in and compete to play right away. I think they all have the skill to do that.”

   — On whether he was nervous in the final hours about efforts by USC and UCLA to lure away Treggs: “A lot of recruits say they’re with you and they keep getting calls, so it’s never over ’til it’s over. I’m really proud of Bryce that he was able to stay strong with his commitments. He’s a man of his words.”

   — On QB Zach Kline: “Zach has really fit in well already. He’s working very, very hard. It’s very important for him to be here this spring so he can get some reps with the offense. He’s a highly rated quarterback. He’s been at our camp for a few years, so we’ve really had a chance to look at him up close. He has a great arm, great pocket presence. He’s very accurate, can throw any ball on the field. A very smart guy. He really likes being a student of the game, and that’s going to be the next phase for him. I really like his eagerness to learn. I don’t think there’s any doubt about his capabilities.”

   — On whether Kline will have a chance this spring and summer to challenge for a spot high on the depth chart: “He’ll compete this spring and we’ll see how it unfolds.”

   — On OT Freddie Tagaloa: Tedford said it’s difficult for offensive linemen to learn enough and progress quickly enough to play as true freshman. But he said Salesian HS’s Tagaloa will get the chance to prove otherwise. “I think Freddie one day will be a first-round draft pick.” Tedford said.

   — On the projected positions of certain recruits: Tedford said De La Salle HS’s Michael Barton will be an inside linebacker. Livermore’s Damariay Drew will play safety. Cedric Dozier of Lakewood, Wash., will be an athlete/receiver, who could line up in the slot some. Maximo Espitia will play fullback/H back/tight end.

   — On the kicking assignments: Recruit Cole Leininger of Fruit Cove, Fla., will punt.  Tedford said senior-to-be Vince D’Amato will get first shot at placekicking duties. He said redshirt freshman kicker/punter Jed Barnett has transferred.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Jim

    Sounds very “iffy” regarding Special Teams and kicking assignments … and poor or spotty play on ST does lose games.
    Nice that Dozier resisted Loopie and became part of the drain out of Washington. Wonder if Loopie is proud of himself? LMAO

  • Juancho

    The full press conference is on the http://www.calbears.com site and also can be found on youtube for folks who want to view via iPhone / iPad.

  • Jeff, any chance we can find out if the request for the second in home meet with Shaq was the rumored petition filed by Sandy.

    I didn’t know about the request. I am wondering if I missed it or if it was kept quiet because it clearly infers the school’s position was that the meeting with Shaq, Tosh and Tedford, then just Tosh, was ultimately a UW meeting.

  • calbearclaw

    One thing to consider – Lupoi never delivered what this program truly needed to thrive – a stud QB.

  • calbearclaw

    Also: The Lupoi fiasco has somehow calmed a bit of the anti-Tedford discontent that was starting to swell into a tidal wave. I’ve been as vociferous a critic of the guy as anyone – especially the Kim Jong-Il sunglasses routine – but this has had a uniting effect on the program somehow.

  • calbearclaw

    Finally, I have developed a violent aversion for UW that has surpassed the relatively vague loathing I carry for the likes of Texas, USC, and yes, Stanford.

    This year’s Big Game will take place on November 2 at Memorial Stadium my friends.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    sh Lupoi was a creation of UCB.

    He was recruited there to play football

    He played football there

    He went to school there

    He became an assistant in the football program to Tedford

    He became the DL coach

    He was the lead recruiter

    He instructed DL to fake injuries against Oregon

    The point: Don’t blame UW and Sarkisian. UCB which educated him, coached him, employed him created the mess.

  • BlueNGold

    Repeat yourself much, moron?

  • Gobears49


    I doubt that Lupoi and really supposed to recruit and deliver offensive players to Cal. Certainly, Tedford, being the QB guru, was primarily responsible for getting the QB’s. Perhaps Juancho knows a bit more about who Lupoi was substantially responsible for recruiting in the past years, but my guess is that they were on the defensive side of the ball, and certainly not any of the QB’s we have.

    As a side substantiation of my point above, Cal certainly recruited a bunch of stud offensive lineman, maybe our greatest cache of offensive line recruits in one year. Undoubtedly, that was because the primary job of recruiting them was placed on Coach M (I think that his first initial, and I certainly couldn’t spell the name without looking him up). A name coach with a great reputation, both at Cal and in the pro’s. Hope he stays at Cal a long time.