Basketball: Pasternack releases statement — says didn’t intend to create incident with Gutierrez

Arizona assistant coach Joe Pasternack, who once worked on coach Ben Braun’s staff at Cal, released a statement saying he did not intend to engage Jorge Gutierrez when the the Bears guard tumbled into him on the sideline of Thursday’s Pac-12 Conference game at Haas Pavilion.

Gutierrez was angry as he stood up, and teammate Harper Kamp later said Gutierrez believed Pasternack was trying to trip him. No technical fouls were called.

Pasternack’s statement:

“I would like to clarify that my actions last night were a reflex in response to a player falling on top of me while running at top speed toward our bench. Prior to my arrival at Arizona and as a former head coach and an assistant coach for eight seasons at the University of California, I have great respect for the Pac-12 Conference, the Cal program and Jorge Gutierrez and the competitiveness he brings to the court. 

“In no way was I deliberately attempting to engage him.  My hope is that this statement will clear up any misconceptions about the incident and that we can move on in a positive fashion Gutierrez was angry as he stood up and one of his teammates later said Gutierrez believed Pasternack was trying to trip him. No technical fouls were called.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • Smells like my meadow muffins.

  • Uh Huh!

    Typed poorly.

    Also, where’s the Arizona explanation regarding Lavender trying to sock Jorge in the nuts? I am guessing there was a discussed strategy by Arizona people to get Jorge out of his comfort zone. He’s been susceptible to that in the past (see 2010 @ Kansas, for instance).

    Dirty pool.

  • Yogi Bear

    What good does it do to have some Arizona PR flunky write some words for Pasternack that obviously aren’t true. He was a little twerp when he coached for us and he’s a twerp now. The best thing Braun ever did for us was giving him a Nike tattoo with a basketball right in the face to teach Rod Benson the importance of keeping your hands ready for the pass.

    I have a little more respect for Sean Miller than I did before, who clearly tried to break up the argument. Too bad Pasternack was still flapping his gums and dropping F bombs. I wonder if that’s what he considers “respect.”

  • CalJeff

    Notice there is no apology. As far as I am concerned that is a problem.

  • Gobears49

    Unfortunately, I was busy and forgot to watch the game. But if there is film of the inciden,t it should be reviewed by Pac 12 officials to see if at least reprimands to Pasternack are in order. That is the normal process for when fights break out. In other conferences, there have been a few incidents where fights have broken out between players and fans and, after reviewing tapes, players have been suspended as a result. The same type of review is appropriate here and I if the evidence is fairly clear, I think Cal should request that this be done. Pasternack should not get away scot free with this if it can be shown he clearly acted inappropriately. I think there should be a higher standard on this sort of thing for coaches than for players.

  • ThisisCal

    The Pac12 needs to discipline this clown. It was not trip, Assternack kicked him. It’s mind-boggling that nothing is being done.

  • Le Batard showed it on his show (a pretty classic little half hour job with he and his dad). His Dad went off of Pasternick, “Get him outta here. We don’t want that,” for about 40 seconds. I have no doubt Scott will review the tape. I expect he’ll take a look at the cheap shot towards Jorge’s privates, too.

    I used to respect Miller. Allowing such cheap shots, and add that half time interview, he’s in the right place, the d-bag.

  • I have only seen the ESPN clip. Hard to assess from that angle and so brief a shot. I’m a very big Jorge fan, but I got to say that the reaction was pretty much like who you would have expected from someone falling on you. Yes, this is a BB-AC so maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised that a player would launch-in to go after a ball (can’t tell from clip if he was watching or checking something on a clip-board etc).

    Problem is that we want players to launch but don’t give any safe zone for that to happen. If Jorge would have gotten hurt on the play for launching-in would we be criticizing the court design here, intentionally made to put the crowd (and thus the players/coaches in front of them) a couple of feet from the court?

    Can’t have it both ways. If anyone has a better clip, please post it.

  • Gobears49

    Like I said, I missed the game (but not today). Would love to see a clip of what happened so I hope someone will post it. Couldn’t find it on YouTube.

  • Saw only a portion of the game today. Looked up too late to see the entire replay of the incident. However, neither Barry T nor Dan B made a negative comment. They said both men were intense by nature. They spent the next minute or so emphasizing how intensive Jorge was when he was playing and then made a comment a few minutes later on a foul against Jorge that they characterized it “inadvertent, but that Jorge was not likely to see it so” or something to that effect. Barry and Dan call things as they see them–pointing out when the Bears were playing badly (including names)and when they are playing well. Same for the other team. Given how they commented (i.e., no comment characterizing that the reaction by Pasternick was unworthy or worse), I draw the conclusion that this has been way over-played as an incident. Somebody got a better clip, get it up; otherwise, if I was Coach M I’d have a “everyone has their own perspective” talk with Jorge and move on.

  • Gobears49

    Just saw the replay. Pasternack says that his reaction was to Jorge “falling on top of me.” But it doesn’t look that way to me. If Pasternack is the guy that Jorge was mad at after the play, then Jorge did not fall on top of him — not even close. Looks like Jorge fell a seat or two to the SIDE of Pasternack. You can’t see the bottom of Pasternack’s leg, but the motion of the top of his leg looks like a kick to me, which seemed to be totally underserved.

  • Dan

    Pasternack is a little twerp, but he’s also a liar. You could never prove he kicked up at Jorge, but saw the replay today and look at Pasternack’s face as his leg kicks up- he has a totally pissed off look on his face. As you watch in slo mo, you see his expression change to an emotional pissed off look.

    If the “kick” was inadvertent, why that sourpuss facial reaction? Also, why the confrontational language toward Jorge? He’s a lying little twerp.

  • LR

    Pasternack is a bitter PoS, but I don’t care about him. The one I’m really disgusted with is our very own Roxy Bernstein. Why the hell does he have to side with Pasternack when the vid proves his brother-in-law is a lying sack? It’s not his job to have an opinion on this, particularly when he’s in the wrong and coming down against a guy who plays for the school that employs him. I never had an opinion about him one way or the other, but I now hope Cal gets rid of him and upgrades. Why keep a guy with crap judgment around if you have a choice?