Basketball: A Cal-Mizzou rematch in NCAAs?

ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi is projecting Cal as a No. 9 seed into the NCAA tournament, and has the Bears paired against Mississippi State in a first-round game at Omaha.

That scenario would put the Cal-MSU winner in a second-round matchup against top-seeded Missouri.

Would the Bears welcome a rematch against a Tigers team that beat them 92-53 points back in November?

Arizona, as a No. 11 seed, is the only other Pac-12 team projected into the field, according to Lunardi.

Washington is listed as one of the “first four out,” and Oregon among the “next four out.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Let me guess. The game would also be on a “neutral court” in St. Louis.

  • eric

    It is far, far better to be a 10-seed or 11-seed than an 8 or 9 seed. Every time Cal has been an 8 or 9, it never makes it past the first weekend.

  • rollonubears

    We need to just win out and win the tournament, and we’ll end up a 5. I’m really sick of Lunardi’s ludicrous predictions. So far, he’s had us at just about every first round venue, and everywhere from a 4 seed to not making the tourney at all. His analysis is just based on where teams would be if the season ended today, which anyone could tally, if it mattered. You can’t make “predictions” and change them every week. Go back and look what he had when he published his first “tournament.” Anyway, Go Bears.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    I agree with Rollon in that we need to just win out and not worry about the tourney.

    During the conference season we tend to forget just how lousy our competition is-but a quick look at any of the many ratings will remind us.

    We should win every remaining game and distinguish ourselves from the rest of the Pac12. If we don’t we don’t deserve a high seed.

  • joey

    We should just win out in the NCAA tourney too and then we’ll be natl. champs.

  • milo

    Meh, not going to happen. At least it shouldn’t. A rematch makes sense if teams are reasonably within range. Unfortunately Cal isn’t at the same level.

  • Kyle

    Hahahahahaha did someone say 5 seed?? Hahahahaha. I’m just as a much a die hard bear fan as the next but a 5 seed?? Have you watched Pac 12 basketball this year?? Even if they win out and win the tournament they are going to be an 8 seed. If they make the finals of the Pac 12 tournament they will be in the 9-10 range. Nobody respects the Pac 12 and that goes for the tournament selection committee as well. I don’t want the 8 v 9 game either because a matchup with the 1 seed in the round of 32 is no fun. Lets get real folks we’ve seen the bears against ranked opponents and its not very good.

  • rollonubears

    Kyle, if we win out, we’ll be 28-6, and actually, even if we just sweep this weekend and next, we’ll probably be ranked. If we win out entirely, we’ll probably be a top 20 team. We may still only get an 8 seed, but I think if all that happens, you’ll feel a lot differently about this team, and I think we will indeed be a 5. I just don’t think we’ll win the rest of our games. I’ll be surprised if we can with both this weekend, and shocked if we can beat colorado at altitude. The stanfurd game is going to be a tough win, too. And winning three tournament games with our depth is nearly impossible. I think we finish 3-2, with a 23-8 record, then go 1-1 in the tourney to finish 24-9 with a 10 seed. That’s my prediction, which is not based on “if the season ended today” which is basically lunardi just reshuffling rpi data. I will be shocked if we win them all, but I won’t be shocked if we’re a 5 seed, if it happens.