Basketball: Gutierrez’s parents arriving from Mexico to watch his final two games at Haas

For the first time since their son played his first college game as a freshman during the 2008-09 season, Jorge Gutierrez’s parents are traveling from Chihuahua, Mexico for both Thursday’s game against Oregon and Saturday’s Senior Night ceremonies prior to the Oregon State game.

“My whole family’s coming,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez’s family last was able to watch him play in person last season at Arizona. His parents, Fernando Gutierrez and Bertha Cardenas, have not been at Haas since their son became a star player.

Gutierrez was an untested rookie on Nov. 9, 2008, when he played 13 minutes and scored two points against Pacific in Mike Montgomery’s first game as Cal’s coach. Now he’s an all-conference player and  fan favorite, generating cheers of “Hip, hip, Jorge!” from the crowd.

“I don’t even know what to expect. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a different experience, something they have never seen before,” Gutierrez said. “Hopefully, a lot of people come to the games.”

While the experience will be a new one for his family, Gutierrez acknowledged he’s not sure how he’ll react, either. 

“I am an emotional guy. I can’t tell you how I’m going to react because I just don’t know what to expect,” he said. “It’s going to be great.”

Gutierrez spent two years at Lincoln High in Denver, then attended Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nov., for one year before coming to Cal.

“I didn’t have a Senior Day in high school because I moved to Findlay  . . . at Findlay, it’s not one of those things they do,” Gutierrez said. “It’s going to be my first Senior Night.”

Meanwhile . . .

   — Washington guard Tony Wroten Jr., is among five finalists for the U.S. Basketball Writers Association’s Waymon Tisdale Award, given to the nation’s top freshman.

Kentucky teammates Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Duke’s Austin Rivers and Indiana’s Cody Zeller are the other candidates.

Past recipients of the award include former Cal star Jason Kidd.


Jeff Faraudo

  • rob bear

    VIVA Gutierrez (Our Golden Bear), VIVA Chihuahua (My Parents’ Birthplace), VIVA CAL (My Alma Mater), VIVA a second PAC 10 / 12 Title of the past three years! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEARSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Beat the Quacks & Beavers WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! Give the paternal unit a show to be proud of Jorge. Con GANAS!

  • Juancho

    Con ganas guey, as one might say.

    Rob Bear are you telling me there are two folks of Mexican descent on this blog – you and I ?

    Gutierrez has had an unreal level of growth as a player. I’d be hard pressed to think of another guy who got so much better in his time at Cal.

    I remember his freshman year he was a defensive stopper who couldn’t dribble. He’s a complete player now. I hope he gets a good shot at the NBA. Warriors could use someone like that.

  • ConcordBear

    These two games are huge, I hope the students have something special planned and pack their sections.
    Can’t wait to send Jorge and Harper off right.
    Will have to pay respect to both sets of parents, they raised winners!

  • Boaltblue

    Jorge and all of the Cal BB players, you are family members of all Cal fans. Thank you very much for many wonderful, memorable times at Haas Pavilion. See you in the NBA next season!

  • wehofx

    I tried to work it to get back up to the Bay just so I could go to one/both of the games to applaud JG and HK. It was a pleasure watching them play and, more importantly, improve their game. Thank you!

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see a future in the nba for either of them. Regardless, you know they will lead productive lives and rep for Cal in the best way.

    Pack Haas. Sweep the O’s. Go Bears!

  • If I was AD, I’d retire his #2 jersey Saturday night.

  • Gobears49

    I’ve been saying it for several months on these blog — Jorge will be Pac 12 player of the year and will make a final cut NBA squad next year as a point guard.

  • Bear Down Rick

    I hope Jorge does make an NBA roster. He’s one of those Danny Ainge kind of players that plays smart and aggressive, and does all of the little things that help his team win.

    I’ve enjoyed watching him grow over the past four seasons, and this year he’s been terrific. If Cal had one more ball handler (other than Cobbs, but I’m not trying to dog him) to complement Jorge – and allow him to go out without the offense going stagnant – I think the Bears could make a good run in the NCAA tourney.

  • rollonubears

    It’s going to be a great weekend, but like almost all cal teams, we never go deep in the tournament because we have no true big men. flip on espn any night and you’ll see what i mean. the freaking guys on the other teams (and in the other leagues) are huge. they box out and rebound. outside of princeton teams, we’re relegated to one or two and done every time because these guys also step up the d in the tourney, just like missouri did. we don’t get any open looks for 3 (which would be our only hope to compete), we panic, and then we lose. so sad.

  • SturdyGoldenBear

    I’m a huge Jorge fan. The guy’s such a hard worker and is so passionate. I spent a lot of 2008-2009 during my senior year playing basketball in the RSF and Jorge was often there during the day just shooting. Like people noted, at the time he was a great defender but not a strong offensive presence. But he worked really hard on his mid-range shot and really on all parts of his game and it’s paid off big time.

    But I think my favorite memory of Jorge’s career was during the NCAA tourney in Kansas City in 2009, when we lost to Maryland. I was there with the Cal Band and what struck me was that, even as a freshman he played his heart out. He was all over the floor putting out more effort than anyone else on the court, and the tears coming down his face as the seconds slipped away confirmed that he was more than just a freshman with potential. He was destined to be a special player. He bleeds blue and gold.

    I think he’s got a good shot at the NBA. He may not have some of the production in terms of numbers of guys around the country, but his work ethic and hustle should turn some heads in camps. Plus he’s got acceptable size (still upsets me that Randle hasn’t broken through yet, though the preseason stint with the Mavs is a promising step in the right direction) and solid fundamentals. As they say during pretty much every telecast, Jorge would start on almost every squad in the country, and every coach would LOVE to have him.