Basketball: Oregon game thread

MORE NUMBERS: Cal outscored the Ducks 48-36 in the paint, and scored 25 points off 22 Oregon turnovers . . . Cal won despite being outscored 18-6 on 3-pointers . . . The Bears shot 62 percent in the second half, 55.7 percent for the game . . . Oregon was 11 for 11 from the FT line, but Joseph attempted nine of the 11 . . . Crabbe and Gutierrez combined to shoot 4 for 17 but Cobbs and Kamp were 20 for 30.

POSTGAME: From Harper Kamp: “That was a lot of fun. A little too much stress, but to see my team play the way they did, guys like J (Cobbs) stepping up, us making plays at the end, and having a lot of heart . . . those are the kind of games you want to play in.”

From Mike Montgomery: “This is the kind of game you’ve got to have if you’re going to win a championship, where you take the other team’s best shot. Oregon’s really good. I can’t imagine anyone in the league playing better than them right now.”

FINAL SCORE: Cal 86, Oregon 83. Spectacular finish. Cal outscored the Ducks 21-10 after trailing 73-65 with 5 1/2 minutes left. Cobbs scores a career-high 28 points to go with eight assists, four steals and no turnovers in 38 minutes. Kamp had 20 points — seven of them in the final 1:09. Joseph scored 33 for the Ducks, including two 3-pointers in the final 26.1 seconds. Cal improved to 21-6, 11-3 in the Pac-12, staying in a tie for first place with Washington, which held off Arizona State in Seattle. Oregon  dropped to 18-8, 9-5.

0:57.2 2nd H: Cal leads 79-77 after a layup and free throw by Kamp, who has 16 points. Oregon just called timeout. Gutierrez gave Cal its first lead since the first half with two FTs at 1:41, but Sim answered with a basket for Oregon at 1:25.

3:53 2nd H: Cobbs just completed a fastbreak layup off a pass from Gutierrez, pulling Cal within 73-71. But Montgomery was hit with a technical foul and Joseph made two FTs for a 75-71 score. Joseph has 27.

7:57 2nd H: Gutierrez whistled for his fourth PR. He is not happy. Is coming out. Oregon leads 65-62.

8:43 2nd H: A 3-pointer by Cobbs and Cal trails 65-62. Moments earlier, Joseph banked in a 26-foot 3-pointer — he has 25 points. Cobbs has 18 for the Bears.

11:38 2nd H: Devoe Joseph just hit a long 3-pointer and Oregon extended its lead to 59-53. Joseph has 19 points. Kamp has 13 for the Bears, who had climbed within 56-53 on a short jumper by Kravish and a layup by Kamp before Joseph’s shot.

15:44 2nd H: Cobbs just scored on a drive after grabbing a long offensive rebound, but Oregon leads 48-44. Bears are struggling to stop Oregon from scoring. No answer for 6-11 Tony Woods.

18:21 2nd H: Kamp just picked up his third foul. Kravish got No. 3 at 18:59. Both still playing.

IN THE HAAS: Jorge Gutierrez’s parents and family members from Mexico are watching from just above and to the right of the Cal bench. This is their first trip to Haas since Gutierrez’s first game as a freshman.

HALFTIME SCORE: Oregon 40, Cal 37. The Bears have a fight on their hands. After leading 26-17, Cal has been outscored 23-11. Gutierrez picked up his second PF with 37.8 seconds left in the half, so four different Cal players have two fouls. Cobbs had nine points and four assists for the Bears. Crabbe has eight points, but is shooting 2 for 7. Joseph has 12 points and Singler eight for the Ducks. Oregon shooting 16 for 30, Cal 16 for 32.

THIS SCORE JUST IN: Arizona stays on the heels of Cal and Washington with a 76-72 win at Washington State. Wildcats improve to 10-4 in Pac-12 play.

3:57 1st H: Cal’s lead is down to 28-26 after a fastbreak layup by Oregon’s Olu Ashaolu. The Bears have scored just two points over the past four minutes. Foul trouble creeping up: Kravish picked up his second trying to guard 6-11, 250-pound Tony Woods, who is just too big for the 6-9, 208-pound freshman. Brandon Smith also got No. 2, as did Harper Kamp. Jeff Powers is in for Kamp. His first action in a while.

7:44 1st H: Cal has stretched its lead to 26-17 after a jumper by Brandon Smith, who has four points off the bench. Cal shooting 55 percent to 47 percent for the Ducks. Both teams playing with lots of energy. The Bears a bit more precise at this point.

9:53 1st H: Cal leads 17-13, after back-to-back Oregon baskets. Cal used a 9-0 run to lead 11-6, then extended the margin to 15-9 when Kamp scored on a drive. Oregon has come out of its zone defense. Kamp leads all scorers with six points. Cal shooting 54 percent, Oregon 43 percent. Ducks have five turnovers, Cal has four.

15:27 1st H: Oregon leads 6-4. Cal turned the ball over on its first two possessions, but seniors Kamp and Gutierrez have scored, erasing an early 4-0 deficit. Oregon opened in a zone defense and the Bears aren’t finding openings on the perimeter so far.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Athletic director Sandy Barbour just presented a signed basketball to long-time (very long time) Cal fan Alice Murakami, who will soon celebrate her 100th birthday!

LINEUPS: Oregon will start Jeremy Jacob, E.J. Singler, Tony Woods, Garrett Sim and Devoe Joseph. Cal goes with Harper Kamp, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Justin Cobbs.

WELCOME: Here at Haas Pavilion for the start of the final home weekend of the season. Cal is tied for first place, with the visiting Oregon Ducks one game back in a three-way knot for third. Will have lineups shortly.

Jeff Faraudo

  • I was worried the Cal players were getting as overconfident as the fans regarding this week’s games. Too many people counted them as wins already. It’s time to tighten up the defense and make Oregon earn things this second half.

  • Joseph made a deal with the devil, aka Phil Knight. First the banked 3 with the shot clock expiring. Then a cheap foul on Jorge for his fourth. Very tough night to be Crabbe, too. Everything is just a bit off with him, and it could cost us this one.

  • Will

    That was the most ridiculous technical foul I have EVER seen. WOW.

  • I almost didn’t see the last shots. This damn guy kept yelling, “CLEAR!” just before zapping my chest every few seconds.

  • Will

    Close call. Good for us in the long run to win a game with adversity like this. Terrible T called on Monty, a dude on the other team who just would not miss…but we still pulled it out. Go Bears!

  • milo

    The Pac really needs to buckle down on the officiating. It was embarrassing and inane two years ago. Fix it already.

  • H8sRed

    That wasn’t the same official as from the AZ game, was it,?

  • Concordbear

    Huge gut check win. Oregon played great and had a couple guys on fire. The officials were beyond brutal again inserting themselves into the story of the game. For the Bears to overcome all this and win was really impressive.
    Cobbs was spectacular, he put the team on his back and kept us within striking distance. What a great performance by Justin Cobbs! He is on the way as our floor leader and I like our chances to win the PAC with him playing ball like this and continuing to get better.
    Kamp was really good too, using his will and toughness to get this one. Kravish was also very good. Needs to drain a few more FT’s though.
    Need Jorge to be a little more mentally tough, guy is such a stud and cares so much. If he can get his emotions in check down the final stretch he will be an even better player. Take a few deep breathes Gut and have fun bringing home the conference championship.
    Need a few more guys to step up and contribute more.
    Crabbe, can be better, I think he closes strong these last four games.
    Must win game Sat night. Hope the whole team is ready and pays beavs back for that game earlier this year.
    Go Bears!!!

  • ken1w

    That game could be summarized as Justin Cobbs versus Devoe Joseph and the officiating (they gave Oregon at least four free points). That may have been the lamest T in the history of college basketball.

    Great win. That’s the type of win that puts the Bears in the frame of mind to win the remaining regular season games (NO MATTER WHAT stands in the way) and win the championship.

  • Rollonubears

    I didn’t get to watch the game, but it sounded incredible. Looks like that official was trying to to fix the outcome and failed. Hope he gets fired.

  • CalBearister99

    Fired? Ha. In the Pac-12, the most incompetent officials get promoted to be Coordinators of Officiating. So he’ll probably get a year-end bonus.

  • Rollonubears

    Wishful thinking I guess. Probably would replace him with someone worse.

  • Rollonubears

    It seems like uw beating az is actually a better outcome for us this weekend as it won’t matter if we win out, but if we lose one more, I think the chances of uw losing one more too are greater than if az loses another, and we have the tiebreaker with uw, but not az. If as wins this weekend, I think they win out, and probably win the PAC. I really dont think we can beat colorado up there. Hope I’m wrong, but I think this season will come down to the last day.

  • I actually did not think the officiating was bad last night. The 4th on Jorge was tough, but they did a pretty good job on calls in the paint. The ultimate problem remains depth. Look at the bench minutes played (Thurman and Bak subbed for 16 minutes up front, Smith and Powers played for 12 minutes). The starters are going to be in foul trouble with those minutes, especially being light up front and tenacious at guard.

    As for Monty’s Technical, Monty should not have been on the court, he does not get to cal TOs anymore anyways (a player must), and he definitely needs to avoid bumping into refs. Could (Should) the the ref have let it go? I bet most would, but that one is still on Monty.

    Oregon played a much better game than what AZ beat us with. AZ really did get multiple beneficial calls (as well as non-calls).

  • rollonubears

    After reading the story on the game, it sounded like we made a great comeback, but we only won because they missed 2 straight three point attempts in the last 4 seconds? That’s kind of lucky on our part. Still wish I could have been there. And Saturday’s game’s gonna be solid! Go Bears.

  • Rollon, had you seen the shots, you’d know it wasn’t luck. They choked big time in the final shot selection, and I totally loved the mistake of having Joseph milk the clock before his last attempted 3. He had just made two under control, but quick, 3s, then slowing things down spoiled their come back, IMO. Had Joseph just gone down for the best look he could get and launched it, they would have tied it up or still had 20+ seconds left to foul and try again.

  • covinared

    my most exciting yahoo internet feed in recent memory. Nice win.

  • aahq

    Yes, same official from the AZ game (barring an evil twin Skippy).

  • DaveintheHills

    That official’s name is Michael Greenstein. He officiated both the Arizon and last night’s game. He is an absolute disgrace to one of the toughest jobs out there.

    He apparently has some sort of vendetta against Cal. the T on Monty is arguable. However, the T on Cobbs for bumping his chest was 100% inconsistent with what was called on Oregon. After each of their alley-oops (both subsequent to Cobbs’ T), the dunking player reacted in the *exact* same manner (bumping chest) and nothing was done.

    We were lucky to escape this one (consider the foul trouble Jorge, Kamp and Kravish were in early in the 2nd half). We did not get so lucky against Arizona.

  • Mitchie V

    Dave, the T on Cobbs was for taunting Sim with an expletive.

    Other than that, J Cobbs was all heart.

  • DaveintheHills

    ok, I didn’t “hear” that.

    I looked into Greenstein a bit further. He also refereed the USC home game: another badly officiated game that we almost lost to a vastly, vastly inferior team.

    Cal’s three worst home performances this year were: AZ (loss), USC (almost loss to Pac12 bottom feeder) and Oregon (lucky to win, if thrilling). Greenstein refereed every single one of those games. Coincidence?

  • H8sRed

    Greenstein should not be allowed to officiate another Pac-12 game, let alone another Cal game. He officiates as if he thinks players have no business deciding the outcome of games.

    I’ve posted this before, but the Pac-12 needs to use some (a lot?) of the windfall proceeds from the new media deals to train both football and basketball officials. At present, they are a disgrace.

  • Disappointed Bear

    I’m not disappointed in the outcome, but the officiating was horrendous again – typical of the Pac-12 as it was of the Pac-10. In my opinion these guys take the game away from the players and it really hurts when the Pac-10/12 gets into post-season play against teams that have had solid and consistent officiating. It really angers me!

  • AKBear

    I was at the game. It was almost as if referee Greenstein was looking to pick a fight with the Bears. Monty should not have been so far onto the court when he got the T, but as they explained on the post game show the referee had a share in the blame for what transpired.

    The play before when Cal scored Monty tried to get a TO and the same ref did not see him. The ref was totally out of position to see the Cal bench. Oregon goes down and you know who hits a three. Cal comes back and scores another bucket. This time Monty is totally on the court trying to get a TO again. This time he is so close to the action, when the ref turns to run up the court he and Monty run into each other with Monty yelling TO at the ref. The ref clearly is flustered and calls a T on Monty ostensibly for making contact with him.

    Rollonubears says that Cal won only because OU missed two straight threes. Although the first one had a chance to go in it was low percentage three from the other side of the moon and the last one by Singler really had no chance to go in. The Ducks only got so close at the end because Joseph hit two threes that were incredible shots.

    In the post game handshakes. Joseph and Cobbs gave each other big “bear hug” hugs. You could almost feel Cobbs whispering, “got you.” And Joseph saying back, “next time.”

    One thing I don’t see in these posts is how Jorge almost cost the Bears the game. He was totally out of it until the last five minutes. If he played at his normal game level, Cal probably would’ve had a comfortable win. There was no swagger in his game. There was no gamesmanship as normal. No smart plays to draw fouls. No bravado. It was almost as if he was playing hurt or with an illness, sleepwalking through the game. As a measure of his popularity, the fans did not get on him at all. You could feel the crowd waiting for Jorge to come through. He had done enough in his career and the fans were giving him a mulligan for his subpar game. And then he comes through. He fought through his emotions and came through when the team needed him.

    At the end with the game winding down and Cal taking control during a stoppage there was a moment where Jorge hugged Cobbs to say something in his ear. It was probably something like, “hey dude thanks for carrying us.” At the end of the game, there was another moment when Jorge and Harper get into an embrace, “we did it, dude.”

    There is no way that I will miss Saturday. It’s going to be an emotional game for sure and chants of “Jorge! Jorge! Jorge!” will surely ring throughout Haas.

  • ThisisCal

    Great post AKBear. I, too, will be at the game this evening. Go Bears!