Basketball: Oregon St. game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal 77, OSU 63. Bears improve to 22-6, 12-3 in the Pac-12 and stay tied for first with Washington. Both teams finish with three straight road games. Cal begins its stretch drive on Thursday night at Utah.

Gutierrez had 17 points and seven rebounds in his Haas finale, Kamp 13 points and seven rebounds. Both left to a standing ovation with 40 seconds left. Kravish had a career-high 17 points and seven rebounds. Crabbe scored 16 with eight rebounds. And Cobbs had 10 points and a career-high 13 assists. Cal reports that no Cal player has had more than 13 assists in a game since Jason Kidd in 1994. Pretty good company.

Here’s my game story.

4:04 2nd H: Bak puts back his own miss and it’s 69-56.

4:44 2nd H: A 3-pointer by Crabbe after a dunk by Cobbs and it’s 67-56.

5:22 2nd H: Cal timeout after a putback by Moreland, a missed layup by Kravish and a 3-pointer by Cunningham pull the Beavers within 62-56.

6:18 2nd H: Kamp just came out for Bak after picking up his fourth PF. Monty’s first sub of the second half.

7:38 2nd H: Cal leads 61-49 after putback by Kravish, who has 14 points on 7 for 10 from the floor.

8:35 2nd H: Cal leads 59-49. OSU timeout after basket by Angus Brandt. Gujtierrez has 17 points — taking over a bit. Cobbs has 10 assists.

10:43 2nd H: Cal has stretched its lead to 54-47 after a 3-pointer by Crabbe. The play was set up by some nice hustle by Kravish, who collected a loose ball and found Crabbe open. OSU beginning to run into foul trouble — Collier and Moreland each with three PFs. Gutierrez, Kamp and Kravish each with 12 points. The Bears are doing a better job on the boards — OSU’s rebound lead is just 25-24.

14:54 2nd H: Cal leads 46-43. Seven lead changes in the first 5 minutes of the half. Gutierrez has 11 points, Kamp and Kravish 10 each for Cal. Cobbs has eight assists. Bears still getting hurt on the boards — OSU has nine offensive rebounds.

MORE HALFTIME STATS: OSU outrebounded the Bears 18-12 in the first 20 minutes, including seven offensive boards. Pac-12 scoring leader and San Leandro HS alum Jared Cunningham, who had 24 points in the first Cal game, has just four on 2 for 5 shooting, primarily against the defense of Gutierrez. OSU’s bench has outscored its Cal counterparts 16-2. Perhaps more important, the Beavers’ bench has played 44 minutes to just 12 for the Cal reserves. Will the Bears tire? 

HALFTIME SCORE: Oregon State 34, Cal 32. A dunk by Kevin McShane with 2 seconds left gives the Beavers their first lead of the half. Since the Bears led 16-4 with 11:14 left, the Beavers have outscored them 30-14. The stats reflect the game’s changing tenor: Cal now has eight turnovers to seven for OSU. The Beavers are shooting 46.7 percent, Cal 45.8 percent. Nelson has 11 points off the bench for OSU. Gutierrez has nine points and five rebounds. Cobbs has six points and seven assists.

2:44 1st H: Roberto Nelson scored seven straight OSU points, including a 3-pointer, to help jumpstart the Beavers, who now trail just 30-28. OSU started 2 for 13 from the floor, but has made 9 of 12 since.

7:54 1st H: The Beavers are trapping the ball everywhere on the floor, and it’s caused a bit of trouble. OSU got within 17-14, but Gutierrez just hit a 3-pointer for a 20-14 lead. There will be open shots against this strategy — the Bears simply have to beat the double-team and find the open shooter.

11:14 1st H: With Gutierrez’s family wearing gold Cal shirts and waving Mexican flags from Section 4, the Bears have stretched the lead to 16-4. This is the OSU team that scored 92 points against Cal last month?

11:56 1st H: Cal leads 12-4. OSU shooting 2 for 11 with four turnovers. Gutierrez, Kamp and Cobbs each with four points so far. OSU has gone smaller, using three guards to try to match Cal.

15:20 1st H: No apparent hangover from the pregame ceremonies. Cal leads 6-0. OSU is scoreless in six possessions — 0 for 5 from the field with three turnovers.

LINEUPS: The Beavers will start Jared Cunningham, Ahmad Starks, Eric Moreland, Angus Brandt and Devon Collier. Cal will go with Justin Cobbs, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Harper Kamp.

IN THE HAAS: Courtside tonight is ex-Cal center Jordan Wilkes, Kamp’s friend from the early years. Also, Warriors assistant GM Bob Myers.

HUGGING ENDS: The emotional ceremony is over. Now  . . . we see how quickly the Bears can put on game faces for what is a critical game.

SENIOR MOMENT: Harper Kamp and Jorge Gutierrez, accompanied by their parents, have just come onto the court to a standing ovation from the full house at Haas. Their introductions are being made over the P.A. in both English and Spanish. Gutierrez’s parents were here on Thursday, too, for the first time since their son’s first game at Haas.

HUNDREDS OF JORGES AND HARPERS: They have passed out cardboard masks of Gutierrez and Kamp to the Cal student section. A nice touch. 

THIS SCORE JUST IN: Cal’s rugby team beat the British Columbia Thunderbirds 13-12 at Treasure Island in the first matchup of the two-game “World Cup” series between the two long-time rivals.

WELCOME: The final game of the season at Haas Pavilion. Cal must beat Oregon Staste to pull even again with Washington, which beat Arizona 79-70 in Seattle. Seniors Jorge Gutierrez and Harper Kamp will be honored shortly. Will be back to tell you about it.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    Settle down bears. Rushing too many shots.

  • The non-travelling cal just now was ridiculous. The Beaver’s pivot foot was 2 feet from where it was originally planted.

  • Rollonubears

    Horrible officiating, as usual, but we are toast in the tournament. Thurman looks like a deer in headlights, and smith comes in for 3 immediate turnovers. Ugh. We should be creaming these guys. We had our chance, missed a bunch of shots, and let me right back in. Come on bears.

  • Rollonubears

    No rebounding either. And these guys aren’t even that tall. I have faith in Monty at halftime.

  • Down 2 at the half, pretty much exactly what I have been fearing. Cal just does not match up well against Robinson’s teams, whether they are playing fast or slow. The team needs to dig deep again.

  • Yes, Rollon, Smith’s inability to stay under control is exacerbated by pressure or quick guards. The lack of depth means he has to play minutes, and it seems like the +/- for him is always worst against the better competition, by a significant margin.

  • Rollonubears

    Small and slow is a bad combination.

  • Rollonubears

    Losing to Oregon State at home is unacceptable.

  • Rollonubears

    It would be nice if crabbe decided to play defense and maybe stick around for a rebound every once in awhile. I like the composure and intensity this half. Depth could really hurt us in this one tho.

  • Rollonubears

    Wow. The officials are clearly mesmerized by the prez’s brother-in-law. What a pathetic no call. One of many. I love Kravish.

  • The officiating is going from ridiculous to plain stupid.

  • Morrison, “There’s yet another should have been charge that was not called. At least the refs are being consistent.”

    Consistently bad, Stan. Consistently bad.

    How Cal is on the short end of the bad calls in nearly every game is beyond me. Sandy, is the bribe fund empty or something?

  • I had a realization on Kravish’s block. He reminds me of a young Joe Smith (Maryland days), with that wiry frame.

  • Rollonubears

    Bak! Go Bears!!! Winning in spite of these total BS refs. That was awesome. Jorge looking great.

  • Rollonubears

    Monty’s a genius. Wish he could recruit a bit better but man, can he manage a game?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Good but necessary win -as predicted -easy lol

  • Rollonubears

    I’m glad we have Utah first, to at least get used to the altitude. Both will be tough games.

  • Rollonubears

    Funny thing, and not gonna happen, but if we win out, and win the pac12
    Tourney, and make it to the sweet 16, we’ll have 30 wins.

  • Might as well get 34, Rollon.

  • milo

    Halftime score was shocking but the Bears rolled.

    Go Bears!

  • ken1w

    The break-out game for Kravish, I think; he was all over the place and looked confident. Great game for the seniors. Solid game for everyone. They solved the Oregon State “puzzle” as a team, and won a tough game going away…!

  • Concordbear

    Kravish was best I’ve seen him. Cobbs is looking great and we’re going to need his strong PG play to win these upcoming road games.
    Thought Crabbe had a strong game and our rock seniors were winners as usual. Feel very confident about our road trip to close the year with Jorge and Harper in charge.
    Awesome that MSF came to game to salute his friends. Miss Markuri, a great Bear.
    All hands on deck, come on bench, to win that Conference Championship!

  • LR

    Depth will be a huge issue at altitude. Would be nice to have just one reliable substitute. I thought all along that Murray would become that player, but something went off the rails.

    Possibly Thurman and Bak can be no worse than -2 type players, but it would be nice to have another back court option. Brandon Smith can’t do it, unfortunately.

    1-2 is a probable result over the last 3 games. My guess is that UW will be 2-1, with the WSU game being a toss-up. USC is a walkover, and I don’t think UCLA will do us any favors; 4-star talent, 1-star results.

  • bigdruid

    1-2 is a probable result? I can’t see us losing to Utah or Stanford no matter where the game is.

  • rollonubears

    If the Stanfurd game becomes a must win, i could see the trees reveling in the opportunity to plays spoiler. I think Stanfurd is as good as UCLA at home, if not better. Fortunately we have all week to rest up and prepare. I really think it’ll be a miracle to beat Colorado up there. Utah we should be able to handle. If we lose to Colorado, the Stanfurd game for sure a must-win. I think Washington’s going to lose to WSU, so hopefully that happens, and we sweep the mountain schools, taking all the pressure off of the final game. Allowing us to rest our top 5, develop a little more depth, etc. That would be nice. Unless we finish 1-2 and lose our first tourney game, I think we’re in the big dance. You can’t leave the Pac12 team with the most wins out of the tournament. Won’t happen, no matter what Lunardi thinks.

    Go Bears!

  • BlueNGold

    I am going to go way out on a limb here and predict a Cal sweep of Utah and Colo. Colo will be more difficult and probably a close game, but I expect the Bears to rise to the occasion and pull it out. But I won’t be surprised if UW wins all 3 of its remaining games, either.