Football: Ducks admit NCAA violations

Oregon has acknowledged in documents that it violated NCAA rules related to recruiting and the use of recruiting services.

The Register-Guard of Eugene wrote that Ducks used three scouting services in ways that did not conform with NCAA rules, and exceeded the permissible number of coaches involved in recruiting at any one time.

Here’s the potentially most serious stuff: The NCAA and Oregon “agreed that from 2008 through 2011, the scope and nature of the violations … demonstrate that the athletics department failed to adequately monitor the football program’s use of recruiting or scouting services.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • Will

    Hey, at least they fessed up to it.

  • Juancho

    I wonder if their alumni would trade their rose bowls for a clean program.

    I sincerely struggle with this myself.

    To be honest i cant for sure say i wouldnt be okay winning a rose bowl, then having something lime this after. In theory thats dirty and i wouldnt be for it.

  • GoldenFlash

    On another note, former Cal special teams coach was just hired by Stanford. Alamar!!!!

  • ConcordBear

    The Ducks have fallen on their sword at what they decided was the most opportune time to do it. To me that’s almost as dirty as the intial rules violations.
    To come out after a huge run capped by a Rose Bowl win and signing day passed with basically a year for recruits to have this smoothed over until next LOI reaks slime. It all stinks.
    Just like sc, they rode the wave and raked in the benefits of BCS bowls while doing it dirty.
    In NCAA’s hands

  • How shocking, not. If we can somehow get Armstead outta this then it’d be news.

  • milo

    Damn dirty Ducks!

  • ThisisCal

    It doesn’t appear to be serious enough for major sanctions to be handed down. That explains why Chip Kelly is not in Tampa Bay right now.

  • randumbear

    Sick and tired of this BS in college football. I hope Oregon gets the book.

  • Easy Ed

    The only thing the Disco Ducks will get is more $$$ from Phil “Sugar Daddy” Knight. Boy Jauncho, you raise a point that would make a fine question for a Philosophy 101 class. Would you sell your integrity to get to the Holy Grail? I hate to admit it but after 53 years…..

  • Juancho

    Agree easy ed.