Basketball: Colorado game thread

FINAL SCORE: Colorado 70, Cal 57. The Bears (23-7, 13-4) fall out of first place, dropping to 13-4 in the Pac-12, 23-7 overall. They now need Washington (20-8, 13-3) to lose either to USC or UCLA next week in Los Angeles to have a chance to gain a share of the title. Crabbe finished with 16 points, Cobbs 15 and Harper Kamp 13, including his first 3-pointer of the season. Gutierrez was held scoreless (0 for 7 FG) for the first time since Jan. 2, 2010. Cal shot just 38 percent and forced Colorado into only five turnovers.

3:41 2nd H: Cobbs hits two FTs and Cal trails 60-53.

7:24 2nd H: CU leads 55-49 and Dufault is going to the line for two FTs. The Bears’ problem right now isn’t their offense — heck, Kamp even made his first 3-pointer of the season a moment ago. Crabbe has 16 points, Kamp 13 and Cobbs 11. Gutierrez still scoreless on 0 for 6. But the Cal defense isn’t doing much to stop the Buffs, who seem to score when they need to.

12:31 2nd H: CU leads 46-35 after drive by Nate Tomlinson. The Bears are struggling to run their offense. The past two possessions they couldn’t get a shot until a desperation heave just before the shot-clock buzzer. CU is confident. Cal is tentative.

16:51 2nd H: Cal scoring a bit better this half, but CU answering each basket. Buffs lead 39-33 after layup by Kamp, who has 10 points, matching Crabbe’s total.

HALFTIME SCORE: Colorado 32, Cal 25. The Buffs’ lead reached 10 before Thurman scored a layup and Crabbe hit a 3-pointer. Then Jeremy Adams scored on a putback in traffic for CU which left Montgomery enraged at the officials. He was still fuming and directing daggers in their direction as the teams went off the court at halftime. Cal shooting 34.6 percent — almost exactly what the Bears did against CU in Berkeley. Crabbe, without a FG at Utah, has eight points and both of Cal’s 3-pointers. Kamp also has eight. Gutierrez has six rebounds, but is scoreless. CU shooting 42.9 percent. Andre Roberson has five points and seven rebounds for the Buffs. Kamp, Kravish and Thurman each with two PFs.

3:55 1st H: A 3-pointer by freshman Spencer Dinwiddie and CU leads 27-19 — biggest margin of the game. Cal shooting 7 for 21. That won’t get it done.

7:32 1st H: Colorado leads 20-15. Bears are shooting 5 for 17, and have missed all four of their 3-pointers since Crabbe hit one early. Gutierrez is 0 for 4. Nervous playing in front of Denver rooting section? CU shooting 8 for 17. Turnovers and rebounds about a wash so far.

11:58 1st H: Big disappointment Thursday and tonight — no Ralphie! How fun would it be for CU’s live mascot Buffalo to tear up and down the court during timeouts.

11:58 1st H: Buffs lead 11-9 and the place is louder than it was at anytime on Thursday, when Stanford jumped out to a 9-1 lead and took the crowd out of the game. Montgomery rotating seven players in and out to keep people fresh.

15:54 1st H: CU jumped out to a 5-0 lead, but Crabbe hit a 3-pointer and Kamp converted a layup off a feed from Gutierrez and it’s tied at 5-all. The Buffs shooting 2 for 7 after making their first two. Cal is also 2 for 7. No turnovers yet. Montgomery, wary of the elevation, subbed first — sending Brandon Smith and Robert Thurman in at 16:35.

LINEUPS: Cal will go with Justin Cobbs, Allen Crabbe, David Kravish, Harper Kamp and Jorge Gutierrez, who got a robush cheer during intros from the 200 students, parents and faculty from his alma mater of Lincoln HS in Denver. CU starts Nate Tomlinson, Carlon Brown, Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Roberson and Austin Dufault.

WELCOME: We’re here at the Coors Events Center — elevation 5,345 feet — for Cal vs. Colorado. The Bears can inch ahead of idle Washington atop the Pac-12 standings with a win. The Buffaloes, coming off a horrendous 74-50 loss Thursday to Stanford, are 13-2 this season in this building. Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • This game is going to make me a nervous wreck. Combine the Stanfurd blowout to UW’s uncanny comeback and a Cal loss fits our Murphy’s Law paradigm too perfectly.

    The longer they have the crowd into it, the tougher this one will be, and our guys are going to be exhausted by 5 minutes remaining in the game.

    They need to execute on offense. Jorge failing to notice a winding down shot clock did not bode well, but hopefully, it was early enough to be a slap in the face wake up call.

  • Cal has been in first place most of the season, yet several of our road games have not been televised and several home games had out-of-town announcers (usually the LA boyz). I am so sick of listening to opponent biased announcers. It’d be something else if we at least had them for home games.

  • 14 fouls to 5, and it’s not the refs fault. Cal is not going inside enough, not by pass or driving.

  • LOL, right after my post, Cal goes inside 3 straight times (no points from it, yet, Kamp going to the line finally) and the refs make 2 bad calls and a no call on a CU moving screen.

  • OMFG! This is total BS now. 3 straight bad calls, Monty motions for over the back (WHICH IT WAS) and they drop a T on him. BS!

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Wisdoem -we can blame the refs all you like but if we can’t beat the #94 team (Sagarin) in the country the season should be over for us.
    If you’re watching the same game I am, its an embarrassment. Gutierrez 0 points 0-6 we can’t blame the refs or announcers.
    We need to come back and win!

  • Will

    Can’t blame the refs, this is just some sloppy offense.

  • Man, what more could I do? I warned and warned and warned about this one for weeks. They came out flat, probably presuming they’d own CU like Stanfurd did. I get so tired of my team choking so badly.

    Too thin a roster to win the conference tourney, the regular season title was the legitimate goal. Now we have to pin our hopes on UCLA (a very possible UW loss, though they’ll play harder knowing they win and get the title). Worse, if UW loses, how much you want to bet we lay an egg at Stanfurd.

    Just shoot me.

  • Honestly, I didn’t blame the refs overall. Cal came out WAY too timid, allowing the refs to not look for contact when they finally picked things up near the end of the first half. The game was lost in the first 12 minutes.

  • One more thing, this is the second time Jorge has not looked ANYTHING like himself playing in Colorado (recall the NIT last year). Home stage fright?

  • Concordbear

    I love Jorge because he always impacts the game in a positive way. Today he did not show up and that really hurt us. What was most disappointing was his defense was not good.
    His sense of urgency leads the way and he did not lead us today.
    We have one more game vs our rival, the game is huge! We don’t need any one player be superman (although that would be great) we just need everyone to show up and do their job. Play hard and smart and our bench chipping in would be huge.
    I’m very concerned about our team based on how they performed today.
    Still a ton to play for, let’s go Bears!

  • wehofx

    Seems like HK and JG are both wearing down from too many minutes. (Crabbe, too, although he showed up today.) I hope they’re like a fighter taking off a round before coming on strong at the finish.

    On a positive note, seems like Cobbs and Kravish have pushed through the frosh/first year back wall.

    Beat furd!

  • rob bear

    What a time to pick with respect to showing up with little intensity. Colorado looked like they simply wanted it more than we did and that is very uncharacteristic of our team. It’s as is someone told them that playing at that altitude means that you have to conserve your energy, like a cross country runner. Man we looked lethargic. Tonight we did not leave it on the floor and I am afraid that we may have lost more than a PAC 12 title tonight:

    1. Jorge’s chances for player of the year took a big hit tonight, as did Monty (Coach of Year) and Cobb (1st Team).

    Now we have to become big fans of UCLA and USC and destroy the tree in Palo Alto. Bounce back Bears!

  • BlueNGold

    Watching the game, I saw Colorado playing with much greater speed and intensity from the start. Cal never got up to the same speed or level of aggression, and were never able to catch up. I had to wonder if the strategy was to play the first half so as not to get too exhausted in the altitude, but the second half was about the same as the first. All in all a very discouraging performance in terms of what Cal has ahead of them in the conference tourney and any post season hopes.