Basketball: Montgomery on CU loss

My apologies again for dashing off so quickly after Sunday’s game. I had just enough time to file my story, then drive to the airport to catch a flight. A very tight schedule.

Here are postgame comments from Mike Montgomery:

General—“The one thingColorado does is they will not let you get to the basket. They really load up at the basket. So, what we worked on was to try to get there and find the open guy. I wouldn’t say we were highly successful in that.”

On the outcome—“We didn’t defend very well. They [Colorado] really took advantage of their offensive possessions. They shot it well—we didn’t. They took away some things and it frustrated us a little bit. I think more than anything else though, that our point of attack defense was not very good. We attack time after time, but they were able to get it to another guy who was able to score; that caused us all sorts of problems.”

On Jorge Gutierrez going scoreless—“That definitely causes us a problem, but there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s had a hard time shooting the ball and that’s been getting in his head a little bit. He did have nine rebounds and he did the other things that he does, but he’s very conscience of the fact that the ball’s not going in. If you look statistically, Jorge has one foul. We obviously just weren’t doing a very good job with our perimeter people in terms of defending. They [Colorado] were able to get by us and get into the paint pretty much whenever they needed to.”

On potentially finishing first—“It’s a game. It’sColorado on the road and Stanford on the road. We knew these were two tough games. They deserve to win. They played better than we did. If we can’t play better than that’s what it is. The issue with finishing first, which is always your goal, is still on the horizon. It means we’re going to have to win at Stanford, but we will know more going into the game whetherWashington will lose on the road. It’s still out there for us, but this makes it that much more difficult.”

On overcoming the atmosphere—“Stanford played great, they shot lights out. Then next thing you know you are down 20. From a psychological point there’s always them being `By God we’ve got to play better.’ This is always a hard road trip. We’re coming from a further distance, there’s altitude … and Colorado’s good—don’t make any mistake. They lost one game in league and that was the other night, so they were ready to play. They were gunned up and they fought hard. We just couldn’t capitalize to put any pressure on them.”


Jeff Faraudo