Basketball: Stanford scouting report

TIPOFF: 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Maples Pavilion, Stanford. TV: CSNBA. Radio: 910-AM. 

The Golden Bears can do something Sunday afternoon they haven’t done since Feb. 27, 1953 — clinch a conference championship on rival Stanford’s home floor.

Dwight Eisenhower had been U.S. President for less than two months, gasoline was 20 cents a gallon and researchers has just discovered that cigarettes cause cancer when the Bears beat Stanford 82-63 to clinch the 1953 PCC North title.

UCLA’s 75-69 win over Washington on Saturday opened the door for Cal to steal a share of the regular-season title. A win over Stanford would also secure the No. 1 seed for the Pac-12 tournament, which begins Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“We have a chance to finish first. To me, that’s always been a big deal,” Cal coach Mike Montgomery said this week.

The Bears can win their second conference crown in three seasons after going 50 years without one.

And they can do it at Maples Pavilion, where the Cardinal is 13-3 this season and won’t go down quietly.

“They’re a very good basketball team. They’re loaded with talent,” Montgomery said. “We’re going to have our hands full.”

ABOUT THE CARDINAL: Stanford is coming off a 58-57 loss at Utah, which followed a 74-50 win at Colorado. “Obviously, they did great at Colorado — that can be a little worrying,” Cal senior Harper Kamp said. “We know they’re a good defensive team. They’re just real solid all around. They’ve got some good weapons on offense. We’ve just got to come out hard, like we didn’t the last game.” . . . Freshman guard Chasson Randle, who leads the Cardinal in scoring at 13.0 ppg,  has scored 16 points or more five of the past six games. He is 21 for 33 from the 3-point arc over those six games . . . Stanford shot just 38.5 percent from the field in its 69-59 loss at Cal, including 2 for 13 from the 3-point line.

JORGE’S STRUGGLES: Cal senior Jorge Gutierrez likely will be named Pac-12 Player of the Year on Monday, but is coming off a scoreless performance in which he shot 0 for 7 in the loss at Colorado. Gutierrez is shooting just 12 for 37 the past four games, including 2 for 13 from 3-point range. Montgomery said playing in front of 200 fans from his former high school in Denver may have contributed to Gutierrez’s struggles against CU.

“I feel for the kid. Jorge’s so conscientious, he’s such a good kid. He’s trying. Obviously, the ball’s not going down for him right now like he’d like right now,” Montgomery said. “I just reiterated his value to us in so many other ways. I said, `Everybody on the team respects you so much, you’ve just got to go out there and lead and defend everybody, like you have over the years.’ ”

MISCELLANY: With a victory, the Bears will equal the most conference wins (14) in school history and match their best overall victory total (24) since 1959-60 . . .  Cal has not lost two games in a row all season.

Cal (23-7, 13-4 Pac-12)

Starters Ht Yr Pts Rebs
SF Allen Crabbe 6-6 So. 15.2 5.7
PF Harper Kamp 6-8 Sr. 11.1 5.0
PF David Kravish 6-9 Fr. 6.8 5.7
SG Jorge Gutierrez 6-3 Sr. 13.0 5.4
PG Justin Cobbs 6-2 So. 13.0 5.0*
Key reserves
G Brandon Smith 5-11 Jr. 3.2 2.4*
C Robert Thurman 6-10 Jr. 3.9 1.8
F Bak Bak 6-8 Jr. 1.9 1.4


Stanford (19-10, 9-8 Pac-12)

Starters Ht Yr Pts Rebs
PF Josh Owens 6-8 Sr. 12.4 6.0
PF Josh Huestis 6-7 So. 5.4 5.2
SF Dwight Powell 6-9 So. 5.1 4.4
SG Anthony Brown 6-6 So. 7.6 3.5
PG Chasson Randle 6-1 Fr. 13.0 3.2
Key reserves
G Aaron Bright 5-11 So. 11.0 3.6*
F John Gage 6-9 So. 4.7 1.5
G Jarrett Mann 6-4 Sr. 3.3 2.9


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    No need to hype a team not in the top 100 RPI.

    Just win big and show those who do NCAA Seeding that we are the best in a so so conference.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    As usual Steve, you are beyond a pessimist. After the tipoff, the players aren’t thinking about CBS RPI numbers. The better team doesn’t always win, especially in a rivalry game. Stanford is solid. Yes they often play poorly, but they also have wins over NCST, Oklahoma St, At Colorado, Colorado St, and hung with Syracuse.

    On another thread, where you’re also your typical cheerful self, you wrote Cal barely deserves to be in the NCAA field if they lose to Stanford. So let’s say that happens, then Cal goes 2-1 in PAC 12 tourney. At 25-9 you’re going to claim to be a fan and also post on a Cal fan board that’s not tournament worthy?

    I guess I should just ignore someone who thinks we should fire Monty and hire Jason Kidd as coach. It’s just so hard to ignore ridiculously (and unnecessarily) negative posts like this on the day we claim a PAC 12 title.

    Try enjoying this great season, it’s more fun than being a curmudgeon.

    GO Bears! Beat the Furd!

  • RobBEAR

    Lots at stake tonight and by lots I mean beating our rival and WINNING OUR 2nd CONFEReNCE TITLE in 3 YEARS! GO BEARS! A perfect setting for Jorge tonight to lead himself out of his mini slump, get the bad taste out of Colorado from our mouths and lead us to VICTORY! We CAN DO THIS GUYS!

  • Yoda

    I don’t suppose you actually watched that Colorado/Stanford game, did you Steve? Have you ever actually attended a Cal-Stanford sporting event?

  • JimBob

    Hey, guys, curmudgeons need love, too. I know, because I am one.

    Go Bears! Stomp the Tree!

  • SO Excited about this game. Thank u fucla for the favor. Now Bears, get out there and play like the CHAMPS that u are! Aaarrgh, i wish i was going. Anyone need a carpooler? I live near Davis. 😉 Go Bears! Beat stanfurd!

  • milo

    Go Bear! Stomp the Trees!

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Yes Yoda I watched at least part of the Colorado Cal game – it played one day later. If Cal was a ranked team – I would get the chance to see them a bit more often.

    Now YODA let me ask you one. A year ago when I was pointing out Cal’s horrible recruiting and predicted Cal was going in the wrong direction. YOu YODA were quick to point out that they were doing a lot better than INDIANA. I told you give IU a couple of years- you scoffed at that too.

    One year later are you smart enough to know just how dumb you are?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Cal does have the best softball team in the country and we are undefeated- I love that and when they play in the CS World Series all the games will be televised.

  • ThisisCal

    Steve: You’re an IU fan who lives in Texas and posts on a Cal board. Get some help.

    I know the Bears can beat Furd. Let’s do this. Go Bears!!

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Jason Kidd– Takeoff as you presumably went to Cal you should be able to articulate a bit better why you think Jason Kidd would be ridiculous as coach when he retires.
    I would argue;
    1. We would instantly become one of the top recruiting schools in the country;not only because of his fame but aspiring players would love to learn his court vision.

    2. His experience and he’s seen careers start and finish 20 years in college and pro basketball.

    3. He loves Cal – a few of my friends saw him in an airport and one yelled “Go Cal” and he came over and chatted.

    4,. If he coached at Cal he more than likely would be still there when he is inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame – more positive publicity for us.

    5. He would also have an advantage recruiting asst coaches., he could certainly find other NBA players but everyone would be attracted to him.

    6. He would help fill Haas- he’s that much of an attraction.

    Ok so the arguments against?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    This – I am a fan of each school I attended. As they play in different conferences -there’s not much of a conflict (cept in 1990). This includes some smaller schools as well – Sam Houston and UTEP both having bad years.

  • wehofx

    Steve, I find your jk obsession flawed for numerous reasons but the biggest is:
    >>>but aspiring players would love to learn his court vision.>>>
    You can’t “learn” court vision. You either have it or you don’t. It’s like foot speed and vertical, all the work in the world will only increase it incrementally. As opposed to strength, endurance, learning and implementing defensive fundamentals that dedicated grinders can make significant improvement.
    Go Bears. Time to push through the doldrums of late. Pac 12 Title is yours for the taking. Beat furd!

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Pretty funny stuff Steve. I’d love to just ignore but I’m pumped up for the game and I have to wait around, so I’ll mock you instead.

    How is Cal “going in the wrong direction” by competing for a second conference title in 3 years, having the conference freshman of the year last year, and probably the best transfer this year? We replaced our one lost player (MSF) with a better post player plus a solid transfer guard. Yes, you whined constantly on this board about how the lone recruit Kravish was the worst class in the conference according to rivals. Whine whine whine. I explained, very simply for you, that we only had 1 scholarship and had a solid big guy with Kravish. So with only 1 spot to fill, of course we wil ve low in recruiting rankings. This point was very very hard for you to grasp.

    Now we are in position to win a title and you post more whining negative crap.

    Jason Kidd said hello to you so he’d be a good coach? Are you 13 years old? That’s really one of your reasons?

    I saw every single home game Jason Kidd played at Cal and followed his career closely. I’m not going to trash Kidd (and thus Cal) on a Cal board like you do, but I’ll just say there are more than a few problems with his intelligence and also there have been domestic issues. Nothing about Jason Kidd makes him a more attractive coaching option than Monty. As long as you continue to post crap that Monty is not a good coach, everyone else here will continue to make you look foolish.

    Seriously, fire Monty and hire Jason Kidd? Please root for The Furd today it will help the Bears.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Greenstein’s third chance to try to F over the Bears.

    Tweet from Roxy:

    Today’s refs at Maples: Randy McCall, Chris Rastatter & Michael Greenstein. Had to disappoint you @kenmontgomery

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Takje off – last year we were rated last in the Pac 12 (Apc 10 ) in recruting-that’s why I say we are going downhill. We will see next year.

    This year we are going to the NCAAs in part because the conference is horrid.

    Jason Kidd’s domestic problems are long gone and if you read every court document you might see he was just as much the victim.

    This isn’t a popularity contest- Im sure you were in agreement with YOdas’ comments comparing Cal and IU. If I wanted to be popular I would just post “Go cal” and nothing else and it would resonate well with your limited analytical abilites. To say Monty could recruit in the same league with Kidd is foolish at best.