Basketball: Gutierrez sweeps awards — is named Pac-12 Player of Year, Defensive Player of Year

Cal senior guard Jorge Gutierrez did what no player before him has achieved when he swept the Pac-12 Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year awards.

The conference has awarded a Player of the Year every season since 1976. Gutierrez is the sixth Cal player to win, joining Jason Kidd (1994), Shareef Abdur-Rahim (1996), Ed Gray (1997), Sean Lampley (2001) and Jerome Randle (2010).

The league has named a Defensive Player of the Year eight times, from 1984 through ’86, then again since 2008. Cal’s Butch Hays won the top defensive award in ’84.

Teammate Allen Crabbe was voted to the 10-man all-Pac-12 team. Harper Kamp was a second-team selection, Justin Cobbs was an honorable mention pick and David Kravish was named to the all-freshman team.

Voting was among the league’s 12 coaches, who are not allowed to vote for their own player.

Here’s the full release from the Pac-12.

Here are comments from Mike Montgomery and his players, courtesy of Cal athletics:


On senior G Jorge Gutierrez

“I’m really happy for Jorge. This is an award voted on by the coaches, and you can’t vote for your own player, so they obviously, I think, voted for Jorge based on what he has meant to our program; I think more than just this year—but over a four-year period. I think every coach in the league would love to have Jorge on their team and for all the intrinsic things that he does for you. Certainly, we’ve been the beneficiary of his services. We’ve finished first, second, third, and fourth, in the four years I’ve been here. He’s been here for all four of those years and has been a big part of that.”


“It means a lot to be named as one of the best players in the conference. Cal history has had a lot of great players from Jerome Randle to Jason Kidd. This is just an honor. It’s not even something that I can explain with words but I feel like my hard work has paid off, somehow. It’s an honor.

“Without my teammates, I would never have been able to achieve this success. It’s all about the team, and I feel like my teammates help me, in many ways, to be the player that I am.

“I think defense is just something I always do. For the past three years, I’ve been on the defensive team, but never as the defensive player of the year. It’s an honor, again, but I feel like I deserve this one. I’m really thankful that I was named player of the year, but I feel like I deserve this one.”


On senior G Jorge Gutierrez’s Player of the Year award

“It’s a tremendous amount of work that he’s done for him to get to this point. He’s a guy that always works on his weaknesses. He’s just really humble, and at the same time, really hungry to improve himself at all times, and I think that has shown in his game. He is definitely deserving; that’s an award that is not easy to get and he worked really hard for it.”


“It’s just an honor to be named to the first team. It just shows that everything pays off; all the work that you put in, in the off season. It’s just great to be considered to be first team with all the other great players that are in this conference. It feels good.”

On senior G Jorge Gutierrez’s Player of the Year award

“Jorge has been a hard-working player since his freshman year. It’s just great to see that his hard work has paid off. He really has been a big impact on this program since he arrived. I’m really excited and really happy for him; not only to get Defensive Player of the Year, but Pac-12 Player of the Year is such a big award. I’m honored to be a teammate of his.”


On his selection to the Pac-12 All-Freshman Team

“It means a lot to be named to the team. I have to attribute my personal success to just being on this team with this unique group of guys; especially Harper [Kamp] bringing me under his wing, teaching me, showing me the ropes, and bringing me along. It’s just such a great honor.”


Jeff Faraudo

  • 1brsfan

    Congratulations Jorge! Well deserved honors! A rough last few games but that doesn’t take away what he’s meant to this team. Without Jorge we would not be entertaining an invite to the NCAA’s.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt



    Jorge Jorge Jorge



    Congrats to him on this honor from coaches who had to game plan for him, some for 4 years.

  • Wow. MVP? As in best player in terms of value to his team, so kinda on a curve? Definitely. POY? Not so much. DPOY? Absolutely.

    A little surprised Crabbe made 1st team, too, to be honest. I thought he had a traditional sophomore let down, not quite up to the challenge that more attention defensively put on him. Look forward to both Crabbe and Cobbs having big years next season, though.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt


    Don’t you think the coaches have a better grasp of who should be POY than you, the (often cynical) couch fan?

    Why is Crabbe first team? Maybe you wrote that without ever looking at is stats and ranks in the conference. The coaches look at it, and see the obvious facts:

    15.4 ppg 6th leading scorer (first on #2 conference team)
    41.4% on 3s making 2.5 per game
    5.6 rebs(13th)
    83% FTs (2nd)
    -Only 1.5 TOpg playing about 38min or more.
    -made some huge 3s to keep Cal is games this year.

    These are season numbers and ranks. I’d bet conference only numbers are similar or slightly lower.

    If you don’t like those solid reasons, how about this – he’s had a better season than anyone on the second team since there aren’t a lot of great players out there.

    I agree everyone will be expecting big things from Cobbs/Crabbe next year.

  • Esquire Joe

    Wow. I’m shocked that Jorge managed to get POY as well (I agree w/WC that DPOY was a no-brainder).

    Seems like the coaches might have had their minds made up pretty early. I realize that it’s a year-long award, but Jorge’s performance has really suffered over about the last 7 games now, which is over 1/3 of the season.

    I’m not hating on him, though. I’m glad he won POY. If for no other reason than what Monty said. This is for all four of Jorge’s years here at Cal. No one has played harder or given more for their school than he has.

    Plus I hate it when one-and-dones like Wroten win conference POY awards.

  • wehofx

    Congratulations, Jorge!

    I’m disappointed about the last couple of weeks but POY and, especially, DPOY are still well deserved.

    E Joe couldn’t agree more about 1&dones like Wroten.

    Come on, Bears. Get your sh*t back together in the PAC 12 Tourny and finish strong.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    I’m surprised too. I thought he had played his way out of it. But some ‘Cal fans’ have posted (above and other boards) he shouldn’t have won it or implied he doesn’t deserve it, which is strange.

    It is not true he has been suffering in his last 7. There’s been a drop off, but Vs Oregon st he had 17pts 8 reb on 6-12. Solid against UCLA and Utah also. More like 3 bad games of his last 6, so probably like 4/18, which does not equal 1/3 of his games, unless you are a student of ASU.

    He was completely annoying for the opposing team to deal with in 18/18 games.

    Likely the votes were spread among a lot of people and he had enough to win.

  • Totrs, I kinda thought my comment made the answer to your question self evident. But here you go – no, I don’t think they know better, not this time. Had Cal won the regular season, I’d have understood it a bit better, but closing a season is similar to closing a game when it comes to POY, IMO.

    I was not trying to rip him. He had a very, very good year, IMO, just not a POY year. An MVP, just not a POY.

    I was eye ball testing on my Crabbe opinion, though with 10 players on the first team, I can see him squeaking in, but 7 guards on the first team is just too many. I don’t like more than 5, giving one 3 guard set and one 2 guard set. I don’t think of it in terms of top 10 players, but a 1st “Team.”

    Anyways, just for the heck of it, to see if my eyes are any good, I’ll look at his Pac 12 numbers.


    I’d still put him on the second team, both he and Fogg.

  • Totrs, you believe the votes were split, yet me thinking it should not have been Jorge gets a “Don’t you think the coaches have a better grasp of who should be POY than you, the (often cynical) couch fan?”

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Sure. I think any player who can get the plurality from the coaches is the right choice and I wouldn’t say that player shouldn’t have won it, especially in the case of JG. He didn’t have the season people expected, but the last few games are clouding fans’ judgement – he still had a great season and forced teams to make their entire game plan around him.

    I agree you weren’t ripping him, more just stating opinion that he should not have won.

    I’m saying that I have faith that whoever wins these awards is the right person, otherwise another guy would get the votes. If it was fairly split, and jorge had more votes, the system worked well and he’s the deserving POY.

  • Gobears49

    One-half of my long-time, and very public, picks has now been proven to be correct — Jorge for league MVP. Now watch my second pick to come to pass — Jorge will make the final roster of an NBA team next year as a point guard.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Seriously 0 points against one team with the Pac 12 title at stake and 8 points against a rival team and this guy wins the POY award?

  • covinared

    Jorge needs to get his groove back fast.

  • BlueNGold

    moron, if you knew anything about the guy and the season he had, then maybe you might understand. Since you obviously do not,your post is just more of the same old tired and repetitious trash talk that has been the hallmark of your adult life to date.

  • Viva Jorge! POY AND DPOY!?!?! Aye caramba!

  • Uh Huh!

    Wow. Checking in late here on this news!
    I, frankly, had dropped following so much after the donut in Boulder and the 3 first half fouls in Stanford. I thought the award was pretty much definitely lost. But, no.
    Jorge pulls thru with the coaches votes!
    Hip Hip, Jorge!!
    Way to go, Champ.