Basketball: Stanford game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal 77, Stanford  71.  The Bears improved to 24-8 and give their NCAA hopes a huge lift. Gutierrez finished with 22 points — 19 in the second half — to go with sevemn assists and six rebounds. In other words, he played like the Pac-12 Player of the Year. Kamp had 17 poins and seven rebounds, Crabbe 11 points and eight rebounds, Cobbs 15 points and Kravish 10 points. The Bears had just three second-half turnovers after coughing up 14 in the first half. Zimmerman scored a career-high 22 for Stanford and Randle had 19 the night after going for 30 vs. ASU. This is the first group of Stanford seniors since 1988 that will leave school without having played in the NCAA tournament. But the Bears are still alive.

0:15.7 2nd H: Stanford got within 73-69 before two FTs by Kravish pushed the lead to six points. Cobbs just made the first of two and it’s 76-69.

3:55 2nd H: An acrobatic drive by Crabbe and a fastbreak layup by Gutierrez have given the Bears a 66-62 lead.

11:21 2nd H: Cal leads 48-45 after a basket by Dwight Powell. Gutierrez has 11 points in the half, including 3-pointers immediately after Zimmerman and Bright hit 3s for Stanford. Gutierrez now has 14 for the game and seems to be playing loose. Kravish has three PFs but Montgomery has not subbed this half. Cal already is in the bonus as Stanford committed seven fouls in the first 6:13 of the half. Cal is working hard; Stanford not backing down.

15:52 2nd H: Cal leads 38-33 and is in the midst of a 9-0 run. The Bears are running, beating Stanford down court and drawing fouls. They already are 6 for 7 from the FT line in the half after going 0 for 4 in the first half. Stanford has five fouls — the Cardinal had five the entire first half. The reason: Cal is now the aggressor. Crabbe just hit a 3-pointer off the break, Gutierrez has six points in the half and the Bears are playing with confidence for the first time in a while.

HALFTIME SCORE: Stanford 30, Cal 23. A driving floater just before the buzzer by Aaron Bright pushes Stanford’s lead out to seven points, equaling the biggest of the night. Kamp has eight points on 4 for 4 from the field, but Crabbe and Gutierrez are each 1 for 5. Cal shooting 46 percent, Stanford 37 percent, but the Cardinal has outscored the Bears 8-0 at the FT line and the Bears have 14 turnovers.

3:00 1st H: Stanford leads 26-21, and there is only one reason — Cal has 14 turnovers! (Or so says ESPN.com). The Bears are shooting a higher percentage from the field and outrebounding Stanford, but continue to give the ball away. Kamp, Gutierrez and Crabbe each have three turnovers, Cobbs and Emerson Murray have two apiece.

7:41 1st H: Stanford lead is 21-15. Robert Thurman is in for Kravish, who has two PFs. Zimmerman, who has eight points, just picked up his second PF for Stanford. Crabbe has four rebounds, but is 0 for 2 and scoreless.

9:49 1st H: Stanford leads 16-13 after a shot in the lane by Jack Trotter. Gutierrez made a big 3-point shot to get Cal within 14-13. A good omen for the Bears? Monty is substituting liberally. Four of his five starters already have gotten breaks. Cobbs the only one to go all the way so far. Cal shooting OK and defending well, but has seven turnovers — most of them their own doing. Monty working hard in the timeout huddle. “We’re all right,” he tells his players.

15:28 1st H: Stanford leads 8-6 at the first break. Gutierrez has two early assists, but also has picked up his first foul, missed a pair of FTs and his only shot from the field. Kravish is coming out for Bak Bak, as Mike Montgomery tries to manufacture some rest for his players. Randle, who scored 30 points Wednesday night vs. ASU, hit his first 3-pointer. Andrew Zimmerman also made his first from beyond the arc — at that point he was 3 for 3 from deep against Cal, 1 for 7 the rest of the season. He since has missed three shots and been whistled for traveling.

NO ROSSI: Word from Cal is that redshirt freshman guard Alex Rossi did not make the trip to L.A. He returned home in Winnetka, Ill. this week. No word on why.

LINEUPS: Stanford will start Josh Owens, Andrew Zimmerman, Anthony Brown, Jarrett Mann and Chasson Randle. Cal will go with Harper Kamp, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Justin Cobbs.

WELCOME: All set for tonight’s Pac-12 tournament quarterfinal between the Bears and Cardinal, a rematch of Stanford’s 75-70 win over Cal on Sunday. Starting lineups are on the way.

Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Snap out of it -please This can’t be happening. Go out in the 2nd half and extend this season.

  • ThisisCal

    That was the worst half I have seen Cal play in a long time. Bad decisions, forcing everything, no inside presence and 14 turnovers. It drives me crazy. We can beat Furd. Pull it together. Go Bears!

  • joey

    15 turnovers is just sad. Nice that they came up with a new gameplan and are getting after it…..

  • SteveNTEXAS

    We are coming back -as long as we win and advance, it doesn’t have to be pretty. By winning and wash losing we are much more secure about getting a place.

  • Hoping the comeback energy didn’t leave us spent. Stanfurd is on game 2, but they rested everyone well yesterday.

    The free throw shooting has hurt us almost as much as the turnovers.

    8 minutes, Bears. Let’s see some intensity.

  • joey

    What happened to Jeff?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    We win and we’re in – we can lose the next game and still be in the tourney.

    It wasn’t pretty but who cares? What’s important is we regroup and play well in the NCAA’s -remember we were ranked in the beginning of the season.

  • Woohoo! 18 turnovers and so many missed free throws early had me “leaning” more than usual on the shots of Red Label to keep from exploding. I sure would have liked a few of those late fouls by Stanfurd to have been intentionals, though.

    NCAAs, here we come. Now that the pressure is off, the chances for taking this Pac 12 Tourney just increased, too.


    Fellow groupies of the Bay Area News Group blog comment sections,

    The Tourney is once again almost upon us. In an uncommon moment of ease, I have taken the initiative and created a Tournament Challenge group on ESPN.com which all are welcome to join. It is a public group, so no password is required. Just find the ESPN “Fantasy & games” drop menu and choose ”Tournament Challenge.” You can set up a bracket now, just fill it out before the first game.

    Group Name: Gang BANG

  • Derek

    what time is the game tomorrow?

  • There was one aspect of the final minutes that did not have me sweating – Zimmerman started forcing shots. There was no way he would start making 3s, off balance, with guys in his face, when all those points he racked up (a great game) had come in the flow of the game. I’d grin and watch him miss.

    Had he passed out of those last few shots when the D was converging on him, the game might have gotten even more uncomfortable.

  • covinared

    Jorge got his groove back.

  • ThisisCal

    We can take this tourney. Heard it here first.

  • ConcordBear

    Great turn around by the Bears. They played a great 2nd half. Really proud they got that huge win and all can breathe a sigh of relief.
    Sorry stanfraud, you done!!!
    But, opportunity still up for grabs. With two more wins Cal can win their first Pac tourney championship.
    Major carrot for our guys to get that notch in belt and go into ncaa’s on a roll.
    We can play loose and have fun but must have a sense of urgency to WIN. Every team we play is fighting for ncaa life. It will be tough but I like our team and think they can do it!
    Go Bears

  • ken1w

    It was watching two different Cal Bears teams, in the two halves.

    1st half – Cal scored 23 points (Jorge had 3).
    2nd half – Cal scored 54 points (Jorge had 19).

    Whatever Coach Montgomery did at halftime, please keep on doin’ it…! 🙂

  • ConcordBear

    Cal fans need to come out and get our team over tomorrow night.
    From Fresno south to Mexico, from Vegas to La get out to staples and support our Bears.
    Get the word out Cal fans and make LA Bear territory!
    California 3-0 so far in la this year.
    Go Bears!!!

  • ThisisCal

    That was exactly the game we needed between Oregon and Colorado. Emotionally draining for Colorado. We’re winning tomorrow.

  • Mitchie V

    I don’t know what Mike Montgomery does in the locker room at halftime. But it worked again!

    Good to see Jorge lighting it up.

  • I wanna go to LA, wah! stupid work… ;-(