Basketball: Does Lunardi envision 3 from Pac-12?

ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s late Friday night update seems to suggest at least the possibility of something few envision — 3 Pac-12 teams into the NCAA field.

After the completion of play across the country — taking into account Cal’s 70-59 loss to Colorado — Lunardi had two Pac-12 teams in his bracket: Cal and Washington.

Neither Cal nor UW will do anything Saturday to impact their status, so unless he’s counting on outside forces to push one out, maybe he expects three from the conference.

Or maybe the Huskies are in trouble, given that he has them among his “last four in,” and will be squeezed out Saturday . . . for instance, when either Arizona or Colorado claims the Pac-12 tournament title.

The Wildcats and Buffaloes are among Lunardi’s “next four out,” meaning they are no better than the fifth through eighth teams on the outside.  Saturday’s loser has no realistic chance.


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTEXAS

    I could see three – I could see two.
    Early in the season I was the only one with the temerity to voice my concerns with the direction of the Cal Program. This however, is not the right time to do so.

    At this juncture we can hope that Cal will have a good rest, is free of injuries that plague other teams, and with Monty’s experience prepare for an NCAA run. If we win a few games this will be a positive season despite recent disappointments.
    Although I believe this is the worst Pac 12 in many decades,if our teams get into the second or third round, that illusion will quickly evaporate.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    From CBS Sports: 8AM CST

    “The NCAA selection committee will have to make a tough choice with the Bears on Sunday. Cal’s resume includes an 8-6 record against RPI top-100 teams, but no wins (0-3) against top-50 teams. The highest rated team the Bears beat was Oregon (RPI: 63). Before Friday’s loss to Colorado, Cal’s RPI was 34.”

  • Eric

    If the Pac-12 gets in 3, mid-majors should screaming bloody murder. I think Cal squeezes in, with Colorado or Arizona. UW, notwithstanding its regular season title, should be out – we have a better overall record, we went further in the Pac-12 tournament, and our non-conference losses are not shameful, as compared to UW’s. But it is far too close for comfort, and this senior-laden team should not have been in this position. 17 turnovers? When you know what Colorado can bring?

  • mbbear

    and we care about mid-majors screaming because???

  • Yoda

    Always fun to see Steve thump his chest about his massive temerity.

    Cal might win a game. Washington might pull off one of those Romar runs and win two but they could also flame out completely. Arizona probably has the best shot at the Sweet Sixteen IF they get past Colorado.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Yoda yes I had the temerity to challenge your idiocy. I remember your predictions about Cal vis a Vis Indiana – something you don’t seem to mention anymore.

  • Eric

    Mbbear – we don’t, but every time the NCAA (either football or basketball) screws the mid-majors, it leads to changes.

    And there is something to be said with making sure the best teams make it, irrespective of conference affiliation. The Pac-12 was terrible this year. Terrible. It does not deserve three spots.