Basketball: South Florida game thread

South Florida routs Cal

FINAL SCORE: South Florida 65, Cal 54. Obviously nowhere near as close as the final score. The biggest USF lead was 32 points. Kamp finished with 19 points, Gutierrez had 11 points and six assists and Crabbe had 10 points and eight rebounds. Bears finish 24-10. USF (21-11) advances to play Temple on Friday in Nashville. I come home.

3:35 2nd H: USF leads 61-38. At least the Bears have topped the 37 points they scored against WSU back in 1988.

15:14 2nd H: No miracle comeback coming in the building where BYU rallied from 25 points down against Iona the night before. South Florida leads 45-20. Kamp doing all he can. Everyone else is powerless. Obviously, what everyone has been saying about the Pac-12 is true.

HALFTIME SCORE: South Florida 36, Cal 13. I suppose there is an NCAA rule requiring them to play the second half, but this is over. South Florida may start defending the Bears in the halftime locker room. USF shot 66.7 percent (16 for 24) in the half, including 4 for 7 from the 3-point line. Collins leads the way with 10 points. Cal is at 20.8 percent (5 for 24) and 0 for 6 from 3-pt. Crabbe is 0 for 6 and the three perimeter guys are a combined 1 for 10. Kamp has seven points. The rest of the team is 2 for 17. A season-low in the first half (duh!).

2:55 1st H: Not much to say. Cal is getting obliterated. It’s 33-13. Bears shootign 5 for 21. USF is 15 for 21.

7:41 1st H: USF leads 24-13. Even the Cal fight song sounds off — of course, it’s the Dayton band trying to play it. USF shooting 11 for 16 from the field. It helps than six are layups. Cal shooting 5 for 15. Kamp has seven points. Everyone else has combined for six. Not sure how much quicker Cal is going to get after the timeout.

11:53 1st H: USF took Collins out at the last timeout and it hasn’t mattered Reserve Toarlyn Fitzpatrick — at 6-8, 243 pounds — just hit a fallaway 3-pointer and it’s 18-5. The Bulls are shooting 80 percent from the field. Remember, this is a huge deficit against a team that plays the way USF does. A long climb back awaits the Bears. And now Collins has returned.

12:59 1st H: Cal is in trouble already. It’s 15-3 and the Bears cannot get a good shot. Worse yet, they cannot stop Anthony Collins. He has eight points and an assists. Just picked the ball clean from Crabbe and went in for a layup. Cal switched Cobbs onto him a couple possessions ago, and he immediately scored on a pullup jumper. Mike Montgomery is probably hoping the kid turns pro . . . at halftime.

15:58 1st H: USF leads 6-0. Another slow start for Bears. Cal has missed its first four shots and does not have an offensive rebound. Freshman PG Anthony Collins is going to be a problem for Cal. Gutierrez is on him so far, and he is VERY quick. Beat Gutierrez off the dribble and dished for a layup, then split two defenders and scored on a layup. Collins just got his first PF — could be the Bears’ best bet to deal with him.

LINEUPS: South Florida will star Ron Anderson Jr., Victor Rudd, Augustus Gilchrist, Anthony Collins and Hugh Robertson. Cal goes with Harper Kamp, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Justin Cobbs. 

NEWS FROM USC: Sophomore forward Garrett Jackson has been given permission to transfer, USC announced today.

GAME 1 IN DAYTON: Vermont beat Lamar 71-59 in the battle of No. 16 seeds here. If you didn’t get the chance to watch it, count yourself lucky.

NUMBERS: Exactly one opponent all season has shot 50 percent from the field against South Florida — that was Georgetown, which beat the Bulls 75-45 on Feb. 4. And the Hoyas shot 50 percent even. Since then, 10 straight foes have shot 39 percent or lower.

WELCOME: I’m here at the University of Dayton Arena at the end of another beautiful day in Ohio. It’s been shirt-sleeve weather for two days here, and the local folks have been just as accomodating. Time for some hoops. Cal vs. South Florida in a First Four battle for the No. 12 seed into the main bracket of the NCAA Midwest region. The winner gets No. 5 Temple on Friday in Nashville, Tenn.

Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    Juancho – no tomas demasiado bebidas. No piensas negativo- ganaremos.

    The slate is clean -we are in the big dance -Let’s Make a statement. Tip off in about 2 minutes.

  • Are you kidding me? That last USF possession before the foul on Cobbs and the TO, USF had TWO moving screens, tripped Jorge, AND stepped on the endline!

    If they get away with that on OFFENSE, Cal has no chance.

    It was good to see Cobbs drive the ball fast up court off the miss, though. That took a half game to get done most of the past month.

  • Just shoot me.

    USF starts off shooting 70% with a BANKED 3 pointer.

    This could not have started much worse.

  • Joey

    What else is on tonight?

  • Joey

    This is over. Good night.

  • Didnt deserve the tourney afterall. Pathetic.

  • Kevin

    Pathetic. They look totally unprepared and uninterested. What an unbelievably awful and downright embarrassing finish to the season. I’m no longer a believer that the program is heading in the right direction. The team I’m watching tonight looks like our teams did at the end of the Braun era.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Let’s ask Pastor Rick to pray when all else appears to be this bad. Daddy just left the room shaking his head saying “Another Tedford performance.”

    Maybe UCB with their Pac 12 POY will score a total of 20 points tonight.


  • Woj

    Anyone got a bag I can put over my head. Awful, horrible, kind of reminds me of the Big Game 2010 except its indoors and the ball is round. Cancel the team flight back make everyone walk back from Dayton. Shameful and embarrassing to anyone that cares about Cal athletics.

  • Woj

    Monty is paid to ooach the team for two 20-minute halves correct? In each of the last 5 games, Cal has been down double digits 4 minutes into each game. I watched 2 minutes of the game – mentally vomited and now seeking other entertainment for tonight.

  • wehofx


  • Eric

    Someone should acknowledge StevenNTexas’s comments pre-season and during the season.

    He’s right – the lack of depth, and reliance on good, but not great, senior talent that didn’t produce in the clutch was completely on show for all today.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    How bad a showing?

    Well, things could not have been worse for the PAC 12.

    Cal was probably the 6th or worse team in the conference come selection Sunday, but had the best resume. USF was on fire. Cal did not play that badly on defense, yet everything fell for the Bulls. That banked three early was prophetic.

    Bak and Smith taking multiple first half shots? Monty has to take a ton of blame for this showing. Just sad.

    And I could have gone to see Dana Carvey tonight instead of torture myself watching this meadow muffin.

    The bright side? USF should win a few more games, making my faith in Cal not look so bad on my Espn brackets.

  • daredevilfan

    I can hear Tedford’s guest post-game speech now…”you won the second half!”….

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Look out. Now that there isn’t football and baskettball to be played, Inspector Clousseau could get dangerous with his spare time. He has an overworked imagination akin to the guy who keeps predicting the rapture but is always wrong.

  • Will

    MoreNCS_are_ignored and sanctioned! troll post blocked

    Two words for ya: TWENTY-SIX LOSSES

  • discdude

    What, like Steve is a genius? Tell us something we didn’t know. Everyone, including the writers, knew that Cal’s achilles heel would be depth. And what we all didn’t know is that Solomon would donk out mid-season.

    What we are is Cal FANS, not someone who thinks “I hope they lose so I can prove myself right.” But even the most die-hard Cal fan knew this team probably wasn’t Final 4 material.

    The fall 2012 class and 2013 class will determine the future of this program. It’s clearer than ever that more athletes are needed, but there was nothing that could be done about that this year. This will all be on Monty now, to recruit and develop the talent he needs. I still don’t expect Cal to be Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, or Ohio State though.

    It was a fun year, just disappointing at the end. They ran out of gas and it’s a shame. Still, it’s better than finishing 8th and throwing the ball around the perimeter, no?

  • ConcordBear

    Every game our team played this year vs a good team on the road or neutral court we got smoked.
    So tonight was no surprise. Painful, but no surprise.
    Unfortunately we have no depth and disappointing our senior leaders are all heart when we need more than just heart vs very good athletes.
    Lot of questions for next year. I’m worried, especially because of the way the season ended. Seemed like we got down and quit when the going got tough.
    Most disappointing thing about tonight was how soft we played.
    Need Monty to sign one or two more guys this spring to help next year. Time to get on the recruiting train and find help to improve the program!
    Go Bears!

  • very poor job of coaching tonight. how hard is it to say “at the outset I don’t want any long range shots. We need to probe the defense and see where we can work it in for something with a high percentage. Once we have figured out how to score against them inside then we start taking good look shots outside to soften the identified spots up and then go back in there for the cream.” A CYO coach would have done as well. I don’t put this on the players. They were tight and then when the shots didn’t fall, tightened up to the point of lock-jaw. Game over; I stopped at 18 to 3 or 18 to 5. Monty blew this one big time. He seemed in shock or slightly in a daze at the timeout at that point. If he didn’t know his team’s choke tendencies from the last 3 to 4 games, well, the game may have finally passed him by. Say goodnight if you can’t draw up a simple predictable counter-plan to avoid a first round game wash-out. Sad excuse for coaching. Time to move on.

  • Eric


    I’m certainly not carrying SteveNTexas’s water about whether Monty needs to go (I’m not remotely there). In my view, the fact that JG was Pac-12 player of the year even though he is not a scoring machine, does speak to very good coaching.

    But basketball, far more than football, can far more easily turn on individual talent. The reason why Kentucky is in the top 5 every year even though every year virtually all of their top talent are freshman who then jump to the NBA is because they reload with the best talent (ignore the Calipari ethics problem).

    Obviously, talent isn’t everything. Bad coaching can retard great talent. That was a flaw of Braun’s.

    In our case, none of our guys were supreme talents. JG is an all-around terrific player, but he struggles against fast and aggressive guards (one reason why he did so poorly against Missouri, Colorado, and USF) and can easily get into foul trouble. Crabbe is a scorer, but he is not a creator. Kamp is solid, but certainly not a first option.

    So without supreme talents, good coaching can make a team excel but requires maximizing the value of all players. You need a bench, and you need getting everything from everyone.

    Steve’s comments as I have read them throughout the year (and last year) is that Monty had simply not done enough in recruiting, and the bench was not being maximized. He’s right.

    It doesn’t change that, despite a fairly disappointing finish to what could have been a great season, it has been very good season. 20+ wins and a NCAA tourney trip is not bad.

    But I’m guessing Monty’s run will last no more than 5 years under any circumstances. I am very much hoping we see a Sweet Sixteen trip during that time, and we should be concerned it will not happen.

  • Uh Huh!

    Eric and Steve,
    The people who point out that Cal won’t be much good bc of recruiting get labeled “Negabears” and get chased out of discussion boards.
    They are silenced. But it doesn’t make them wrong, or non Cal fans.

    I am frustrated with those that blame things on Solomon, bc he just as well could have gone down to injury, something that happens to most teams any given season. But you gotta have depth. To get NOTHING from a bench full of recruits, to have the group of starters apparently flop from mental exhaustion at the end of the season (I’m seeing a pattern here) is indeed a Nega-mark on Monty. I’d certainly be interested hearing address that.

    Mike has done some really good stuff with Cal and in his career, and ive enjoyed watching his teams over-achieve, but you guys are right about the shortcomings.

  • covinared

    I think its just time to acknowledge what many have been saying all along. The Pac12 is not very good. One only needed to spend a few minutes watching the games from the other conferences to see the difference in play. Cal did fairly well in a weak conference, but our group this year would probably be no better than a .500 team in years past. It was nonetheless a good small group of players that simply did the best they could until they wore down. Good luck Jorge and Harper. See the rest of you guys next year. I’d really like to see Rossi step in.

  • I missed you, Uh Oh.

    I would not shed a tear if Monty called it quits. Sure, there are very legitimate excuses out there from the light bench to Crabbe having shingles (did anyone know that before last night) to Monty’s own health, but some of the basic decision making last night was confounding.

    Suddenly, at this point (not back when the winnable conference title was at stake), Monty lets Smith and Bak shot multiple times down the court, all misses, in the first half? Was this desperation? Calculated? If desperation, that is embarrassing. If calculated, perhaps that could have been tried @ Colorado, or @ Standfurd, or in the Pac tourney.

    Monty threw the players under the bus after the half saying they were settling for bad shots, but they’ve been doing that every game for over a month, and many games throughout the year. That’s coaching.

  • Covinared, the conference is not good, but it is not nearly as bad as what Cal just made it look like. Cal has been playing this badly, with no bench on top of it, for a month. We had the best resume, but 5-6 teams were playing better than we were last week.

    Add that the match up was a tough one, against a USF team that played very disciplined ball (they sure didn’t look turnover prone), and it was a recipe for indigestion. I am still not over watching that damn banked 3 pointer extend an already big lead.

  • Juancho

    I dont care if the conference is bad. Montgomery isnt paid to coaxh the conference. He coaches our team which under performed all year.

    And he underperforms as a recruiter.

    Maybe its time to start the overpaid for mediocrity comparisons to Tedford.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Maybe your basketball team should schedule more teams the likes of Presbyterian and Sac State.

    Oh wait…they did.

  • covinared

    or usc..

  • discdude

    Eric (and others)-

    First of all, it’s Discdude, even though I did grow up in the 70s, no “o” in the middle. Personal, ad hominem attacks aren’t necessary. Discussion is good by me. I’ll be civil. Actually, I’m usually very civil, but when people start calling for the firing of a coach who has taken a completely broken program to top 4 finishes in his first 4 seasons and made them fun to watch, then I get a little bent out of shape. I actually block Steve because he goes so far beyond the pale, that I put him with Moron. I know he’s a Cal fan and he does make some good points, but he also has some ideas that are crazy. So, now that you know where I stand…

    1. This team is what we were dealt with this year. No one knew Solomon would not play. And Monty didn’t know Franklin would transfer last year. Monty didn’t even know Seeley and Amoke would leave the year before. Unfortunately, when you plan recruiting around that, and then you get bit, you end up with a very shallow team, lots of walk-ons. Going into this season, I knew depth would be an issue. And at the end, playing about 5 to 6 players wasn’t going to get it done.

    2. That being said, recruiting has been weak and Monty has to look at himself for that. I agreed with that last fall and I agree with it now. I also said 2012 and 2013 recruiting years would be the *best* time to judge him because when you are trying to turn around an aircraft carrier, it takes time. People seem to forget that it took Monty more than 5 years to turn around Stanfurd. Also, that team didn’t really hit it’s stride until he’d be there nearly 10 years. In this instant age we live in, no coach would get 10 years, of course. But it’s not like he’s underperformed, in fact, I think he’s over-performed for the talent level on the team. By a lot. He definitely maximizes his available resources. To me, now that the track record is there again, he does need to land some higher-level recruits. He has clearly stated he won’t go after one-and-dones, but he needs some upper tier talent if they want to not only challenge the top of the conference, but make it to at least the Sweet 16.

    3. His age could be working against him. There are not many coaches his age who can get the top level talent, despite the resume. He’s a cerebral coach and he won’t appeal to every kid. I think he needs to hire a top-level recruiter to help him out.

    4. Don’t expect Cal to “compete” for talent against Kansas, Kentucky or Ohio State. I don’t expect it. When in fact you go back and look at Furd’s success when Monty was there, they had talent, but they also over-achieved, which is a trait of Monty teams. I just don’t think we’ll be seeing Kentucky-level talent at Cal, ever. We seem to lose recruits who want public education to UCLA, Zona, and UW, and we lose those who want private education to Furd (I would take Powell or Chasson Randle on Cal right now). He may land a few in the future, but unless something changes drastically, I just don’t see 5-star talent coming to Cal, I’m not sure why others do.

    5. Thus, I think his MO is to identify missed talent and develop it, and continue to build a program. I’m ok with that when it results in top 4 finishes, even in a down year, but I too would like to see better athletes on the court. However, as someone mentioned somewhere, Cal’s APR is hurting them right now and taking high-level talent that leaves in one or two years might not even be do-able right now. He needs to get guys who will graduate.

    I’ve got more to say, but work calls. It was a fun year (at least the early part) and hats off to Kamp and Gutierrez for great careers at Cal and for getting their degrees! Those 2 guys are stand up Cal guys and everyone should be proud they played in the blue and gold.

    Go Bears!

  • discdude

    Actually, I had one more thing…basketball can turn on individual talent, but basketball is also a team sport. I think one thing people lose sight of is that if this team had some depth and could play 8 or 9 deep, that Gutierrez and Crabbe would have been even better. Less minutes, better play. I find it frustrating when people question their talent, when fresh legs are probably the biggest reason why they played poorly down the stretch.

  • Will

    Covinared, use greasemonkey. It’s wonderful. You don’t see anything the troll says, yet you can mercilessly taunt him about his pathetic life and how the only action he gets is when playing pocket ping pong.

  • Will


  • BlueNGold

    Wow. 3 separate trash talking posts to the same blog thread. Someone is really desperate and crying out for attention. Pathetic troll. Get a life.