Basketball: A.D. Barbour prepared to extend Montgomery’s contract

The season didn’t end the way the Bears wanted, but the next order of business is negotiating a contract extension for coach Mike Montgomery.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Uh Huh!

    Can we tie that extension, or at least some figures in it, to his success rate in the recruiting arena?

    (if we could, it would surely be a small extension)

  • Concordbear

    Monty was as demonstrative and vocal on the bench this year as ever. He obviously still enjoys coaching. As long as he has a vision and passion to fulfill it we have to extend him. After getting that worked out, all staff get out there and get some players in the spring signing period and continue to move this program forward.

  • Rocko

    Maybe we need to recruit on the east coast because west coast basketball the last few years has sucked.

  • Mitchie V

    Bravo! I think we’re very lucky to have Monty at Cal. I hope he wants to keep going.

    IMHO, Cal finishes mid-conference without Coach Montgomery.

  • Can’t we land some top local talent like the football team? Brandon Smith from DLS is the only local on the roster, and we know how he is working out. I think we can do better than that. Please…

  • Juancho

    Same argument for me as Tedford. Can we get the same or similar results for less money ?

    Aaron Gordon is a Junior and plays for Mitty in San Jose. He’s in the Nor Cal championship game tomorrow in Sacramento.

    He also plays for Oakland Soldiers’ AAU team. Since Braun left we haven’t been able to lock up any of those Oakland Soldiers’ guys.

    California basketball doesn’t stink in terms of recruiting. It may be down but we’re still missing on all the local guys.

    Aaron Gordon is the 3rd ranked junior in the country. Doesn’t even have an offer from Monty. Does from Arizona and other powers. His brother plays for New Mexico, transferred from UCLA.

  • Juancho

    I’m biased and would not be sad if Monty retired and we brought in someone new. Randy Bennett would recruit like crazy at Cal. He gets these talents to come to Moraga for pete sake.

    I remember before we hired Monty, Bennett was more or less campaigning for the job on the radio. I don’t like his style of play per say, but that’s just my bias. But he is an example of a guy who may not be as good of a coach as Monty in a conceptual sense. But would outrecruit him from day 1. And to me it comes down to:

    Is it more important to have talent and work with it, or to be a genius of a coach but not bring in much in terms of talent ?

    Monty is a million times better as a coach than Braun. Braun was way better at recruiting. Can’t we find someone smack dab in the middle ? Hell maybe the answer is keep Monty but pony up some money to someone with connections that can help us get some local stars to commit to Cal.

    I don’t think since Leon Powe and his class have we really landed a top bay area guy.

  • daredevilfan

    I think there should be very specific goals and objectives listed in all future contracts. Monty and his staff have to do better at recruiting. Absent that, we should be able to opt out of a contract and try someone else. I hope he knows about the twitter and the facebook.

  • Dan

    To be clear, Braun got good recruits, but it wasn’t really Braun- it was his top assistant Scott Beeten that got most all of the top players from the Soldiers and local. Monty does not have a top notch recruiter in that vein.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Not surprisingly I am against any contract extension. Although I tried to be optimistic at times this year I soon figured out we were going downhill.

    1. We could not get motivated down the stretch vs teams not in the top 50. We had 3 chances to beat such teams towards the end of a season and lost.

    2. Recruiting has been horrible the past two years. By the way if you pick a kid and he transfers or gets taken off the team – does that not reflect on the coach?

    The excuses are pitiful- Cal has not suffered any more injuries than most teams and much less than many. This is why it helps perspective wise to follow two teams.

    Indiana thought Maurice Creek perhaps its star player would be good this year but a re injury kept him out all season. Verdell Jones its senior leader and playmaker was lost in the last game of the regular season but it didn’t stop them from creaming the WAC Champ NMSU.

    Cal has many advantages we should not settle for mediocre. Good academics , a great location and a scenic campus as well as top media market and a major conference. On some of those factors Cal bests IU.

    We should demand better. Monty runs a clean program -seems to treat people fairly but has lost his edge both in motivation and recruiting. Its time to let him go-he won’t starve.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    “The sky is falling! Hire Jason Kidd! I follow 2 teams so I know basketball!”

    24 wins is not mediocre.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Takeoff – I will remind you in your last postings how you outright lied about South Florida and how only an ignorant person could expect someone to beat them by 20 points. They lost by over 20 3 or 4 times during the season and once by 30.

    As for Jason Kidd I gave you a link were it said “Everyone ( in the NBA) agrees Jason Kidd would be a great coach” Never read that one either?

    Your thought we were a great team this year and perhaps it still hasn’t sunk in that we weren’t.

    Ok so you’re ignorant and dishonest- but hey if someone allows you to use their computer you can post away all you want don’t let any facts or your lack of reading comprehension to get in the way. MOren can post so can you.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Ok whatever Steveo.

    I said USF was solid. So is Cal. Our team was not capable of any large victory in that match-up, regardless of other scores this year for USF. They were deeper, taller, stronger, and faster on paper and reality. So your statement that a 20 point Cal victory was in the realm of possibility is an example of your usual overblown expectations.

    One CBS sentence about Kidd maybe coaching an NBA team one day has nothing to do with running a colllege basketball program, recruiting players, talking to their families, etc. Monty has shown he can crank out 20 win seasons, out coach most of his conference rivals, and graduate classy players.

    I never said we were great, but I support the players and the team and believe they played above their ability this season – a difficult season with 3 defected players and 1 suspended. I don’t mind intelligent critical analysis, but your posts are far from it. Like your dramatic ‘the rise and fall of cal bball’ post over at BI. No replies yet, maybe you shocked them all with your brilliant hit piece…

    Sure, I wanted Cal to win 28 games also and the opportunity was there, but continually calling for the head coach to be dismissed on every Cal board is a pretty lame schtick.

  • Juancho

    I agree with steve.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Winning the 24 games NONE of which were against top 50 competition is meaningless. I play basketball with my 11 yr old and I win every time and my stats according to your logic would have Mark Cuban at my door.

    This is like discussions I have with my pet possum Alex as you can barely get one simple thought correct. I am also concerned with the FUTURE of the program – We have had horrible recruiting two years in a row -we can not even keep Bay Area recruits from out of state school.

    I expect a lot more from this program and Montgomery is taking us downhill.

  • ConcordBear

    You guys are crazy.

  • Wow, such childishness here. We ALL want Cal to win, right? We have different opinions as to why we didn’t go undefeated this year, last year, and wont next year. Steve sees the cup half empty, takeoff sees it as half full. Both are right, both are wrong. To get personal on these comments sections is infantile and below us Cal grads, imho.

    I agree with takeoff that Kidd as Cal coach would probably be a nightmare, I seriously doubt he could coach himself out of a paper bag. But he probably could recruit so I see Steve’s point there as well. I do think that 24 wins, REGARDLESS of who they beat, cannot be considered anything but a successful season. Yes, we should have won at least ONE MORE GAME – giving us a championship, and a real seed in the tourney, but we didn’t. They ran out of gas, no more analysis needed.

  • bigdruid

    Before the season when Steve was ranting about recruiting, I questioned the utility of constantly complaining about it, since it was pretty clear that what we see on the court is basically what we’re going to get with Monty. And now the gloves have come off – he’s openly calling for firing Monty.

    I’m gonna have to strongly disagree with this – I enjoy the smart style of basketball that Monty coaches, and I think it’s easier to improve recruiting than it is to find someone who can coach and develop players the way he can. On the flip side, I supported Braun all the way to the end so take that with a grain of salt 🙂

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Big yes I complained about recruiting when one of the ratings services and I get Scout mixed up with Rivals -ranked us LAST among the Pac 10 ( at the time). This past class was nothing special either with out of state Pac 12 Teams getting recruits out of Cal and even Oakland.

    My prediction was that we were and are going downhill. It doesn’t matter if everyone agrees with me or disagrees- the proof will be in the pudding.

    Will we go further next year than we did this year ? I say NO. We will see.

  • Uh Huh!

    1. 24 wins = successful season.
    2. Montgomery is a great x and o coach.
    3. Montgomery does not land enough big time recruits to push Cal over the top.

    Open for debate:
    1. What to think or do about it.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    UH huh – Ok we can disagree on the 24 wins – to me not beating a Top 50 team is not such an accomplishment. The teams that beat us are already gone from post season.

    How about Monty as a Motivator? That is a key ingredient. He couldnt motivate us down the stretch and we lost to mediocre teams – and one fairly good team Colorado.

  • bigdruid

    Wait, who did we lose to down the stretch? (I’ll define “down the stretch” as last 10 games):

    Colorado – fairly good.
    Arizona – fairly good and we were jobbed by the refs. I’d list them as “inconsistent” rather than mediocre and most people would agree that this might’ve been our best-played game of the year.
    USF – still rocking in the tourney, headed to sweet-16.
    @Stanford – probably the single worst loss of the season.

    I’d say that only the Stanford loss qualifies as “we lost to mediocre teams/Monty can’t motivate”. And it’s honestly a pretty strong data point in your favor. But I’m not sure I’d extrapolate a trend yet.

  • Boaltblue

    Monty took us to within one win of the Pac-12 Championship this year. He brought home a Pac-12 Championship, two seasons ago. His first recruit, Jorge Gutierrez is the Pac-12 POY and Pac-12 Defensive Player.

    In life, you cannot always have it perfect. Monty is a BIG ASSET to the Cal BB program and should be rewarded with an extension.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    The Pac 12 this year sucked Boaltblue and Big USF is not still in the tourney- nor is Colorado.

    What I’m concerned about is NEXT year and the year afterwards. Two lousy recruiting classes and the loss of Jorge and Kemp while other teams get better and steal recruits from our state, will take its toll.

    We will see who is right