Football: Bears finally get first spring workout

Quarterback Zach Maynard has the look of a veteran as the weather finally allows the Bears to get in their first workout of the spring.

Jeff Faraudo

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    Zach Kine in due time, which is not now.

  • Are they gonna let Maynard run this year? If he doesn’t have at least 5 designed runs in the first game of the year, it will be the same as last year, boring. Let the dude run Tedford, jeez, adjust to the modern QB era, please. If he gets hurt he gets hurt, its football remember?

  • Juancho

    I kindly disagree with you BlakeStreet.

    I don’t think Maynard is that fast. And in a few conference games they gave Maynard some rollouts and draws and he got killed. I don’t think he has the speed to be an effective runner in conference.

    I don’t think highly of him as a football player in general. But hopefully he gets a nice degree and has a good senior year and proves me wrong.

    Kline will definitely redshirt. There is no argument there. The only spot some of us will probably not agree is on whether Kline ever comes out of the abyss that all the incoming freshmen QBs go into when they get redshirted.

    I hope Kline breaks the streak, and will be Tedford’s first excellent QB that he recruited out of high school.

    Rodgers was a hell of a find and Tedford deserves credit for it.

    But we haven’t hit a home run on any of the high school recruits just yet. This could be it. Let’s hope he has a great learning year as a redshirt – and (tongue in cheek) really learns from Maynard.

    A friend mentioned they read something that said Keenan already announced he’ll enter the draft after this year. Can anyone corroborate that ? I haven’t seen it.

  • Juancho, Maynard IS fast. And he is not a pocket passer, we know that. So how should he be utilized? I think it is essential, no matter who the QB is, that there be designed QB runs at least a few times per game. And I would have no problem with Cal running the option occasionally this year, getting Allen, Sofele and Maynard all involved. They have speed. Maynard’s weakness is his vision, he throws balls were he shouldn’t. Are you OK with the same set of plays being called for Maynard this season as last? Not me. Tedford’s “creativity” has disappeared. Letting the QB run is just one way to mix it up on occasion. And we know we need some of that, sick of teams knowing what plays we run before the snap.

  • And Jauncho, I respect you, not trying to start an argument. There have been too many of those recently on this blog. Just stating my opinion.

  • Juancho

    Those are good points blakestreet. I agree with you on a lot of them. Would love to see more innovation and maybe a sped up Oregon no huddle tempo once a quarter.

    Last year i said bridgeford should have been given a series a half for experience. I stand by that again this year. Had we done that our record would have veen about the same but wed have a backup a little better prepared for gameday.