Football: Keenan Allen confident he will be healthy and ready for summer camp

Perched uncomfortably on crutches 12 days after undergoing surgery repair torn ligaments in his right ankle, Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen said he has no doubts he will be healthy and ready to go by the start of summer training camp.

“It’s doing pretty good right now. It’s doing great,” he said after watching the Bears complete their first full-pads workout of the spring. “No pain. “They told me today in about three weeks I can start rehabbing. I should be ready to go by summer.”

Allen, who caught 98 passes for 1,343 yards as a sophomore last season and figures to be one of the nation’s top wideouts next fall, injured his ankle while going for a rebound in a pickup basketball game at the RSF.

“First time I’ve been hurt,” he said. “I’ve sprained it before. I’ve heard it pop a couple times. I didn’t know this latest one was something different.”

Allen said the surgery was straight forward and did not take long.

Asked if he has any worries that recovery could linger into the summer, Allen said, “I’m not really concerned at all. I feel good. The doc feels good, too. He said I’ll be back. I’ll be ready.

“I don’t really do too much worrying. It should go by fast.”

In fact, Allen said missing spring ball is not all bad.

“You’re never too good to practice, but it’s definitely good to sit down and let your body rest,” he said.

Although he has not been on the field, Allen said he’s favorably impressed with first-year receivers coach Wes Chandler.

“He’s great. He teaches us a lot of stiuff, especially in the meetings,” Allen said. “He’s real hands on. He can demonstrate stuff because he’s done it before. Just having somebody who’s played the game, I feel like that’s way better.”

Chandler played 11 NFL seasons, catching 559 passes for 8,966 yards and 56 touchdowns. But he retired after the 1988 season — more than three years before Allen was born.

“I’d heard of him . . . he was pretty good,” Allen said. “I pulled up a highlight on YouTube, but it didn’t have a lot. He’s old school.”

Jeff Faraudo