Football: On Zach M, Zach K and everyone in between on Bears’ quarterback depth chart

Hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday.

If you did not see our newspaper this morning, here’s my Sunday story on Cal’s quarterback situation. Senior Zach Maynard is No. 1, without a serious challenger at this point and has the confidence of the coaching staff.

He directly disputed the persistent rumors that he is in danger of being academically ineligible next season.

Junior Allan Bridgford is solid as the No. 2. There is no real order among the other three, and no plans to automatically redshirt freshman Zach Kline. Jeff Tedford and his staff are very high on the recent San Ramon Valley HS graduate, and competition will determine how things stack up. 

I’m taking a week’s vacation. See you soon.


Jeff Faraudo

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    Max Browne > Zach Kline

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  • ConcordBear

    Have a great vacation Jeff.
    Thanks for the great job you do covering Cal sports and on this blog.
    Appreciate it!

  • Juancho

    Have a nice vacation Jeff. I’ll continue to visit the site hoping you can’t stay away and decide to throw up the occasional update.

    I like Bridgeford’s attitude. I like the quote in the article about looking forward to seeing Kline play once Bridgeford is gone.

    I don’t like that Tedford put in a new rule just so Kline can’t talk. Open it up coach, don’t shut the world out. You don’t own the whole program. You’re the coach and have done great things for our school, but it’s our school and our team too.

    Hopefully Tedford reconsiders what I will call the “Kline Rule”.

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    LOL milo hahahahhaa. So, so true. Well played, sir. Well played.

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    Have fun, and relax!!

  • Steve W

    I can provide another example of a left-handed Cal quaterback who struggled in his first year as a starter and whom we all had greater expectations for in his second year. His name was Justin Vedder.

    Vedder threw for 2,718 yards in his 1997 debut season with 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He came back for his senior campaign in 1998 to throw 11 touchdowns and 13 interceptions and 2,322 yards. The biggest knock on Vedder was his completion percentage (low 50’s)and poor touchdowns to interceptions ratio throughout his career. Sound familiar?

    So I would like to hear a story of a Cal quarterback who had a shaky debut year and then came back gangbusters in his next season. Troy Taylor, Pat Barnes and Kyle Boller starting as a true freshmen don’t count. Maynard came to Cal as a junior with a full year of D-1 football under his belt. Can anyone name one?

  • gobears49

    Hope, over the summer, Maynard has learn to roll right and throw on the run. Never saw him do that last year. Defenses key on stuff like that.

  • Juancho

    Thats not really fair steve w. we have really only had three very good qbs in the last 25 or so year.




  • wehofx

    JF or Juancho, what’s up with the 2 cb from Georgia who committed? Is one of the D coaches recruiting the south?

    Re: ZM. I am hopeful that he has raised his game. If not, I hope JT will not be reluctant to go to AB or ZK.

  • gobears49

    I’d have to check the list, but Longshore was one of the top 10 QB’s in the nation before he hurt his ankle, which I guess he never recovered from. So I would put him on the list.

    During the time he was playing well, the only knock I had on Longshore was he would try a pass that could only gain a yard or so when he could have easily run for 10 or more yards. He wasn’t a scrambler and didn’t like to run. Like the prototype pro QB’s of yesteryear (not now; most can run the ball, or at least a lot more than they used to — must be the college influence).

  • eric

    @Steve W – you raise a good issue. For many other schools, QBs are not very good as sophomores or juniors but then blossom as seniors. Dennis Dixon is a good example, as is Carson Palmer. But that generally hasn’t been the case at Cal, except for Boller (who was did blossom as a senior).

    @Juancho – add Dave Barr to that list. He was undefeated in the 1993 season (all games we lost he was injured).

    @Gobears – Longshore was not a great QB. Not only could he not scramble at all, he was not good at looking at second or third options (Riley was significantly better at that than Longshore). That is one reason why Longshore had so many Pick-Sixes (or TAINTs). He had a decent 2006 season, but not in any of the truly important games. Further, Longshore had Jackson, Hawkins, Jordan, Stevens, Marshawn Lynch in 2006, and Vereen in 2007 – that is as talented a group of receivers/receiving runnings backs as one will find.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx – Avery Sebastian who is a Safety and star in waiting on the Cal defense is from Georgia, and has been instrumental in trying to pull Georgia kids to Cal. He almost got us Eligwe (one of the top 3 linebackers in the country) last year at the last minute, but Eligwe stuck with Florida State.

    Good point Eric.

    Wasn’t Best also a freshman when Longshore had Lynch ? I think Longshore also had Alex Mack.

  • clonedoc

    Juancho – Mike Pawlawski belongs on the top 25 list as well.


  • covinared

    Eric: Vereen in 2007? You mean Best.

  • eric

    Actually, I meant Forsett (neither Vereen nor Best!) – he was the starter in 2007. Forsett had 22 receptions that year. My bad.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, thanks.

    AS really is going to be a great recruiter and coach one day. But if you’re right, we’ll have to wait until his career in the NFL ends – unlike the ‘ho.

    I sure hope JT hires a under 30 Social Media Wiz to the staff. Got to give him for tweeting every now and again. Not the most interesting tweets but at least he’s trying.

  • Steve W

    My whole point in raising the Vedder comparison was that quarterbacks have tendencies that don’t go away from season to season. Vedder had issues with accuracy and threw a lot of interceptions. And so does Maynard, as he showed in his first two seasons.

    The good quarterbacks at Cal – Pawlaski, Taylor, Barr, Barnes, Rodgers and, yes, Longshore before his ankle injury – all showed a lot more promise in their debut campaigns and signalled better things to come as they matured. I don’t get that feeling with Maynard. He padded his stats late in the season against bad teams and caught a Stanford team that was reeling from a bad loss to Oregon.

    It’s the main reason I am not all that optimistic about the 2012 season. Tedford is hell-bent on naming him the starter. The thought of going into fall camp without an open quarterback competition is kinda depressing to me.

  • Boaltblue

    According to Jeff Faraudo, “Senior Zach Maynard showed himself to be consistently the best of the Bears’ five quarterbacks” at one of the practices Jeff attended. If we had a better QB, Coach Tedford would play the other QB.

    Maynard’s stats from last year were: 231 completions;
    405 attempts; 57.0% completion average; 2990 yards (more than Aaron Rodgers); average 7.4 yards per completion; 17 TDs; 12 INTs; passing rating 127.0. Maynard ran for another 108 net yards (after subtracting the losses due to sacks) and 4 more TDs.

    Give Zach an offensive line that can block and our offense will be rolling.

    Those of you who rain pessimism and defeatism, do everyone a favor, stay at home this season.

  • Cre8tivguy

    No, don’t stay home. All of the pessimists need to buy season tickets and come see Maynard win in person. The excitement in new Memorial is gonna be high this year, and given Cal’s past success at home, wins against OR, WA, and Stanford are likely and you won’t want to miss it.

  • Juancho

    “More than Aaron Rodgers” – what are you implying Boalt? Maynard isn’t in the same stratosphere as Rodgers. But hell maybe this year he proves me and that statement wrong, and he turns into a first round draft pick.

    How many of Maynard’s good stats came against USC, Oregon, Stanford, etc., and against Presbyterian and Fresno State?

    I think Maynard will be better this year. Again – he has to be. I think he was a deer in the headlights when the big boys showed up in conference play.

    Folks need to stop acting like they own the truth and stop trying to create a “real fans” versus “negative fans” divide on this blog.

    These are just people’s personal opinions.

    I don’t think Bak Bak will be very good next year. Does that mean I should stop going to basketball games?

    I hope Maynard gets a great education and finds a nice career after football. I certainly hope he has a great season.

  • Juancho

    Maynard Stats from last year:

    Attempts-Completions-INTs, Yards TDS Long Sacks

    L-Road-Texas: 19-33-1 188 0 21 6
    W-Road-Arizona State: 19-26-0 237 1 74 0
    L-Road-Stanford: 20-29-0 280 2 42 3
    W-Home-Oregon State: 13-19-1 128 1 22 2
    W-Home-Washington State: 10-17-0 118 1 29 1
    L-Road-UCLA: 14-30-4 199 0 38 3
    W-Home-Utah: 19-29-0 255 1 44 2
    L-Home-USC: 25-43-3 294 0 27 3
    L-Road-Oregon: 20-41-0 218 1 28 2
    L-Road-Washington: 23-43-0 349 1 90 1
    W-Home-Presbyterian: 15-25-1 215 3 51 0
    W-Road-Colorado: 18-35-1 243 4 37 2
    W-Home-Fresno State: 16-35-1 266 2 42 2

  • Juancho

    Maynard had 9 touchdowns in the first three games. Fresno State – 2, Colorado – 4, Presbyterian 3.

    The rest of the season after that, he had 8.

    Through weeks 1-3 Maynard only had 3 INTs. That’s impressive.

    Then through weeks 4-6, he had 3, also impressive. And really those 3 picks came from the USC game, where the whole team was way overmatched. That’s just a fact. Other than our linebacking core, the rest of our team looked a good level below USC.

    Weeks 7-9, he had 4. Again, all in one game, UCLA.

    The final 4 games of the season, including the bowl game, he only had 1.

  • Juancho

    #27 shows that I didn’t study math.

    Maynard had 2 picks in the final 4 of the season, missed that 1 from Texas.

  • ThisisCal


  • eric

    @BoaltBlue – since you and I typically do not see eye to eye, I won’t comment on the “defeatism” and “pessimism” other than to echo Juancho – stop trying to define who is a Cal fan, because you’ll end up defining a universe of one.

    But I do comment on the idea that simply because Tedford says Maynard is the best QB must mean Maynard is the best QB, because otherwise Tedford would play someone else. That assumes a lot, namely that Tedford necessarily is always correct in his selection of QBs. I suppose it is difficult to prove a negative – if Tedford chooses X but should have chosen Y, how do we know that he made a mistake? One could measure by W-L records, which suggests that perhaps Tedford has made errors in judgment since Aaron Rodgers. One could measure by all-american or all-conference QBs, which would also suggest Tedford has made errors. One could measure it by recruiting busts, and there have been quite a few. One could measure with the few examples where QB X was replaced by QB Y – 2007 Armed Forces Bowl, anyone?

    That being said, Maynard may indeed be the best QB Cal has. The more interesting issue is whether the best QB at Cal is a great, good, ok, mediocre, or terrible QB overall. As I have already stated, I think Maynard will be better this year. What could make him a great QB will be things to a large degree out of his hands – the development of additional receivers and (hopefully) improved play-calling.

  • Daniel

    Maynard’s stats looked better than they felt. I guess the LA games were just traumatic.

    He can be good enough to win with a solid defense and established run game. If it is good enough for the SEC, it’s good enough for me.

    @Eric, Jeff Faraudo also said he was the best QB at practice. When two people whose job is to analyze football agree, I’m not arguing just to be different.

    Hey BoaltBlue, Go!

  • Eric

    @Daniel – so as long as Tedford and Jeff agree, that’s your final word. What happens if they disagree? Who do you follow? Also, I assume you read my last paragraph, and thus you agree. What can Maynard a great QB (in my words) or a QB good enough to win (your words) depends on things out of his hands. Hope the coaching staff is up to the challenge this year.

  • 66Bear

    Last year, Maynard was Mr. Turnover, not Mr. Touchdown. How many games did he discourage a good defensive effort with turnovers and three-and-outs, until the defense was exhausted and discouraged and ground down? In 2003, Tedford took out a good senior QB, Reggie Robertson, to play a better Aaron Rodgers. Tedford used to play the best player at each position for the benefit of the team and virtually always had a competition going for each position. Last year and now this year, however, it’s Mr. Turnover, no matter what. Something has changed in Coach Tedford, I’m sorry to say. I think it’s got to do with Sandy Barbour, but I have no real evidence of that, except Tedford commenting a couple of years back about how Barbour had given him a book on motivating people, and how much he was profiting from it. Made me want to go to the vomitorium. 🙁

  • Juancho

    All you negative guys should stay home and let us REAL fans root on our team.

    I hope someone laughed.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #34 – I did.

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    Barkley vs Zach Wayward – now that’s a hard one to call. HAHAHAHA

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