Football: Campbell, Guyton go in 7th round

Safety D.J. Campbell and defensive end Trevor Guyton of Cal were selected within minutes of each other in the seventh round of the NFL draft.

Campbell (6-foot, 205) went to the Carolina Panthers with the 216th overall pick.

Guyton (6-3, 295), who may play defensive tackle in the pros, was selected by the Minnesota Vikings at No. 219.

That gives Cal six drafted players, equaling the 2008 haul as the Bears’ most prolific draft of the 21st century.

Cal also had six players drafted in 1977. The Bears’ record is 10 in 1952, but that’s a little misleading. Lineman Les Richter went No. 2 overall in ’52, but only three of the 10 picks were in the first seven rounds, and three were taken in the 29th (!) round.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    I was hit by a moment of inspiration and decided to put together a little research. Below you will see a breakdown of how many ranking stars each guy in the first round got from SCOUT. I’m curious to see what kind of correlation there is. As some of you may know – I’m biased and think there is definitely a big value to the recruiting star services, and that while there are always exceptions to the rule; I’d rather have a class full of 4 or 5 stars then 2 or 3. Let’s see what the first rounders were:

    1. Andrew Luck – 5 Stars
    2. Robert Griffin III – 4 Stars
    3. Trent Richardson – 5 Stars
    4. Matt Kalil – 5 Stars
    5. Justin Blackmon – 3 Stars
    6. Morris Claiborne – 3 Stars
    7. Mark Barron – 5 Stars
    8. Ryan Tannehill – 3 Stars
    9. Luke Kuechly – 3 Stars
    10. Stephon Gilmore – 5 Stars
    11. Dontari Poe – 2 Stars
    12. Fletcher Cox – 4 Stars
    13. Michael Floyd – 5 Stars
    14. Michael Brockers – 4 Stars
    15. Bruce Irvin – 5 Stars
    16. Quinton Coples – 4 Stars
    17. Dre Kirkpatrick – 5 Stars
    18. Melvin Ingram – 3 Stars
    19. Shea McClellin – 2 Stars
    20. Kendall Wright – 3 Stars
    21. Chandler Jones – 2 Stars
    22. Brandon Weeden – Couldn’t find it
    23. Riley Reiff – 3 Stars
    24. David DeCastro – 4 Stars
    25. Dont’a Hightower – 4 Stars
    26. Whitney Mercilus – 2 Stars
    27. Kevin Zeitler – 3 Stars
    28. Nick Perry – 4 Stars
    29. Harrison Smith – 4 Stars
    30. A.J. Jenkins – 4 Stars
    31. Doug Martin – 2 Stars
    32. David Wilson – 4 Stars

  • gobears49


    I’m in your camp about the GENERAL CORRELATION between star rankings out of high school and performance. In this case, performance is being measured by how well NFL teams think players performed in college, though the need some NFL teams have to fill certain positions skews the “performance” measurement slightly.

    To complete your study, you need to assume that the first round players performed better in college than the second round players, etc. To see how the star rankings out of high school correlate to the relative performance as judged by NFL teams, you need to 1) average the stars of first round players, then second round players, etc. and 2) see if the higher ranked players averaged a higher star ranking than successive lower rounds. If they haven’t, it diminishes your (and my) theory about the correlation of star rankings out of high school to likely college performance.

  • Juancho

    Good points gobears. Ive been thinking about that and also looking at high school star ratings of pro bowlers.

  • ConcordBear

    Another impressive draft coming from the Cal football program.
    Good stuff for recruiting.
    Good luck to all these guys, strong character kids. When you finish your time at Cal you are prepared for the next step.
    Go Bears!

  • Eric

    @Juancho – neat study. Some of the 2 star guys – they came from non-BCS conference schools, yes? Poe (Memphis), Martin (Boise), and McClellin (Boise). Mercilus was Illinois (Big-10, but lower half) and Jones was Syracuse (Big East, typically lower half of the worst BCS conference). But for 5 of the 32 first round guys to be 2 stars to be says a lot – there are hidden gems out there!

    Can someone put together how many draft picks came from each of the Pac-12 schools? With six, I am guessing Cal had the most, though four of six were selected much later.

  • Rollonubears

    Can somebody tell me why we continue to put out so many draftees but can’t win a conference championship?

  • Gobears49

    I would love for somebody to provide a website that shows how many players there are currently on NFL active rosters from each college, including their names, if possible. Cal must be in the top 10 now, but I have no real way of telling.

    Maybe with that website revealed, Juancho, our number cruncher extraordinaire, can yearly indicate the average NFL draft round number of the top 10 schools to provide additional information to determine which college programs are developing the most and best players for the NFL.

    However, I think the study I asked him to think about doing (average number of stars ranking out of high school by draft round number, to see if there is any correlation between stars and NFL evaluation of college performance, would be a much more important study. I don’t think a study of high school star rankings for pro bowlers would be helpful, as it wouldn’t show any comparison of those average stars to anything else, unless Juancho wanted to compare the average pro bowl stars to the average star rankings of all players in the NFL, a humongous task to complete.

  • Suttree

    In the past our premiere talent has never really played together, that and no QB since pre-injury Longshore…

  • Eric

    @Rollon – two words. Can you guess them?

    @Gobears – cbssportsline.com has a link that shows NFL active roster by school. Right now, we have 32 (including Anger and Schwartz but not the others from this draft).

  • Eric

    Answering my own question, here is the conference tally. UCLA and Washington State had no players selected.

    California: 6
    Oregon: 4
    Stanford: 4
    Arizona: 3
    USC: 3
    Arizona State: 2
    Colorado: 2
    Washington: 2
    Oregon State: 1
    Utah: 1

  • Gobears49

    Thanks Eric,

    Got to run, but did a quick check on the CBS website. There are 32 players listed for Cal. Some of the draftees are listed (Anger, Swartz) but not Kendricks. Didn’t know that Forsett is now a free agent, so he is not listed.


    A quick check of the number of current NFL players from some other schools —

    Alabama — 28
    Florida — 33
    USC — 40

    Would have liked to have checked a few more, such as LSU and Ohio State, but don’t have time now..

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Im going to see what type of research i can get going this evening.

  • wehofx

    Great thread!

    Juancho, look forward to your next post/further research.

    Marvin Jones will be a starter by his second year.

  • Juancho

    Well. I found the inspiration to do the research.

    The average star rating for the first rounders…


    The average star rating for the second rounders…


    The average star rating for the third rounders…


    Definitely looks like there’s a correlation here. Again, I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule. But looks like the rule stands. The recruiting star ratings have a correlation to draft round.

    Kline’s a 4-5 star guy, so good for us.

  • gobears49


    Great job! I think many writers will want to use your data. Send it to Jeff, tell him to use it in an article and to forward it to whoever else might want to use it in an article.

    I noticed that there was at least one first rounder that you could not find a ranking for. I don’t know how you handled that, but I would have just omitted him from the study, so zero stars and not counted in the denominator.