Football: Two more Bears sign free agent deals — Calvin to Falcons, Owusu to Vikings

The count of 2011 Cal senior football players who have either been drafted or signed free-agent contracts is now 11 after wideout Michael Calvin signed with the Atlanta Falcons and DE Ernest Owusu was picked up by the Minnesota Vikings.

Calvin wasn’t even a starter last season. Owusu joins fellow DE Trevor Guyton with the Vikings.

Of course, merely signing a contact doesn’t promise making a regular-season roster, but gives them a training camp opening.

Nonetheless, impressive.

Here’s the latest count:

Drafted: OT Mitchell Schwartz (Cleveland Browns), LB Mychal Kendricks (Philadelphia Eagles), P Bryan Anger (Jacksonville Jaguars), WR Marvin Jones (Cincinnati Bengals), DB D.J. Campbell (Carolina Panthers) and DE Trevor Guyton (Minnesota Vikings).

Free-agent signings: TE Anthony Miller (Denver Broncos), OG Justin Cheadle (Kansas City Chiefs), Saf Sean Cattouse (San Diego Chargers), WR Michael Calvin (Atlanta Falcons) and DE Ernest Owusu (Minnesota Vikings).

Figure out which one of these guys can play a little quarterback and you’ve got a football team.

Jeff Faraudo

  • shaka

    First congrats to all.

    Rhetorical question via an observation from Sportskaster http://sportskaster.blogspot.com : if the equivalent # of half the starting teams for offense and defense were respected enough by the NFL, why a 7-6 season (4-5 Pac 12)?

  • Raf

    great question…

    Calvin will make a roster. Loads of talent, just injury prone. Hopefully behind him.

  • Tyler M.

    Haha – Sean Cattouse could be your QB. He played it in high school

  • gobears91

    Hey Jeff: what, no love for Cal’s Men’s and Women’s Golf teams sweeping the Pac-12 championships last weekend? Always enjoy all your hard work and great reporting!

  • Rollonubears

    All of this shows we need tedford for recruiting and managing the team, an we need him as far away from the field as possible on game day. Less stress. Keep him on staff. Let’s hire a new coach.

  • eric

    @Shake. As I mentioned to another poster earlier in the week, two words to explain why we have a 7-6 season notwithstanding 6 drafted and 5 free agent signed players. Can yu figure them out?

  • ScottyBear

    Agreed with Rollon. How can we have so much talent and perform so poorly relative to that talent. Chris Conte is a perfect example. Part time so so talent at CB for 3 years, gets moved to safety as a senior, becomes 1st team All Pac 10 and a 3rd round draft pick. Coaching!!

  • There is a TON of talent on these Bears’ teams, for many years now.

    So why is it that us fans go so crazy season after season expecting results (we know the talent is there) but always getting beaten BADLY by teams we match-up with well? I am so sick of getting blown out by rivals; $c, lsju, unike, even the baby bears crushed us last year! And it has lately seemed like we get worse as the season goes on. I hate that. The texass game, the LAST of the year, was the worst, most boring of the year! wtf?

    Talent-wise, Cal is right where it needs to be. Facility-wise, we should have no excuses anymore. Coaching-wise, hmmm…

  • Easy Ed

    Sure, we’ve had talent all over the field except at one position that is absloutely critical to a Teford offense…QB. Receivers can’t throw themselves the ball. Once a defense realizes we can’t throw then you have RBs up against seven guys in the box. A defense can only play so long when they get to sit on the bench for one three and out series after another. Our woes are easily cured with a healthy Longshore, a competent Ayoob, a thinking Riley and a good season out of Maynard. We have the talent.

  • Easy, all the qbs are highly rated and extremely talented. Regardless, they under-perform habitually. The qbs change, the wrs change, the seasons change. The poor offensive results and the coach are the only constants.

  • eric

    @EasyEd – Darren Thomas was not drafted out of Oregon, but that did not stop Oregon from winning two conference titles, a Rose Bowl, and a near-miss at the National Championship game. He was a very good college QB, but he had a coach that was willing to take risks.

  • Hail2Calif

    Thomas was a great college QB for a system not run in the NFL (Denver ran a version of it during Tebowmania in the 2nd half of 2011 – but obviously decided not to stick with it in 2012). Cal’s problem at the QB position runs a lot deeper than a HC not willing to take a few risks.

    On the other hand, 11 signees does speak well of Cal’s coaching from the perspective of preparing individual players for a shot at the NFL. None of their NFL signees this year were the super highly touted 5* guys coming out of HS.

  • eric

    @Hail – perhaps distlled to its essence, Chip Kelly has figured out how to take certain types of guys and make them into great college guys that lead to tremendous success, versus Tedford who has good to great talent, cannot reach the same level of success as Kelly (or Harbaugh, or arguably Sarkasian, or, god forbid, Kiffin), but still manages to get players into the NFL.

    Of course, lots of Cal players who primarily played in the Holmoe era also went on to play in the NFL. O’Neal and Carter were first rounders. Newberry and Walker were second rounders.

  • daredevilfan

    Numbers don’t lie. Great individual talent but team mediocre results has to be because of poor coaching and lack of solid QB play. And the QB play, based on our solid recruits in that area, has to be somewhat placed on the coaching too. I wish Tedford could become AD and then hire a young, energetic, open-minded coach.

  • Wilson1802

    I’ve been saying this since 2005….Cal has had a boatload of talent…but the team has not played up to is expectations (or talent level).

    It’s taken fans a few years to finally notice! However, the local media is still smitten by “Teflon Tedford”.

  • Eric

    @Wilson – there is small cadre who posts here who will launch all sorts of attacks for you daring to criticize Tedford. Plus the Moron is his biggest supporter.

  • calgrizzlybear

    I wish Tedford could become AD and then hire a young, energetic, open-minded coach

    i second that totally