Football: Pac-12 coaches await details on proposed playoff system

Pac-12 Conference football coaches won’t know what to think about a proposed four-team national championship playoff until they get the details.

“The questions all of us had are how are the teams going to be picked,” Oregon coach Chip Kelly said on a Pac-12 coaches teleconference Tuesday. “No one really has that answer. Until you get that answer, I reserve judgment on whether it’s good system or a bad system.”

New Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez said the topic was discussed at length during Pac-12 meetings last week in Arizona. “The biggest thing is how is it going to get voted on, who’s going to make the decision on who’s 1 through 4?” he said.

The tide seems to have turned from the much-criticized Bowl Championship Series format to a playoff. A proposed four-team playoff would begin in 2014.

Until the nitty gritty is hammered out, most coaches aren’t quite sure what to think.

“There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered,” Cal coach Jeff Tedford said.

Tedford is among the coaches who favor an eight-team playoff over a four-team setup.

“One of the sentiments is an eight-team playoff probably gives everyone an equal chance,” he said. “I don’t know if you’re ever going to have a situation where everyone is happy.

“If we’re going to do the playoff thing, let’s do it whole-heartedly and go after it.”

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham agreed.

“If we’re going to go into the playoff system, let’s go full-fledged into it with eight teams,” he said. “At first glance, that would be six BCS conference champions and two at-large teams. To me, that seems like a pretty good formula.”

By going that route, Whittingham said, the subjective human element is minimized. “I want to get away from people voting to determine who’s going to have a shot, to get away from the popular vote and settle it on the field.”

Whittingham suggested that time zone differences hinder the Pac-12 because many poll voters are in bed before Pac-12 night games are complete. Arizona State coach Todd Graham confirmed that was a problem for him when he was at Tulsa and had a vote in the coaches poll.

“I had to get up the next morning before I found the outcome of a lot of the  scores in the Pac-10,” Graham said.

If the format is going to involve just four teams, there seems a consensus among the Pac-12 coaches interviewed that those spots should go to confererence champions. Translation: A four-team playoff should not involve two entries from the Southeastern Conference.

The SEC has won six straight BCS national titles, and last season climaxed with a championship game matching SEC rivals Alabama and LSU.

“I would hate to see a four-team playoff and have two teams in the same conference,” ASU’s Graham said. I hope we don’t have that.”

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany recently told CBS Sports that conference champions ranked among the top six in the national poll would have preference, according to one model being considered. If there are not four top-six champs, a non-champion at-large team could be picked.

Pac-12 coaches worry that their nine-game conference schedule is disadvantageous in terms of maintaining an elite national ranking. Most conferences, including the SEC, play just eight league games, allowing them to hand pick another non-conference foe.

“Obviously, if you expand the number of teams, then the criteria can be a little bit different,” Kelly said. “If it’s going to be a smaller number, I  think you have to do something on the field to get there.”

Asked what format he favors, Kelly joked, “The top team in the state of Oregon gets an automatic bid and then . . .”

Jeff Faraudo

  • 707 Bear

    Grumpy Old Man Alert:

    One more action done for the love of money that degrades the college football experience. Remember when college football was played in the afternoon on Saturdays in the fall and the ultimate reward for Cal was to play in the Rose Bowl on January 1?


    1. Ruining the Pac 10 with its excellent 9-game–play everyone every year–schedule to add a conference playoff.
    2. Cal will be required to play a 6PM Friday night game every two years. Terrible for people with jobs or who live away from Cal. Remember the Thursday night game against USC. What an experience! So exciting that USC only brought half its hated band and didn’t do a halftime show. Sad chapter in a great tradition.
    3. Remember when timeouts at Memorial were filled with the sound of the Cal Band or the opposing band? Can’t wait to get to the New Memorial where every available second will be filled with ads from Paul Blanco Chevy or At@T.

    I await your abuse.

    Go Bears!

  • Jan K Oski

    Counter Grumpy Old Man Alert:

    There once was a time in college football, when the forward passes weren’t allowed and players played dirty to the tune of a few deaths every year. Thank goodness changes occurred. Gotta wonder if the same will be said after the playoff comes to Saturday football…

  • BlueNGold

    I think Tedford is right about an 8 team vs. a 4 team playoff system. I guess we will have to wait to see how this one unfolds.

  • c98

    I like an 8-team system better too. Regardless of how the 8 are chosen, the 9th team in an 8-team system has a far less credible case to make that they deserve a shot at the national championship than the 5th team in a 4-team system.

  • 10-team playoff, top 6 get 1st round byes. Simple – if you are in the top ten then you are in the playoff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Of course Tedford wants an 8 team system. However with even a 24 team system you guys still won’t have what it takes to play in a BCS game.

  • rollonubears

    Is it that hard to take a half day from work, once every two years? “cough cough, i’m not feeling well.”

    i’m for an 8-team playoff, too, especially with all the non-major conference teams complaining all the time. that would probably stop. i’m glad this will start in 2012. we should be a top 4 team then, at least at some point in the season. favorable home schedule. incredible qb, lots to look forward to. maybe even a new head coach.

  • BlueNGold

    And the sleazy cheaters will never see a title game that they earned honestly and by playing within the rules.

  • Hail2Calif

    Grumpy – not too long ago there were quite a few seasons when we only played 8 conference games – back before we went from an 11 game to 12 game season. Back then, the California schools had an exemption to play each other every season – but reality was the entire Pac-10 only played 8 conference games.

    Others – I too agree if you are going to do this, then you should at least go to 8. Last season, you would have had Alabama, LSU, Ok State and Stanford in your final 4. Two of those teams didn’t even win their conference DIVISIONS (Alabama and Stanford both finished 2nd in their divisions) or have to play in a conference championship game.

  • 707 Bear


    I realize we used to play only 8; but we had a 9 team play everyone format that was scrapped so we could play a Friday night conference championship game during the first week in December.

    This conference championship game is one reason why we’re playing the Big Game in October.

    My point was that these changes are being made for one reason: MONEY!

    The only upside I see for the new Pac 12 is that all road games will be on TV.

    Three months and 20 days until Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHA you should go over to Bear Insider and jump onto the thread I started over there. You might learn something.

    Oh but wait. You can always wait for the next update from the esteemed advisor who enjoys letting everyone know about his football contacts.

  • GoGo Bears

    Let’s remember to congraulate all the students who graduate soon. Getting a degree — undergrad or law school — is tough to do. Remember to congratulate the winners who stuck it out and graduated and didn’t wuss out and quit their program.

    And remember to honor your friends! Go out on friday and saturday nights with your friends!

    IT must be great to be a graduate and have friends. It must be so hard for those losers without either. Let’s take a moment and pray for the poor losers with no friends who quit their college program!


  • GoGo Bears

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    Bahahahahah. I love lonely trolls. Remember to pity the troll folks — THIS IS ALL HE HAS.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Just like I said. Sherm the esteemed advisor has put his latest “Oh please notice me…I know football players” post on BI. This time it was about Mebane.

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  • MoreNCsarecoming

    If that one should already be taken as a sign in then try this one


  • GOGO Bears

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  • GOGO Bears

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  • GOGO Bears

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  • GOGO Bears

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  • MoreNCsarecoming

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  • MoreNCsarecoming

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  • BlueNGold

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