Rugby: Why Bears won’t play for national title

BYU and Arkansas State will play Saturday night for the national collegiate rugby title that Cal has won 26 of the past 32 years.

Here’s why the Bears passed on the chance to pocket another title this season.

— Water polo: Two former Cal stars were named to the U.S. Olympic women’s water polo team. Heather Petri, 33, a former All-America star at Cal and Miramonte HS grad, was named to her fourth Olympic team. And ex-Cal star Elsie Windes has earned a spot on her second Olympic roster.

— Track and field: Courtesy of “Bring Back the Mile,” here’s a 4-minute interview with former Cal middle-distance star David Torrence, a contender for the London Olympics.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    When reading that article the decision not to compete for the title is just about equal to Stanford forfeiting a rugby game due to fear of injury. Why can’t the coach just admit the team isn’t good enough to win.

  • Will

    MoreNCS_are_ignored and sanctioned! troll post blocked

    Anal lesions are here to stay, I guess LOL

  • Yoda

    Amy, you read and comprehend about as well as my Lab Retriever and somewhat worse than my Husky. I can see why you couldn’t get into Cal and still have to live with Daddy.

  • Eric

    I try to give some benefit of the doubt to the Moron when she/he/it raises football issues, but it is idiocy such as this that destroys any and all credibility.

    Let’s see. International rugby is heading towards a sevens style, which is what the Olympics have adopted. Jack wants to give his players the best possible preparation for where Rugby is going. 8 of the 31 college teams had already made this decision. Cal will play in the Sevens national championship tournament. No doubt Cal players will be on the Olympic squad. Seems to me that this is what the best coach in the country in all of the collegiate sports would do.

  • BlueNGold

    And how would a trash talking troll known as ‘moron’ know anything about collegiate rugby anyway? Only a complete fool runs off at the mouth about things it knows nothing about…

  • Will

    …Eric, no reason to give Mr. Anal Lesions benefit of the doubt even for football. Unlike most of us who have at least played Pop Warner, Moren has never stepped on a football field in its sad life. Madden is the closest it has gotten to a football field.

  • H8sRed

    Jeff – Thanks for your article on Cal Rugby. The Chronicle ran a short article recently about the Bears switching to 7s but made no attempt to explain why.

    With the trend shift towards 7s and its introduction as an Olympic sport, I think it would do a disservice to Cal athletes not to make the switch. Moreover, given that NBC is televising the 7s tournament in June (and not the 15s tournament this week) it is a fiscally smart decision. Could Rugby be another net revenue generating sport for Cal? Just think how much healthier Cal’s athletic budget would be today if they could have monetized their dominance of traditional rugby through TV revenue. Unfortunately, the traditional game never found a TV audience or the advertising revenue that would have gone along with it.

  • BlueNGold

    Those who do follow collegiate rugby know that Cal made a poor showing in last year’s national college invitational tournament, which is a 7’s format. So its not really surprising that Cal and the other schools opted out of the traditional 15 player national playoffs administered by USARugby. The only real surprise is that USARugby is not doing more to promote the 7’s game in advance of the Olympics qualifying competitions.