Football: Bears go to Texas to pluck linebacker

Chad Whitener, a three-star inside linebacker prospect from Mansfield High in Mansfield, Texas, has made an oral commitment to Cal, according to several recruiting websites.

Whitener picked the Bears over Colorado State, Rice, SMU and Louisiana Tech.

According to Rivals.com, he is 6-foot-1, 235 pounds. Rivals also credits him as having made 195 tackles as a junior in 2011, although Scout.com says that number should be 130. In any case, a lot of tackles.

Whitener is the fifth recruit in the class of 2013 to give Cal a commitment, the third from out of state.

Here’s a video highlight reel of his junior season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wow…those are some big time offers. Get him enrolled quickly into the Social Welfare department so that he can graduate to become the world record holder in paper airplane throwing distance.

  • Yoda

    Hey Amy, did you ever complete that GED? Keep plugging girl.

  • rollonubears

    I’m happy for this guy, but I can’t say I was all that impressed with the tape. Seems a little slow and not very strong for his size, but i’m sure that could change in a year. Is the three star thing based on what he is right now, relative to guys who are entering college, or is that based on what experts think he’ll be next year.

  • covinared

    Rollon: I also was not impressed. He did not look like a hitter, lots of grabbing from behind and tripping up, but then again, that’s how Zach Follett played and he was very good.

  • Bill D

    Thanks for your continued interest Amy, just remember, you care a lot more about us than we care about you. About this kid, could he be slated for fullback instead of LB, looks more like a fit there.

  • Eric

    I thought his tape looked solid. A ton of open space solo tackles – tells me he is the right place, but others are not, and he is making the stop as opposed to going for the highlight reel hit.

    My concern – his blocking as a FB was not impressive!

  • Juancho

    Looks like a good player and a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. Let’s hope for the best. I’m getting a little burnt out on not hearing any good news from the top recruits in CA, other than Goff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Now we know why thiws lowgraded talent is being recuited and offered by you guys. Whiteside just got the boot. Check out my comments on BI under that thread.

  • Steve W.

    Anyone who didn’t laugh at moron’s veiled reference to Joe Ayoob and his world record paper airplane record must be really stifling their sense of humor. I hate this guy most of the time, but that was very funny.

  • Juancho

    Steve w one of my favorite memories as a student was seeing joe ayoob hammered at the bears lair dancing the night before a game.

  • BlueNGold

    moron certainly knows a lot about ‘lowgraded talent’, having been considered to be such for most of its adult life. Ever figuure out a way to put that Basket Weaving degree to good use?

  • What I’d like to hear is this linebacker picked Cal over Texas, LSU, Alabama and USC.