Basketball: Bears promote assistant DeCuire

Travis DeCuire,  an assistant on coach Mike Montgomery’s staff the past four seasons, has been promoted to associate head coach.

“Travis has played a vital role in our team’s success both as a coach on the court and in recruiting in our four years here at Cal,” Montgomery said. “He is an excellent coach who impacts all facets of our program, warranting this promotion.

“Travis continues to expand his responsibilities as a coach and has distinguished himself as one of the top mentors in the game. This appointment is well deserved and will enhance the development of our student-athletes.”

DeCuire has been part of 88 victories in four seasons, including a Pac-10 championship in 2010.  

“I am extremely grateful to Coach Montgomery and Sandy Barbour for their confidence in me,” DeCuire said. “We have an amazing staff and the best support system in college basketball. Together with the help of the Cal community, we will continue our pursuit of a championship on the court and the ultimate success of our student-athletes off of it.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Can he recruit. Thats my only desire and concern.

  • Juancho

    Jeff you never filled us in on how your vacation was. Please advise.

  • Will

    Jeez Juancho, get with the program:

    Jeff Faraudo Says:
    June 25th, 2012 at 8:22 pm
    Vacation was terrific, thanks, Steve. Went to Glacier Natl Park in Montana with my wife and younger son, visited some friends in Seattle, then my brother in Oregon. As always, nice to be home.

  • Will

    (just giving you a hard time :p)

  • Juancho

    Thank you Will.

  • rollonubears

    Glacier National Park is awesome, even though there’s only one glacier left.

  • rollonubears

    So, just tossing this out there… after reading the Penn State report today, which most everyone expected (and I still feel the Trustees, including the governor, are equally to blame), I think an appropriate penalty is a postseason bowl ban and scholarship loss, for 14 years. The monetary penalties will come in the form of civil suits, and at the expense of PA taxpayers, which is horribly unfortunate, but deserved.

  • BlueNGold

    Rollon, I don’t think that the NCAA should get involved as long as criminal proceedings are going forward, which they currently are. After they conclude, I think any action by the NCAA should be premised on what impact the events in question had on psu’s competitions with other schools. If the coverup reported today impacted programs other than football, then I could see some NCAA sanctions or penalties being in order.

  • Juancho

    I’m on Rollon’s side. I think the institution (the football side anyway) should be punished.

    They benefited from hiding these heinous crimes, and now they should pay. Paterno’s family should also turn over whatever wealth they have.

    The downside is that without football Penn State probably can’t fund other sports. But oh well. From a deterrent stand point I think it’s worth it. Let those other student athletes transfer immediately without sitting out years.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when it’s the institution and middle aged white guys doing the wrong thing, as compared to young african american kids (the majority of college football players).

    What I think of is the Penn State situation, compared to Ohio State getting suspended for kids selling memorabilia.

    Sad situation. As a youth sports coach I was absolutely sick to my stomach to see the findings. It’s a damn shame. The football program at Penn State should be punished severely.

    Institute a new rule that anybody who works for an athletics program at a university is required to report any suspicion of child molestation or otherwise face severe punishment.

  • BlueNGold

    I don’t disagree that Penn State should impose disciplinary measures, which it already has done and which I believe the report, if accepted as true, merits. I just do not think it is an NCAA matter. At least not yet.

  • Juancho

    I slightly disagree with you BlueNGold. I think it is an NCAA matter, because the NCAA can and has enforced ethics violations, or conduct violations.

    How in the heck is what happened there, and worse, the fact that Paterno knew about it and helped purposefully keep it under wraps not an ethics or conduct violation?

    In other news – Eddie Vanderdoes committed to USC. This means that in the post-Tosh Lupoi era we went 0-3 for the big 3 bay area recruits that were considering Cal, and who in my opinion would have been Cal commits had Tosh not left.

    So when folks sit back and spew all this anti-Tosh stuff, the real world impact is that our recruiting has been hurt bad, and it will take a long time to rebuild what we had, and more importantly what we were going to have year after year.

    So while it was the easy thing for Tedford and Barbour to not want to mess up the wage scale for the football staff – the right thing in my opinion was to pay the man what he was worth because our program was on the precipice of becoming consistently relevant again.

    We’re back to the beginning in recruiting folks. Anyone else overwhelmed by the absolute silence in terms of Wes Chandler and the new defensive line coach’s recruiting chatter this year? I’m one of the ones on the side that thought they were good coaching hires, but bad hires in terms of recruiting (old and out of touch).

    Nothing yet has happened to prove that wrong.

    Things have to be done now to prepare for a good class next year. This year’s class is and will be tremendously weakened by the Tosh departure.

    Chalk it up to another typical Cal dissapointment.

  • daredevilfan

    Agree Juancho. We have taken a major step backwards, and we were already backsliding quite a bit before that. There is always the chance that our Coaching can overcome lack of top recruits, or that we find diamonds in the rough, but those are long odds and our coaching couldn’t do anything with NFL caliber talent in recent years so that wish is unlikely. So we are in bad shape. I see other Pac12 schools making some big charges forward as far as new coaches or new “hip” staffing or other tactics to capitalize on the “way things work today”. In contrast, CAL leadership seems stuck in the past and nonchalant. As you say, things have to be done now or we will be a few years behind the 8-ball which means a severe drought era. I hope Sandy can think outside the box and make something happen. Otherwise its gonna be tough sledding, and blogging for quite awhile.