Football: Bears all smiles after Day 1 of practice

Four weeks before the season kicks off, the Golden Bears held their first practice Saturday under cool, gray skies . . . and even a few raindrops. 

The Bears practiced for about two hours and coach Jeff Tedford was happy with the tempo, the energy and the fact that his freshman obviously had read the playbook and were ready to go.

Sophomore linebacker Cecil Whiteside, reinstated by Tedford this week after being dismissed from the program May 24 for violation of unspecified team rules, was on the field with his teammates. Tedford explained that everyone deserves a second chance and that Whiteside now appreciates where he is.

Penn State transfer Khairi Fortt was due to arrive in the Bay Area on Saturday, Tedford said, and will practice Sunday afternoon after completing paperwork and a physical.

A few observations after Saturday’s workout . . .

— As quarterback Zach Maynard told reporters afterward, the freshman wideouts are fast. Especially Bryce Treggs, who went the distance in a blue after one long reception. “He’s a lot faster than I was,” said his dad, former Cal receiver Brian Treggs, who watched practice along with Bryce’s grandfather and great-uncle.

— Maynard seemed composed during practice and at ease afterward. He said he’s nearly finished with summer school and confirmed that everything has gone well.

— Freshman offensive tackle Freddie Tagaloa, running with the third team during drills, is huge. He’s listed as 6-foot-9 (perhaps the tallest Cal football player ever) and 340 pounds. An athletic department spokesman said those numbers are pretty accurate.

— Freshman punter Cole Leininger boomed several kicks practically into the low-hanging fog over Witter Field. Tedford said it was the first time he’d seen Leininger punt since he arrived in Berkeley, and he was impressed. Tedford offered the usual disclaimers — no defense rushing him, no crowd applying pressure — but the coach was smiling.

— Tedford reiterated that the offensive line will be a work in progress, with lots of interchangeable parts early in fall camp. But here’s the group that lined up with the first team on Saturday: LT Tyler Rigsbee, LG Jordan Rigsbee, C Brian Schwenke, RG Geoffrey Gibson, RT Matt Summers-Gavin.

— Senior fullback Eric Stevens, projected as a starter last season before suffering a knee inury in fall camp, practiced for the first time in nearly a year. Stevens sat out spring ball while completing rehab.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    So zach kline ?

  • calfanz

    Smiles all around. Hopefully the bounce in the step will continue!

    Heard Kam Jackson had 2 picks? Who tossed em?

  • rotfogel

    So Mustafa Jalil?

  • rotfogel

    I am pretty excited about Freddie Tagaloa. If he doesnt’ have two left feet he should be good from the get go. Anyone know what the status is of the injured CB, Stephan McClure? He was really starting to show promise.

    Juancho: Kline is a true freshman, you should ask about him next year. On the other hand Mustafa Jalil is the most talented DE we’ve had in a while, and we’ve had some really good ones.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hopefully that Freddie guy can defend the likes of Barkley to Woods and Barkley to Lee. All roads to the Rose Bowl go thru USC. Enjoy the Hunger bowl again this year and you better hope you don’t play Texas again. I have noticed that most of your fans have given up the idea of getting revenge on Mack Brown.

  • Juancho

    Agree on jalil. Disagree on not asking about kline. Hes hands down our best chance at a rose bowl quarterback in the past few years. And hes wearing number 8 so hes not running from the pressure. So we shouldnt “typical Cal” baby him.

    From what i understand mcclure isnt expected to play this year. Hes likely to redshirt. Remember he blew out all 3 knee ligaments. So theyd rather not burn a year this year if hes not fully healthy until late in the season.

    Also the more i read about fortt the more it looks like he may also redshirt. Should find out soon i guess. But hes not expected to be cleared for contact until the first week of the season. So if he isnt game ready until late in the year hes another redshirt candidate.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Here you go losers. Read the latest from TJ who happens to be a USC basher.


  • ConcordBear

    Kline is the future. But right now it’s Maynard and AB’s time at QB. Zack should compete and travel but RS the season. Our best chance to win now is with Maynard and Bridgford and it’s all about winning.
    The key to the season is strong QB play but just as important OL and TE’s allowing every thing to happen and DL and LB’s wreaking havoc on D.
    The development of these key positions is very important.
    If the lines are strong and QB play is good we can surprise a lot of people.
    But, it will take a lot of hard work, team play and fight to be a player in the Pac.
    Hope our Bears prepare hard and come together as a unit to make it happen.

  • ScottyBear

    If Bryce’s family was there, does this mean that practices are open again? It seems like the moment Tedford closed practices is when we started tanking. Maybe a new approach again?

  • rollonubears

    Just three more Saturdays without Cal football. Can’t wait.

  • BlueNGold

    I love the way all the sleazy cheater adorobots are predicting a national title. Before a single game has been played, before anyone knows much about the competition. Such vacuous and smug chest beating. I have to wonder if the toejams can win anything without cheating to get it.

  • MikeD

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    I had to take a break last year and swore off the beartalk blog after watching the spiteful rhetoric continue to be posted and responded to for months and months, but I’m back to give it another try with the hopes that the few that just can’t seem to stay away from the bait can actually sack up, realize that they do a disservice to the majority, and keep things on topic while ignoring the chronic flame baiting that goes on.

    In addition, I put out a request to those in charge here to consider what benefit might exist with the lack of moderation that in turn drives users away. I’ve asked this before, as have others, yet there has never been a reply with any info as to the posting policies that are enforced here – or is it just the wild wild west? Some sort of response at some point would be appreciated so at least the playing field is level where we know what you will do and can choose to participate or not based on knowing. I see a privacy policy, but no terms of service or terms of usage. I assume that you have some pride in your product here, and in the info that you are posting

    A few years back I wrote a browser addon called BlockAmy that works with all browsers and all smart phones. I was hopeful that all the users here would be as dissatisfied with the lack of moderation as I was, and could in turn use this tool as a means to ignore Amy the flamebaiting troll. The free addon runs within the free GreaseMonkey plugin. Free, as in Free Beer. Available and supported, for free, here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/58785 Did I mention free?

    We all know her story, we all have seen for how many years now that any sort of reply only further serves to empower her. There is no new news. Negative attention is good attention in her world. Fine. But that fans, students, and alums of one of the top universities in the world don’t somehow have the smarts to reason this out is beyond me.

    I call on the majority here, those Cal Bear fans who prefer not to see Amys posts, and who don’t respond to Amys posts regardless of if you have the add on installed or not, and who do not enjoy seeing others feed Amy the troll, those who hate seeing the comments filled with mind numbing Amy comment after Amy comment – it is time to eat our own.

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    Go Bears

  • GOGO Bears

    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked

  • GOGO Bears

    SFgate is very good these days. Troll posts are more than blocked there — they are banned. LOL

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Obviously posts 13 &14 point to the fact that GOGO can’t read and/or comprehend post #12. Sadly it also demonstrates that he lacks respect for all of the other viewers on this site. So please invent a new BlockGOGOBears script so that we don’t need to read Sherm’s mind numbing comments.Those should be left for his classrooms. God only knows he must fill up his classes with something other than academics. Otherwise I doubt you would have much of your football and basketball teams eligible this year (and in the past).

    Thank you.