Football: A brief scare at Cal practice, but TE Richard Rodgers apparently is OK

About a half-hour before the end of practice Thursday, tight end Richard Rodgers injured his left shoulder while stretching to make a catch on a low pass.

Off came the shoulder pads. Rodgers tossed his gloves to the ground in frustration. His shoulder was taped and he was done for the day.

But coach Jeff Tedford said, “It’s nothing serious.”

The Bears certainly hope not. Rodgers has been one of the revelations of camp (and spring ball), expected to become a significant receiving target.

Tedford would not commit to whether Rodgers will practice Friday, but didn’t seem concerned about rushing him back onto the field. The Bears have 22 more days before their Sept. 1 opener vs. Nevada.

Here’s my notebook for Friday’s paper, including a lead segment on senior running back C.J. Anderson, who has made the improvements necessary to challenge Isi Sofele for the starting job.

— Meanwhile, Cal junior wideout Keenan Allen was named to Sports Illustrated’s preseason All-America second team.

Jeff Faraudo

  • daredevilfan

    Yikes, sounds scary. We really need to have all of our major pieces in place just to have a chance to be 2nd tier this year. And I agree that we need to have some other weapons to keep the heat off of Keenan. So hopefully we can shut him down briefly, then get him back so that timing can be worked on. I like the news about CJ. I really liked the combo of him and Isi last year, so I think we can be in great shape as long as the Oline is good enough. They are my only offensive concern. Defensively, I think we have enough talent to be special, as long as we don’t have the usual CAL mental problems. I remain hopeful. A decent year and a lot of great hype about facilities and a little more enthusiasm from our recruitors and maybe we can start to get some top talent again next year. Go BEARS!

  • MikeD

    Interesting…. Just posed my prev comment from my iPhone and got this:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    If true this is awesome news. Perhaps the person who moderates my comment will be interested in taking a moment to discuss the message above here in the blog?

  • Will

    Did you post a bunch of links? Sometimes posts including links automatically get filtered and require moderation.

  • Eric

    While I certainly am not looking to bait the moron into saying something here, I did find USA Today’s decision to publish Kiffin’s vote for U$C #1 after Kiffin said he wouldn’t as amusing.


  • MikeD

    Think I may have fat fingered my email address, guessing if the domain name doesn’t resolve then the comment gets marked for moderation. But shows that there is the opp to moderate

    My comment was about ZM accuracy being the cause of RR injuries, and if RR was trying to dig out another ZM worm burner into the dirt on the “low ball” and hoping that I’m wrong

    I’m not in charge here by any stretch, but my sole gripe with the members here was responding as though the response would effect some sort of change from she who will not be named (SWWNBN) . Bait away but DO NOT respond to anything that comes back, but can’t we just keep it Cal based for now till the blog comments section gets a bit more “healthy”?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #4 – Please use that public education correctly. Even Social Welfare majors can comprehend better than you have.

    USA Today takes Kiffin’s quote out of context (or at best misinterprets it) and takes action without requesting a clarification from Kiffin or USC.

    When Kiffin was asked about “his” vote he declined comment, but when asked about Rich Rod’s, he said (laughing, in jest) “I wouldn’t vote USC #1” (implied that if he was Rich Rod or any other coach on the outside.

    Just more double standard for Kiffin.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #7 – This blog gets healthy when you guys stop calling each other losers. I search in vain for one person on this blog who can talk intelligently about football. So in that sense you all are losers.

    Now tell me why you think your team won’t be competing this year with Arizona and UW and Utah for second tier in the conference and another mediocre bowl.

    Your secondary will be exposed really quickly as will your receivers. Every team will double on Allen and make Maynard spread the field. That’s no secret. However Maynard is such a slow thinker which causes him to be erratic that he will have a worse year than last year. Do you remember the pucla game? Half of their team was missing in action and yet Maynard singlehandedly threw it away. You will see a lot more of that this year.

  • daredevilfan

    Just wanted to make sure you all were seeing this

    BERKELEY – The first of four episodes of “Back in Berkeley: Training Camp with Cal Football” debuts today on CalBears.com and YouTube.com/calathletics. The show is documenting the team’s 2012 training camp and will give viewers an inside look at the Golden Bears as they prepare for their return to Memorial Stadium. Get to know your Cal football team like you never have before and beyond what you see on the field with behind the scenes access and exclusive interviews with players, coaches and staff.

  • BlueNGold

    How can MikeD be put on moderation when the troll never is?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    How can Jan K Oski not outt himself as BlueNGold just like Sherm Boyson outted himself as GOGOBears?

    Let’s keep it to football please. That isn’t asking for much (although in your case I believe it is)

  • MikeD

    @BnG I think I fatfingered the email address, the system is somewhat automated in that it requires and checks for a valid domain in the email address, so it held the post back. Still have not seen my original post with the fatfingered email address appear, I’m doubting that I ever will.

  • Will

    It also blocks posts that include multiple links – an automated spam filter of sorts.

  • Eric


    Please. Strange for you to personally attack someone who at least will acknowledge that you, on occasion, bring up legitimate football points.

    Let’s break down what you wrote:

    “Please use that public education correctly.”

    I’m puzzling over what this even means. Correctly for what purpose? Is this some empty rhetoric that when you wrote it, you said to yourself, “hey, that’s a cute turn of phrase, I’ll really zing eric!”

    “Even Social Welfare majors can comprehend better than you have.”

    I am sure Social Welfare majors can comprehend many things better than “I have,” just as those who majored in chemistry, astrophysics, education, Italian studies, and numerous other areas of studies comprehend many things that I did not have the time to study. That is what makes UC Berkeley the extraordinary institution it has been for decades.

    But if you are suggesting that I somehow failed to “comprehend” that the USA Today purportedly did something wrong and/or I misinterpreted what the USA Today wrote, I guess it helps to quote what I wrote:

    “While I certainly am not looking to bait the moron into saying something here, I did find USA Today’s decision to publish Kiffin’s vote for U$C #1 after Kiffin said he wouldn’t as amusing.”

    I thus stated: (a) I am not looking to bait you into writing anything (but, sadly, you could not resist), (b) I found the USA Today decision amusing, and (c) the USA Today decision was to publish Kiffin’s vote #1 after he said, according to USA Today, he wouldn’t.

    So in response, you write: “USA Today takes Kiffin’s quote out of context (or at best misinterprets it) and takes action without requesting a clarification from Kiffin or USC.”

    Thus, you admit that what I wrote was 100% accurate (other that, I suppose, with respect to my opinion on what is amusing and what is not), but instead your beef is with the USA Today. You acknowledge that the USA Today decided to publish Kiffin’s vote in favor of his own team after he said he wouldn’t.

    To support that what you have a problem with is USA Today but that my e-mail 100% accurate, you add:

    “When Kiffin was asked about ‘his’ vote he declined comment, but when asked about Rich Rod’s, he said (laughing, in jest) ‘I wouldn’t vote USC #1’ (implied that if he was Rich Rod or any other coach on the outside.

    Just more double standard for Kiffin.”

    In other words, you are just unhappy that the USA Today singled out your guy, because your guy either (a) lied about his vote or (b) said something stupid and failed to realize that the news media might run with it.

  • BlueNGold

    I still have not seen much comment from the FANS here about JT’s recent visit to New England and his new interest in utilizing his TE’s more in the offensive scheme. Is this really anything new? Does it signal an expansion of the playbook to respond to the ‘too predictable offense’ complaints? Or just more of the same ol’ Tedford?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #14 – Here is my comment.

    Why go all the way to New England when he can meet with Jim Harbaugh and learn from him. I remember when Harbaugh recruited 7 tight ends and rival school blogs were trashing and mocking him. Never heard it again after he brought Stanford back. I got a feeling Teddy is positioning himself for a job as an NFL assistant after he leads the program to another mediocre season and the Hunger Bowl or else he just can’t bring himself to learn from a guy like Harbaugh.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Eric – read it again. It isn’t that difficult to understand.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    BTW kudos to Jeff for actually reporting some news. Here is what SF Gate has reported so far.

    1. An article about some LB from the local high school who hasn’t played one down of college football in 4 years because he has ADD;
    2. An article on the WR coach who hasn’t been coaching college in years
    3. An article on Tedford teaching a QB kid some fundamentals. HAHAHAHA…that story is good every year!Just change the name of the QB and then reprint.

    Across the Bay the Stanford beat writer does the following stories

    1. Stanford’s linemen live up to billing – an article which reports on how well their many 5* recruits are doing
    2. Two articles on their QB position
    3. An article on their bigtime LB Skov
    4. An article on Barry Sanders son

    There is no question in my mind who has the better summer camp.

    Jeff – what would be the chances of asking Tedford to comment on why every single one his QBs since Rodgers has been a disappointment.

    Can’t Throw a 5 yard pass Riley
    Can’t Reed
    Brick Mansion
    And now the current guy

    I dare you to ask Teddy –
    Is your system too hard?
    Do you know how to instill confidence in QBs?
    Are they just not that good?
    Are you living off of a reputation (one that wasn’t really deserved in the first place)?

    Ask the real QB guru Pete Carroll why it is that his QBs were Heisman winners? What did he do?

  • Will

    Eric, I think everyone else on this blog as agreed that there’s no use in arguing with a fool. Making fun of him could just set him off too.

    Install Greasemonkey, and move on.

  • Eric

    @Will – unfortunately, you are right. Every once in a while, I hope that the moron will either leave or limit comments to legitimate issues, but then you get the drivel. Even the response – “read it again. It isn’t that difficult to understand” – makes no sense, unless he is referring to my posting, which, of course, is not difficult to understand. But I don’t need to read what I wrote again.

  • wehofx

    Eric, sorry for being a dick but #19 is more troll food. Please stop.

    Please install Greasemonkey:


  • Eric

    I can’t resist now – check out the latest from espn.com. Kiffin is such a crybaby.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Eric – I think your obsession with all things USC has gotten out of control. Maybe you could spend sometime with Will and GOGOBears and BlueNGold. All need a lesson on the basics of football. They can keep you from your obsession and you can help them post something meaningful.

  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • MikeD

    cmon Eric, step up. no more

    so far the guys have been pretty understanding.

    No more, k?

  • Will

    If you missed it, here you go: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/58785

    In all seriousness, you don’t want to be the person who said something to set a crazy person off.